4 Hole Bar Lace-Extremely Easy

4 Hole Bar Lace-Extremely Easy

There are literally hundreds of ways of
lacing your shoes and my favorite is a 4 hole bar lace because it’s clean
professional and captivating these shoes may look exactly the same
however they were laced using two different techniques and one is easier
than the other keep watching because I’m the share this new technique with you What’s up man I’m Andres Perez and
this is Be a man TV where we are not satisfied with boring
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Bell so you can be alerted of when I have new ideas to share with you. So I’m
going to show you the traditional way of doing it first now stick with me because
this can get confusing so first get your shoelace put into the first pair of
holes going in even out the ends hold your shoe and pull this will keep them
even length now lace number one is gonna go up to the second hole and out lace
number two it’s gonna jump to hole number three and out now lace number one is
going to go across then it’s gonna jump to the fourth hole and now lace number
two is gonna go across in and then out to the fourth hole now if you got
confused you could watch the video again play it in slow motion or you can keep
watching because I have a new and much easier way to do the straight bar lacing
and as promised I’m going to show you the super easy way of doing this you’re
probably be like why didn’t you show me in the first place
it starts the exact same way except you want lace number two to be longer lace
number one’s gonna be lazy it’s gonna jump for the first hole to the fourth
hole coming out and it’s job is done lace
number two is going to do all the work it’s gonna go up to hole
number two across then up and across finally it’s gonna jump out the hole
number four I want to know which version you’ll be using from now on let me know
in the poll above or in the comments below if you found this video helpful
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32 thoughts on “4 Hole Bar Lace-Extremely Easy

  1. I'm here! Dude it's so much easier!! I'll try it out tomorrow its pretty late where i'm at xD But i'll let you know the results! Keep it up man. Btw some people would wanna know what's going on here hahahah let them have it xD

  2. Love it. I've seen this and wanted to try it, but never got around to it. I'll probably just do the second technique because it's easier to remember. 👍

  3. Great explanation. First time I do this.
    I remember when I was a teenager and the first time bought fancier shoes (thanks mum for the money, love you) and I saw bar lace I thought wtf is this mess should I get those shoes back to store and let them fix it lol.

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