5 Fall Shirts EVERY Man Should Own (Wardrobe Essentials)

5 Fall Shirts EVERY Man Should Own (Wardrobe
Essentials) [0:00:00]
[Music] In today’s video, five types of fall shirts
every man should own. Now, as I lay out the five categories of shirts,
I’m going to give you specific examples. I will link to them down in the description. So, the first essential fall shirt that you
need to own, one that has autumn colors. Some of my favorites; forest green, teal blue,
gold, mahogany, rust, medium bronze, moss green, turquoise, salmon, terracotta, pumpkin,
mustard, and deep periwinkle. A bit skeptical? Check out this shirt right here in pumpkin. Now notice, the pumpkin orange isn’t overpowering,
it’s not a neon orange. Huge difference, guys. What you want to be looking for in this season
are shades. So, shades are when you take a hue which is
the natural color and you add a bit of black. You make it darker. Another thing I love about the shirt is how
it’s balanced out with the red and blue check. A little too bright for you? Try out this more balanced shirt. What we’ve got here is a red check casual. Now, the base color here is navy blue which
by the way is another great fall color. But, notice how we bring in the tomato red
right with that check, it really creates a nice balanced shirt. So, you could wear this with a navy blazer
or a sports jacket, but this shirt especially with the button-down collar is going to be
perfect just to be able to wear with pair of trousers. Neither of those grabbing your attention,
you want something that’s going to be regal that’s going to stand out from the crowd? Check out this shirt in plum. Again, we’ve got a shade of purple. This right here just it’s beautiful and this
is going to work for almost any skin tone. Now, the next essential fall shirt type you
need to be looking at, checks. A check pattern is a general term for any
type of pattern overlay that you see on a fabric. Now, within that we’ve got specific types
of check like gingham. So, gingham also known as the tablecloth pattern,
this is going to be a fabric that actually you’ve seen a wide range of seasons, but during
the fall we’re going to see the darker colors and this is where the shirt really stands
out. So, let me bring up this one right here. What do you notice about this? A gray gingham. And, what’s great about this, gray is a non-color. This will pretty much match any jacket any
pair of trousers that you own. Next up, we’ve got plaid. And, the distinction here is the vertical
and horizontal colors are oftentimes going to be different in color and also different
in width. So, when you look at this plaid shirt, what
do you notice? The base colors; blue, brown, white. But, look at the way that they come together,
the great looking combination. A very casual shirt, but one you wear with
the dark pair of jeans, it’s just going to give you a great look. Perfect for fall. Next up, we’ve got windowpane and as the name
suggests looks like window panes. It’s going to be clear and easy to spot because
of that thin separating line. Now, the windowpane pattern is mostly seen
in suits, but that’s why I love it in a shirt because it’s going to help you stand out. It’s a great overall solid look except for
those lines. So, again, if you really like the monochromatic
look, but you want to change it up just a bit, this is a great shirt to add to your
wardrobe. Wear it with dark denim, wear it with a pair
of brown trousers, this is going to look super. Now, gents, all the shirts in today’s video
are brought to you by our sponsor, Ledbury. And in case you haven’t heard about Ledbury,
quick summary. The founders met when they were working over
on German Street which is basically where the best tailors who work on shirts in the
world are at, and these guys took their expertise back home to the United States. And, just to give you a little bit more background
on my experience with the company, I’ve actually owned a number of their shirts for over five
years and I can attest to their quality and workmanship. That being said, I got to say that they’ve
outdone themselves with this Essentials Collection. These are some of the best looking shirts
I’ve ever seen. They paid attention to the things that really
tailors are going to notice when they’re going in and looking for a quality shirt. First up, the buttons, they defaulted to mother
of pearl buttons which is great, they’re more expensive and to me it’s a very clear indicator
they care about the materials and the craftsmanship. And, let’s talk about the stitching. This is some of the best I’ve ever seen. What I love about it it’s straight and it’s
tight. We’re talking 16 to 18 stitches per inch. Cheaper shirts, what you’re going to see about
6 to 8 per inch. Another thing I love, all the options they’ve
got when it comes to sizing. So, based off your neck measurement your sleeve
length, but they’ve also got the classic fit and the tailored fit. And, this is a great fit, I have not adjusted
this. This is the way the shirt came out of the
package. Oh. And all their fabrics, coming out of Italy’s
best mills. Gents, I’m linking to Ledbury down in the
description. Go check them out. I love their Essentials Collection. I have to say when it comes to quality these
guys are putting out a great deal. So, if you care about a quality shirt and
you want a great deal, grab their Essentials. Now, this shirt right here is a classic oxford,
and it’s the third type of fall shirt I think every man needs to own. Now, there’s two key characteristic of a classic
oxford. It’s a casual shirt, so we’re going to have
the button-down collar. But why is it casual? Because when you look at it, it looks like
this could be a dress shirt, right? But, it’s all in the fabric and the weave. So, when you look at this fabric up close,
it’s going to be very soft, but you’re going to notice a very small pattern if you were
to look very closely. In general, this fabric is going to be a bit
heavier, it’s going to be a bit denser, and it’s going to be harder wearing. What all that means is you’ve got a shirt
that’s perfect for the fall weather that you can dress up with a sports jacket you can
dress down just with a pair of jeans. [0:05:00]
The next shirt type that you need to know about for fall, twill. Similar to oxford, twill is a particular type
of weave. It’s a heavier weave, it’s a denser weave,
it’s a tight weave. Now, depending on how the fabric is woven,
we can see a right-handed twill, we can see a left- handed twill, and we can see a herringbone
twill. Now, the jacket I’m wearing right now, this
is a herringbone twill. I don’t wear it very often in videos by the
way because it can appear strange on a screen which I’m curious, does it appear strange? Let me know down in the comments. What I love about twill and why it’s on this
list is how functional this shirt is when it comes to changing up your basic dress shirts. So, whether it’d be white whether it’d
be blue whether you go with the pink and you go with the twill pattern, from a distance,
it looks solid. It’s not until someone is maybe a foot from
you, but it’s something all of a sudden it’s got depth, it’s a bit thicker. And after you wash this a few times, a very
soft just luxurious feel. So, if you want a great fall shirt that you
could still wear with a suit, twill is where it’s at. The next type of shirt that should be in your
fall wardrobe, flannels, brushed flannels, or a shirt with a napped surface. So, these shirts in general are going to be
woven with a thicker yarn, they’re going to have a very dense weave, and they are going
to be heavier weight shirts. When you put one on, it’s going to be clear
you don’t want to wear this in the spring or the summer. This is going to be for colder weather. Now, the key characteristic of these napped
fabrics is how soft they feel, how they have a raised surface. What they do is they take the fabric, they
treat it after it’s been woven and they brush it and what this does it brings up individual
small yarns pieces of the yarn which then whenever you wear it actually creates an insulating
layer hence making them warmer. So, check out this check flannel right here. Isn’t this beautiful? When you look at the fabric, it’s something
you almost want to touch, and the colors, again, inviting with the simple pattern. Maybe you want something a little bit heavier,
maybe you want something with a larger more casual pattern with a simpler more muted color,
then look at this one right here in navy and we’ve got the light blue. Now, when it comes to flannel you really want
to pay attention, are they calling it a heavyweight flannel? Is it a mid-weight flannel? Is it just a brushed fabric? All of this is going to play in because you
can find some of these fabrics are exceptionally thick. And, that’s great if you want something that
you can wear alone in the winter just with a pair of jeans and maybe a pair of boots. So, what video to watch next? How about what pair of shoes are going to
work with these shirts? Guys, I’ve got you covered with this video
right here. I take ten pairs of shoes, I rank them from
least versatile to most versatile, and I give you I think some pretty good recommendations. Check out this video, guys. I will link to it down in the description. [0:07:30] End of audio

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