47 thoughts on “🍦ICE CREAM That Looks Like Fried Chicken 🍗Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Bars Recipe Test

  1. i feel like this is a british recipe, when you got to caramelised white chocolate and you got lost i was like noooooo you need caramac!!! It's a chocolate bar in the uk and it already comes caramelly!!!!!


  2. Emmy's content is better than anything food network is doing. You are interesting and dainty. A big W on this video.

  3. That feeling when u wanna eat something dream about for like a week but when u eat it, it doesn't tastes right

  4. Charleston local here! In the summertime there’s sometimes a pop up food truck lot where you can get these. A wonderful way to cool off during the summer heat!

  5. Did anyone else think it might have been easier to skip the candy molds, put on rubber gloves, and just sculpt the slightly softened store-bought ice cream into drumstick shapes by hand?

  6. its also weird because you're biting into ice cream and there is a biting versus licking fandom. soooo weird to bite ice cream!

  7. I would suggest that maybe next time you try to use softened almost melted ice cream as say your meat but instead of using Cadbury Fingers biscuits I suggest try sampling the different kinds of biscuits from Japan and other countries. Those biscuits could be used as the Cadbury fingers are used for (as the bone to the drumstick). Along with said ice cream(s) you would like to mix and match. That can also include yogurts and vegan ice creams as well. Sounds good but not as good as some of the cakes and ice cream things/items I do now. For a time I would do either meals that day or just a dessert. But from my cooking in 3 months my ex-wife whom I was married to at the time gained from my cooking she gained 155 lbs. She got bent out of shape emotionally and well she did gain in size. She went ballistic on realizing how much she gained and how big she got. No she did not then or even now have any self control over what she did!

  8. Hmm… I kinda want to try that with some flavored vanilla ice cream squished into shape by hand, a little cream-filled rolled waffle-cone-ish thing I forget the name of as a bone, and crushed waffle cones as a crust without an extra adhesive (I'd think it'd stick to semi-melted ice cream). …I think that'd be good…
    (I know I'm too lazy to try it, though. Especially since it'd be a shame to ruin perfectly good waffle cones)

  9. Thats so cool! It really does look like fried chicken… but I think it could work also with the process of fried ice cream with corn flakes being the coating also… just mold your vanilla ice cream with the chicken mold and coat it 3x with egg and cornflakes then freeze everytime… and then you will also deep fry it for like a second… lol… just thought it might work also… 😊

  10. So caramelized white chocolate is a thing in the UK. They sell it under the name Caramac bars by Nestle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6vdJHbGNik&t=27s

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