30 thoughts on “$1500 OF KOREAN CLOTHES Try-On HAUL from YESSTYLE

  1. hi! i ordered 4 pairs of earrings last night from yesstyle and i was just wondering how fast it will come? i live in cali!

  2. I loved this video a lot but just a suggestion I have is for you to rate the clothes honestly! I think it would be a lot more helpful for the viewers, I hope u can do this 💞

  3. TIP!
    HERE YA GO HUN, HOPE U READ IT!!! 😊😊😊😉😉😉😋😋😋
    That skirt that u said was too big for u, and sits low, u have a ton of that style, was only 10.80 or similar…
    All u gotta do to make it fit btr is move the button over a little…as much as u need…too much and itll look weird a bit…but only like an inch or less would be fine for sure…maybe a bit more.
    But thats how i have fixed some skirts that didnt fit my thin frame very well…
    I despise lowcut bottoms, so ive done it to a few to make them sit higher.
    Hope u read this, hope it helps, hope u do it so u can love the skirt and wear it more!!!

  4. May I ask you what your height is? I’m only 150 cm tall. Does Yesstyle offer sizes for very short girls? Did you measure yourself before ordering the clothes? What size clothes do you normally get?

  5. Well I've contacted support around 3-4 times and have gotten answers after around 2-3 days, but I bought a prom dress for 30 dollars which actually costed 20 dollars when the sale ended which was a big disappointment. I also got the wrong package when my dress was being sent, and contacted them if I should send it back, they told me I could keep the clothes which contained: black pants, choker, a beautiful comfy shirt which I love and a watch which didn't fit me and some earring which looked like Sugas earrings from BTS. They sent my prom dress and It took around 12 days instead of 30 days since they sent it by DHL express and I live far away from Korea which was appreciated and I loved the dress! I also just ordered my jacket a few days ago and I'm hoping for the best!

  6. I love yesstyle so much, I live in germany, my order arrives in 10-12 days and with good packaging
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  8. Now this is a GREAT video. No time wasted. I just wished you could try on the whole website range and review it 😀 you explain your opinions very well

  9. You can use my code RAINYNIGHT for 5%-2% off on the influencer code section next time you order 😀
    loved your haul btw <3

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