5 SIMPLE Ways to Wear PLAID

– Learning how to style plaid, today. (upbeat electronic music) Hi, ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m really excited to show you how to style plaid in a bunch of different ways, using a
bunch of different pieces. So there’s going to be a
little something for everyone. So if it’s a print that you’re
a little bit intimidated by, you may wanna start with an
accessory, or shoe, or handbag. If it’s something you’re
fully committed to, you can go bigger, like
a coat, or a blazer. So I’m gonna show you some options today, five options, in different plaid pieces, and how to style them. The bonus is all of these
pieces are from Walmart. All of them are on the affordable side. There’s a couple of high-end sprinkled in, but for the most part, everything is very affordable, and great quality, and I think, I think, you
are gonna be blown away. So huge thank-you to Walmart
for sponsoring this video. I’m very excited to partner with them. It does feel full-circle for me. One of the very first TV segments I ever did was a Walmart video, where I featured head-to-toe
looks from Walmart. So I’m excited to partner with them again, and share with you some head-to-toe looks, yes, head-to-toe, all from Walmart, featuring the fall fashion trend, plaid. Now, I’ve said before that plaid is always in style, it just happens to be a very prevalent, very
stylish print, at the moment. So if you’ve always been a plaid
lover, this is your moment. If you’ve always wanted to try it, but haven’t been sure about
it, this is also your moment. And again, I’m gonna show you some very simple ways to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe this season. So let’s get started. (upbeat electronic music) The first look I wanna show you, this is if you’re going big. If you’re going big, you buy a plaid coat. And I think a plaid coat
is surprisingly versatile. You may think, oh, I can’t wear that with this, and I can’t
wear that with that. You’ll be surprised at how often you reach for that plaid coat. I have a plaid coat already. You guys may recall me sharing
that with you last year. I wore it a ton. This is another plaid coat, and I love this one, because it’s
also black and white, but then it’s a little bit shorter than my other one, so it
gives me some options. It’s a really nice length. It’s a really great heft. It’s a wool coat, so it definitely is warm and toasty, and it does have a little bit of room in the body, so if you wanna layer it over a bunch of things, no problem. You can do that. And of course, you can always size up, if you wanna layer over bulkier pieces. But I feel like this, if
you buy your true size, you’re still gonna be
able to layer quite a bit. So I paired this really
chic, wool, plaid coat, by Marc New York, over
a pair of skinny jeans, black, Western-inspired booties,
a black quilted satchel, and a cute little gray sweater underneath. Very simple, very chic, very elegant. You just look very polished. You look modern, but you
also look really classic. (upbeat electronic music)
(camera shuttering) Option number two is a two-for-one. I’m showing you two
plaid pieces in one look. So you’ll notice that I’m
wearing a pair of plaid heels. These are ankle strap heels, and I think that these are adorable. I love these. These would be such an
unexpected look for the office. With those, I am wearing
a pair of bucket waist, windowpane, tapered
trousers, and these trousers, again, another piece you could pick up for the office that would
be completely unexpected, different, unique, but that it still has a very classic feel about it. It doesn’t feel crazy. It doesn’t feel over-the-top. Very elegant, and very figure-flattering. On top, a white blouse with
some cut-out detailing, this sort of lace mesh shoulder,
and a lace mesh sleeve. And then the fun thing
is, you really could use that same plaid, wool coat, and layer it over it, and do plaid three times. And this is a great example
of layering prints on prints. My rule of thumb for wearing prints on prints is to pick one color story, so in this case it’s black and white, and then pick different
scales of the print. So the pant is the oversized plaid, and then the coat is more
of this small plaid print, and then again, the shoes
are also a small plaid print. So it works really well
as a mixed print look. And if you wanted to do the shoes with jeans, you could do that, too. They look really cute
with just skinny jeans and a blazer, or skinny
jeans and a blouse. (camera shuttering)
(upbeat electronic music) This blazer, this plaid dickey blazer, is a great dup for the one I always talk about, by Veronica Beard. This one is by Romeo & Juliet Couture, and it is on the pricier side, but considering how high-quality it is, and that it’s this
dup for this $700 jacket, I think it’s a real
bargain and a real find. It’s got a zip-in, zip-out
sweatshirt hooded dickey, that again, you could
wear with the jacket, with the hoodie, or without the hoodie. And the jacket just has a really nice fit to it, it’s very figure-flattering. It’s just a great-looking jacket. You could wear it with
jeans, like I am here. These jeans, by the way, are
a little bit hard to get on. (laughing) It’s one of those deals where you’re like (creaks),
you’re sorta shimmying them on. You feel like you need to
get out the Crisco (slurps), just slide ’em on like that. But I’m telling you, once you get those suckers on your body, you’re like, I just lost 10 pounds, no joke. I’m not kidding. So it was one of those things where I was putting ’em on,
and I was like, no way. These are horrible. I’m not doing this. And then, once I got ’em on,
and looked in the mirror, I was like, hmm, all right! Yeah (laughs)! What I’m telling you is it’s worth that little bit of pain to get them on. They are very slimming. And then I finished off that look with just a pair of peep-toe booties. These look very similar to another pair of booties I have that are a
much more expensive version. These are great. They’re very affordable. They have the Velcro closures, so they’re easy to get
on, easy to get off. It’s just a great transitional bootie, when you’re going from fall to winter, and it’s still warm outside,
or you live in a warm climate. It’s a great-looking bootie, and this is, of course, the color of the season, this sort of honey brown color. It’s just such a great color. I’m so happy it’s back, and it
really goes with everything. You could wear it with black, with navy, a bunch of different colors, so it’s a great-looking bootie
that’s also very versatile. (camera shuttering)
(upbeat electronic music) The next way to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe, which
is probably the simplest, and least committal (chuckles). So if you’re just like,
I just wanna dip a toe into the plaid trend, this
is probably the way to go, and that’s with a blanket scarf. This is a really soft,
chunky, full blanket scarf, so it actually will be really warm, too, which is great for me here, in Colorado. It will be great for you if you’re in a cooler climate, or maybe you’re in a warmer climate, and it’s just one of those days where it’s kinda damp, and your bones cold, and
all you wanna do is throw on a moto and a great scarf,
and this is an awesome option. By the way, if you struggle with tying your blanket scarf, ’cause I know they’re huge, and it
can be very challenging, I did a video on tying
the blanket scarf 10 ways, and I think that’s a great resource, so I will put a link to that video below. That scarf also looks amazing with that same plaid coat, by the way. I think that that’s
just a chic combination. Again, layering print on print, but you’ve got the big
print, the oversized print, and then the smaller print with the coat, and just a great, great combo. (camera shuttering)
(upbeat electronic music) And the last way that
you can incorporate plaid into your wardrobe this season, is to wear a plaid button-down shirt. This is another way that I think is fairly simple to do, and it’s
very on-trend at the moment. So this is something that I used to wear, I remember, in
college all the time. I wore plaid flannel shirts, and that is, just that whole look that I
wore in the ’90s is coming back. What I love about this
particular plaid shirt, and some of the other versions that I’m seeing, is that
they add feminine details. So it’s already kind of a masculine print, and then this shirt, for example, you’ve got a little bit of ruching here, on the sleeve, and then this little bit of bubble sleeve at the bottom. Just gives it a nice feminine touch, and it’s very fitted, but not too fitted, so it really does give
you a shape, as well, and helps you to retain that femininity when you are wearing
such a masculine print. Again, this is a very simple
way to wear plaid, as well. You just pair it with a pair of jeans. This is the same pair of jeans I told you about, that
just sucks everything in. Cute black booties. You could do a honey brown
bootie, and you’re off. That’s it. Now, if you wanted to,
you could even layer that scarf over this, you
could do the coat over this. This shirt is also quite silky, so I love the way it feels on your skin, and it’s very lightweight. So if you’re like me, and you’re kinda running a little hotter these days, wink-wink, this
is a great lightweight fabric that will keep you cool, and also great for layering, because when you wear it under things, it’s not super bulky, and it’s easy to get under coats and little moto jackets, if
you wanted to go that route. Okay, so if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to comment below. Ask away. Also, I will put everything that I featured in the video, all of it from walmart.com, including the sizing and the pricing, below,
in the description box. All you have to do is
click on Show More below, and then you will see all
the links listed there. Huge thank-you, again, to Walmart
for sponsoring this video. Huge thank-you to all of you for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye! (synthesized music phrase)

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