1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING w/GIRLFRIEND!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay)

1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING w/GIRLFRIEND!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay)

boys and girls it is the moment you all been waiting for the last video got 25000 likes so It’s time to play some strip fortnite…. are you excited its time to play fortnite music plays dark Guys I don’t even want to waste any time. I want to get straight into this you better I hope this gets demonetized Yeah, guys. This is definitely making no money So if you’re not already smashed that like born go and do it because I need some likes for this I’m giving you guys what you wanted. Okay. Let’s go okay boys and girls were in the battle bus right now There’s only one place. We’re gonna go baby. Of course. It’s tilted towels It’s where the action goes down, which means there’s a big chance of me dying But I got to do what I got to do for you guys I gotta get them flippin kills every kill equals one bit of clothing and by the way. I like the clothing choice today You got the Robotron link in the description below anyway guys I’m gonna go to the L shaped buildings because they’ve always you’re good loot in them, and yeah I don’t know strategy for this game gasps. Maybe kills his possible boys and girls. Okay. I see a pump shotgun I see a pump stop those another person. They got ain’t I gotta put a dog on those line those like okay We’ve gotta burn rubber. I’m gay What the hell are you doing This you’re stripping not me you killed them yes to make you strip She’s gone another wave of rowboats on what the hell game Okay, okay. Oh It’s ladies. Hello miss hello oh My goodness guys you boy. It’s coming up with the kills baby. That’s two kills. Let’s go I may have only taking 20 off of him, but it was in the end of the lair bromwich We’ve got we’ve got the same t-shirt on Joe is this couple goals or nah I maybe am making a do a strip for tonight right now, but it’s couple girls Okay, deal with it guys. We get a shot. That’s that we all get shot. Okay. Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? I’m camping to see Baby yeah that merge top off get that bitch You’ve got another layer of bromwich on are you serious right now? So far guys free kills free bits of bromwich have been taken off, but yo, I think we can get more I think we need more. I’ve been trying to bait people in with this treasure and Camp and trap them but I don’t think anybody’s Gonna come no one cares about the chairs you do they say I even built a roof you know what I’m getting the treasure and a Bolt-action sniper, rifle, it’s okay, but like what medium that’s not the best is it But you know I am a sniping killer. I’m an X X underscore most go X We go smart I survived six health I survived six health I survived yo guys literally I’m not the best of fortnight, but I’m pulling out these kills for you guys today. Yo guys I’m just gonna come up here and wait like I am in no rush. I just want to get them kills yo sup Babe wait, babe Seriously, this time. She’s gone the light blue bro merge bright new color never seen before Brand new light blue roamers link is in the description. Okay guys really Good for me How many t-shirts have you got left No, seriously, how many of your left weight is on? this is We are literally down to one more kill If you haven’t already smashed that light board go down there and flippin do it right now I need I need all the look I can get okay. You know what I must stay here Guys I knocked him off I took his help so far down and he fell to the floor and died from the fall damage look You can see his stuff, but I didn’t get the kill okay So we found the people that I killed I’m gonna get all that ammo right now Because yo I need it. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go the storm guys is coming quick I didn’t even notice the storm, so I literally need to go like right now I’ve to avoid the storm, and I literally to get one more kill one more is all I flipping these oh Okay, we’re getting closer right now We’ve got a past few loot Lake by the way is loot like anyone elses least Favorite place to go in the game like whenever a girl at Lake. It’s just a troll okay I always get sniped when I’m in the water. There’s like two good bits of Lou. I don’t like it You know what guys comment down below right now. Where is your favorite place to go on fortnight for me? You see the shifty shafts or filter towers barb is the your boy went to tilter because I need them kills Oh my god. Okay. The storm is coming for us guys. We really will need to get going right now Okay, guys this is it I can feel it. I can feel the sick pill coming I can feel the final layer coming Cara Bridget workman, you know what screw the flipping game. We did it boys we did it Guys who he did it we brung it down to the final layer actually cannot believe I managed to do it I am terrible at for night, but I pulled out for one game. We’ve got all six We don’t need any more And it is finally time to get down to business Guys smash a like on the video subscribe for more fortnight videos just like this boot killer. Are you ready? Okay, are you okay? I’m okay baby in your own time whenever you’re ready Oh Yeah top back on. This is ridiculous mom stop. It was literally. It was just a video. Okay. It’s just a video There’s only one video that I know of where you take your clothes off And I’m not even not happening in this house um yeah, and that’s not what is it like? Oh, she ain’t hinged now get your clothes on Kara You need to get your bag, and we need to get in that train station now. We’re sorry okay We’re sorry that you’re awake right now Ma, okay, okay, well end the video. I’m sorry Julie. Just come on. Okay. Bye Just give us a privacy oh my gosh um Okay, guys gonna be a hard one to explain tomorrow well guys if you want another strip for tonight video without any of moms interruptions and With only one layer on Kara just like this. Oh, maybe with another girl Guys if you want another strip fold our video even more crazy than this one then subscribe And also splasha like on the video if we can get 13 thousand likes I’ll do another strip for tonight video and make it even more crazy than this one guys go subscribe to get a link in the description she was doing well until mum came in and It was kind of ruin it and also guys if you want to cop some of the new bromwich it Subsidise if you want to cover some of the brand-new bromwich Bromwich made out of the word bros how cool is that seriously guys? I just want to say a massive Thank you like honestly like so many of you guys caught the bromwich It’s already almost sold out so if you haven’t already got the romich link is in the description below It’s genuinely really nice merch the quality is great. I think their designs pretty cool I wanted to do something which like wasn’t too much morgues like it doesn’t just say like morgues on it But it’s pretty cool guys. It’s pretty cool. Or should I say it’s pretty cool Bros So yeah guys link in the description or just put in www.norcalhypno.com That’s enough okay guys, thank you so much for watching and as always I’ve been mulling she’s I love big tiddy goth

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