Как се прави FG възел бързо – Daiwa Knot Tool

Как се прави FG възел бързо – Daiwa Knot Tool

Hello friends , today i want to share with you something interesting ,at least for me it’s about making of a FG knot or to put it another way, the most common node which is used to attach a braided line to a fluorocarbon I suppose every one of you has made such a knot hand made, thats included also me all my fishing lines The knots are hand maded by me without any tools Of course, there is no problem there are many videos online and you can watch them in principle, being made fg knots by hand does not make them bad realy strong knots which will easily support many different fishes …. BUT as you probably know there is a time when for various reasons For example catching a tree or a rock orr

to rub the fluorocarbon line orrr to catch a fishing net just in the middle of the lake or river Well after one of these reasons, your fluoro line is rapture and than if you haven’t back up spinning with ready braided and fluoro line Just to replace the hard lure You are starting to tie a new fg knot Always go fishing with fluorocarbon head line Now imagine you are in the lake or the river there are waves Also in our case, the boat which we are using for fishing is not something fancy you haven’t table or enough space to tie the fg knot by your own hands And always the knot never get ready from the first or second time. wasting time and get nervous Well…. i dont like that for this reason I started looking for a solution and i found it , at least for me! You can find online many different tools for making an fg knots chinese , russian, european , japanise But i found something from the well known brand Daiwa and tried their tool – Daiwa knot tool As the tool looks simple, i bought the tool with disbelief Well i was wrong! That fishing knot tool is brilliant the knots by this Daiwa are very very strong andddd most important IT IS super quick Just few seconds and you have your FG knot done Please look how the magic happens Daiwa sokkou knot tool There are instructions on the back how to tie a fishing knot It is really simple and quick braided line 0,20 and fluorocarbon 0,34 these are standard fishing lines, mostly common lines Just make a loop after that twist the metal mart of the tool 1 2 3 4 pull the tool and tie make the braided line wet and after that tie tie tie its done you have a perfect fg knot very strong quickly, simply and easy

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