5 Ways You’re Destroying Your Clothes | Wardrobe Maintenance Mistakes To AVOID

5 Ways You’re Destroying Your Clothes | Wardrobe Maintenance Mistakes To AVOID

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Five ways that you are destroying your clothing. Guys, I get e-mails all the time, guys telling
me about their horror stories. “I took a pair of wool trousers, Antonio
and I threw them into the dryer and they are now two sizes too small. Can you help me?” And the answer unfortunately is no, you’re
probably need to donate those. I had another guy bought a $200 shirt and
he spilled salad on it. The oil in the salad actually got into the
shirt. He washed it, threw it in the dryer, and then
when he hung it up later that night, he realized that stain was still there. He didn’t spot check it, he didn’t spot
clean it, and therefore he just ruined a $200 shirt. And, guys, that’s what this is all about
is I don’t want you to go out there and ruin your clothing. Now, guys, I created a free 81-page eBook
for you where I talk about dry cleaning, sewing on a button, ironing, you know, taking care
of your clothing. I’ve got it for you right here. Go grab that free eBook. But, what I want you to remember what I want
you to take away from this video is that there are proper ways to take care of your clothing. When you do that it’s going to last longer,
it looks better, and you feel better and you get more value out of your investment and,
guys, at the end of the day that is going to help you become a sharper dressed man. Are you ready? Let’s get into the point. So, mistake number one I see men make is that
they over wash their clothing. And the big issue here is that they just throw
it in the wash after a wear. Now, after one wear whether it was 30 minutes
or 30 hours and I know some of you guys have take a 24-hour shift, you sweat you work hard
in that clothing, in that case, yes, wash that clothing. Always wash your underwear after one wear. Wash your undershirts. Those things are close to your body, but shirts
– dress shirts, sports jackets, maybe other types of jackets, jeans, how often should
you wash those? The answer is you wash clothing when it’s
dirty. And, that really depends on how hard you wear
it. So, if you are wearing a suit all the time,
you’re a consultant in Houston, Texas going in and out of, you know, and it’s the summer,
you’re sweating when you’re outside and you come back in and you cool off, then you
go back out and you sweat, but it’s something that, hey, you don’t want to smell, you’re
in and around people and you probably are going to send that suit to get washed maybe
once a week, once every two weeks. If you have a position though that you wear
the jacket sparingly, you keep it in a closet there at work and you throw it on maybe, I
don’t know maybe a dozen times for meetings throughout the month, you could probably get
away with six months before taking that out for cleaning. You can smell it, you know, make sure, but
you don’t want to send something off and get it cleaned, you want it — because here’s
the deal is when you run it through the wash, when you send it off to the drycleaners you
have the chance that it can be damaged that it can be lost. But, also, water, you know, with detergent
or going through the drycleaning all the solvents they use, it takes away a little bit of the
life of the clothing and eventually it will start to fade it will start to fall apart
and you’ve only got so many times that you can run it through. So, think about, can you spot clean? If it’s a dress shirt, you know, is it something
you can just clean in the cuffs, clean back in the collar apply a stain remover, use a
little bit of a toothbrush, maybe hand wash your high quality clothing. The key point, try to wash as little as possible,
only when the clothing is dirty. Mistake number two. Overusing the dryer. So, there’s a couple of things about the
dryer that make it dangerous. One is it’s physically throwing that clothing
around and it can get tangled up in other clothing stretch and basically rip so you
can have damage physically that happens in the dryer. The other one is going to be the heat. So the heat causes cotton causes other materials
to shrink just a bit and can overtime as they shrink is they expand, it can actually very
quickly age the clothing. And, have you ever noticed the lint catcher
in the dryer? Where do you think all that lint comes from? It comes from the clothing. So, know that as it’s stripping out as it’s
tearing out a little bit of that, you are taking away a life, So, very similar to when
I talk about with the washing machine except even more so because of the heat. Also, with the dryer it’s got to be really
careful, I talked about it at the very beginning, but you do not want to put anything in the
dryer that has a little bit of a stain left. When you do that you’re going to set the
stain and it’s going to be almost impossible to take out. Mistake number three is that you are misusing
irons and steamers. When you apply a hot iron directly to clothing,
if you burn it, if you cause it to shrink up, and if you damage it, there is no way
to undamaged it. So, what you want to do first off is always
start at a lower setting, then what you know like especially if it’s a blend shirt, unless
a 50% cotton and 50% polyester, well, you treat it as a polyester shirt. You don’t knock it all the way up to linen
which is usually the number 7, the really high setting and just see what happens. [0:04:48]
Another thing that you can do when you’re ironing is especially if you’re at a hotel,
have you ever noticed if you start using a hotel iron and it starts leaving rust stains? Some people aren’t cleaning those things
you got to be really careful with them. But, I like to if I’m going to use the hotel
iron, I always like I just said keep the setting a little bit low, but I iron it inside out. But, the key point to understand is when you
apply that heat, you are going to, you know, you’re really increasing the chance of damage. So, look to buy a better iron. I’ve got certain irons in my free eBook,
guys, I will recommend, but these irons you want to make sure it’s got a really solid
base plate, it maintains a steady temperature and it doesn’t go to an extreme or it doesn’t
drop and it gets a good job done. Now, steamers I sort of talked about it, not
everyone has a steamer. A lot of irons can also act as steamers, but
I’m talking about dedicated steamers here. The thing I love about steamers is they’re
less likely to damage clothing. The temperature just isn’t going to be as
high as it will on an iron, but the problem with steamers as a lot of people apply them
on the jackets and they do it improperly and they end up blowing the seams. So, seams are basically where two pieces of
material connect and they’re often pressed and held flat. When you go ahead and you just steam those
seams, oftentimes it can cause them to basically soften up and all of a sudden, the jacket
starts to lose its shape. So, be very careful with the steamers especially
if you’re working on a jacket or, you know, trousers or pretty good shirts, I do recommend
using a steamer. It’s not going to get as crisp of a look
maybe as an iron, but for doing touch ups, it’s a lot better and less likely to damage. Now, you could also use an iron especially
if it has a steam function. And what you want to look for as on the face
of the iron, look for all the number of holes that it has on the face of the iron, oftentimes
that’s going to indicate and you’ll see it on the higher quality irons that they actually
can be used as a steamer. Mistake number four is not fixing clothing. By putting that off what’s going to happen
is it’s going to be a more expensive fix later. Simple example sewing on a button. Now, oftentimes on a shirt you’re going
to see a button starting to come off and you’re like, oh, I’ll just wait until it falls
off. The problem with that is you end up losing
the button and unless you’ve got an extra, you know, spare here or there or you’re
going to have to send it off to cleaners and they’re going to try to match one. But, the point is, you could have once a week
just set your clothing aside and deal with the minor repairs. Another thing you want to look at is tears
in the clothing. Tears don’t miraculously get smaller. When you have a small tear especially or you’ve
got muff damage. If it’s smaller than a dime smaller than
a quarter, some of that is repairable, but once it starts to get bigger, all of a sudden
you can’t patch it. The actual integrity of the clothing starts
to fall and you’re not going to be able to fix you’re going to actually have to
replace the clothing. So what’s easier? And if you are so lazy that you don’t want
to do it yourself, then this is when you, yes, you want to take it to the cleaners. A lot of cleaners they’ve got minor repairs,
it will cost you $5 for a button you know, but I will definitely go grab my eBook, I
show you how to sew on a button right in the eBook. But, guys, little things like this, they don’t
get better with time. Mistake number five is not addressing stains
ASAP. So, guys understand if you leave a stain if
you leave barbecue sauce, catsup, mustard, any of the stuff that you get on your shirt
you get on your jacket, if you leave it there, the stain can begin to set and then it can
actually enter the fiber and it’s going to be almost impossible to get out. So, immediately the best thing that you can
do with the stain is basically run it through water. What you do not want to do is don’t expose
it to heat and don’t expose it to pressure. Those are the things you don’t want to do. So, if you’re away from your home, immediately
you can take it and run it under water and try to get out as much as possible and this
is pretty much for any stain. Cold water is going to be best, again, don’t
expose to heat. But, if you’re at home, you can run water
through it, then you can maybe take the shirt off. You should have a stain remover. You want to apply that immediately and then,
within 12 to 24 hours, you want to wash it. I would recommend washing it sooner than later
because sometimes you’ll have to apply the stain remover multiple times. Guys, that is it. Let me know in the comments what are – what
in your opinion are the biggest mistakes men are making when it comes to clothing that
is destroying their clothing. And like I said, go grab the eBook, I made
it here free, 81 pages, solid information so you can take care of your investment which
is your wardrobe and so that you can dress better, you can start to become the man you
know yourself to be. That’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Video Summary:
    1:19 – Overwashing Clothing
    3:20 – Overusing The Dryer
    4:20 – Misusing Irons & Steamers
    6:41 – Not Repairing Clothing Immediately
    7:51 – Not Addressing Stains ASAP

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  2. Thanks Antonio! I follow some of your tips and they have transformed my attitude as well as how other's see me in and outside of work, for the better.

    Question! What are your thoughts on using starch to iron dress shirts? I feel like it decreases the life of my clothes sometimes.

  3. Hey Antonio, how did people clean wool suits in the old days, like 100 or 200 years ago, when they didn't have dry cleaning?

  4. Biggest mistake you can do is washing your clothes too hot because the information in the clothing is not taken in concideration.

  5. Thanks. I found that overwashing or using too strong of a Detergent removes or fades some of the color in a fabric.

  6. One way to revive clothing that has shrunk is to soak in water and pull evenly in all directions of the clothing, then allow to dry naturally. Works great!

  7. For most guys it would be putting their jeans and polo's in the dryer. Also shoe care – i would say 80% of men don't own shoe polish and their shoes probably last about half as long as they could with better care

  8. Heres my problem.
    To effectively clean my clothes, the wash cycle needs to be on hot. Anything else and they come out clean but still kinda smell. But, i can visibly notice my clothes deteriorating after every wash. So im left between a rock and a hard place: clean clothes that deteriorate quickly, or musty smelly clothes that dont.
    I've tried adding baking soda, vinegar, all kinds of wash cycles, different detergents, separating out clothes from stinkier clothes like workout clothes, and even washing the washing machine lol. Nothing works.

  9. All good comments so far.
    – deodorant not antiperspirant.
    – shirts & pants inside out and zippered, wear due to friction occurs on inside instead.
    – as little soap as hardness/softness of local water allows. Saves the fabric, the machine and money.
    – lowest dryer heat setting as possible, barely dry, not too long. Many delicates can be hung. Remove and hang immediately and may not have to iron.
    – PLEASE polish your shoes. Rotate them and let them sit out.

  10. What shirts are you wearing Antonio? I just can't overlook that firm collar and quality build, it looks great!

  11. Using the wrong setting ls on the washer or dryer. Excessive heat on delicate materials is one example. High washer agitation settings on clothes that only need a gentle agitation to get clean.

  12. Great video! Two questions:
    1. Is that a million dollar collar? Stands up so well.
    2. You have no boutineer hole on your lapel. Are there rules about when to have one?

  13. How to get rid of under the arms sweat? if it weren't for this I might be able to wear shirts for weeks!

  14. If the problem is that a garment smells bad, then couldn't you just use some aromatic materials when storing it?

  15. Biggest mistake for me has been getting suit pants dry cleaned but not the jacket. End result after a few cycles is faded pants that no longer match the jacket, a total write off.

  16. antonio, can you make a video about pens? fountain pens, ball pointers etc thanks! your videos and ebooks are very informative, and the best in youtube!

  17. I wash my wool and cashmere by hand.

    Your video covers pretty much everything but let me share my story. I had a RL Merino wool jumper and I washed by hand a few times (i would say 3-4 times, cold water only, I did not squeeze it and I dried in THE proper way) and it shrink.
    I have no idea what I did wrong because I read articles about how to clean it…
    I could not even wear it because it became so small 1.5 years later..
    I still wash my wool and cashmere jumpers in the same way and I have not experienced the same problem…

    Any tip or idea what I did wrong?

  18. Spot on advice Antonio. I learned about the pitfalls of overcleaning a garment the hard way when I was younger, completely prematurely aged it out of usefulness.

  19. I do the following for small food oil stains. I rush to the nearest bathroom and grab two bunches of toilet paper (or tissue would also do). One bunch I soak with water and the other I leave dry. I put a bit of handwash soap on the stain and rub it gently to loosen it up, trying my best to avoid spreading the stain. I then place the wet tissue under the stain (under the fabric) and the dry tissue over the stain and press them together for a bit – again taking care to not spread the stain. What happens is the water from the wet tissue moves towards the dry tissue through the frabic by capillary action. The stain and soap then sort of transfers on to the dry tissue bit by bit. I use different sides of the dry tissue to catch as much of that stain as possible and replace with fresh dry tissue if it still hasn't done a complete job. I also resoak the wet tissue and reapply soap on to the fabric if necessary. It's hard work, but most of the time I can get enough of the stain out that it's imperceptible. The fabric ends up wet in that area, but dries up soon with body heat. Or I use a bathroom hand dryer to dry it up if available.

  20. Useful video. One thing I may add is washing and/or drying items at higher heat and spin settings than recommended which can fade/distort/wear things out. I always go as gentle and cold water as possible especially for wool and certain sports wear. I hang dry anything I'm worried about shrinking or changing shape.

  21. Antonio do you ever use bleach on anything white that needs a stain removal ? I've found that it works but tends to change the quality of the fabric.

  22. Antonio, I wear cologne everyday, and at The end of the day I see that the cologne stays on the clothing. This is a problem because I have a variety of cologne and because it is bad to mix colognes together, I end up washing the shirts after every use. What do you recommend I do?

  23. I just want to make a point on drying all your shirts.
    The way I dry my shirts in the laundry mat I only put one quarter which is give me about 10 minutes of driving time when is done my shirts are half wet and have dry and then I put them in a hangerswhen I get home I hang my shirts and let it get dry on their own. And the next day when they dry I would have no wrinkles and my black shirts would last a lot longer. The only shirts that might need to be ironed is if you have silk shirts. I've been doing that for years.

  24. Thank you so much Antonio. You are a complete person who is guiding fellow human to reach the best of their potential. And yes so called minor changes bring great results. Am grateful to you Sir.

  25. Washing different coloring clothing together, destroys the coloring. Ruined so many new clothing like this, silly me.

  26. Hats: packing them wrong, thus deforming them.
    Wearing the a pair more than once
    Forgeting to clean the inside
    Instant shoe shine(the acidity eats through the leather, creating an uneven, and in time stiff exterior)

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    Either you need to condense the video by better editing or be more concise. Sorry mate. Feel really bad for saying this because you're a good guy but the length of your videos are killing it. If you need to say more, continue making a shorter video but then maybe add a link to another 'extended' or extra video that is only available on your website. Like an 'insider tip'. If people want to see it they will visit, attracting more visitors to your site, end up browsing it and looking at other stuff and adding value to your brand. You are giving away a full hand of cards here when you could hold some back and benefit. Best wishes.

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  29. I always heard that if you wear your clothes for multiple days in a row, it wears it faster than if you used it the same amount of time, but over multiple days. Is that true?

  30. So I live in an apartment and my dryer isn't very effective. Basically I have to run the dryer twice to fully dry my clothes. The dryer vents are clean and the apartment services it so it's just an old dryer basically. Anyways instead of my drying twice on one load would you recommend taking out dress shirts that are mildly damp and just hanging them up kind of damp in the closet until they dry?

  31. you know you love your clothes when you call damaging clothes in the wash "taking away a life" why do i suddenly feel guilty about washing my clothes

  32. Haven't read your ebook yet , you probably mentioned something about
    using chlorine bleaches and hydrogen peroxide. in certain cases it is
    okay to use bleach additives for brightening dress shirts or
    something you haven't worn in a while . The thing about using bleach is
    if you use it make sure you get rid of it , If you can still smell
    the chlorine bleach after a good wash and rinse that means it is still
    on the article of clothing so you may have to rewash without
    bleach…..Bleach over time weakens fibers at an accelerate rate. so use
    it sparingly

  33. Can you put together a video on how bigger guys can dress better? As an overweight guy who carries a lot of his weight in his stomach and thighs it's hard to figure out how to dress without looking totally frumpy. Thanks for the help Antonio.

  34. Additional comment to stains on clothes, if you get red wine spilled all over you, immediately apply mineral water on it, it will help do dissolve the stain.

  35. One thing that I see a lot of guys do is overusing their suit jackets as odd jackets/ sports jackets. Sure buying an additional sports jacket might be an investment but I do think think that if you use a jacket even like once or month or so one should consider buying a sports jacket. If you get a stain or even worse on a suit jacket while using it as a odd jacket you might have destryoed that whole suit which is much more expensive than buying that extra sports jacket.

  36. Great advice, Antonio. I have to agree. Thanks to a video where you mentioned some of these things earlier, I started air drying my shirts a few months back, letting them get multiple wears, and hand/spot washing to touch up their problem areas (i.e. collars).

  37. Hey Antonio, just some feedback.
    When I come to my subscription box I kind of pick and choose which videos I watch since, as most of us, I don't have time to watch EVERY video. I always watch your videos; not because I know they are going to be really good but because you have video summaries with time stamps on all you videos! It's great!
    Please as your channel grows bigger, don't stop putting those in the description.

  38. I'm guilty of over washing and the stain thing. The stain is pen ink and when tucked in it can't be seen. Also, I'm a host in a restaurant, and my "uniform" is blue jeans and a button down shirt (solid). I'm constantly moving in my position (all the restaurant hosts out there know what I mean). When I get home, I'm pretty rank. Also, I work for under minimum wage + tipshare. So, I don't make much. What are your suggestions for "looking sharp" while still being able to pay my bills (student loans, credit, and mobile phone)?

  39. Keep a Tide to go stain remover stick in your car, at the office, and in your toiletry bag for trips. This is a nifty product! It has saved me from a few permanent stains.

  40. Hey I'm 19 and a sales associate for golds gym. I want to dress better but we are in uniform for a black polo that has a golds gym logo. What are some little things I can do to step up my class?

  41. Washing your cloth is Hot Water is a easy way to ruin your cloth and many of your very good fabric cloth. I usually watch almost everything in cold water or cloth to just normal temp if the water is way too cold just blending the temp. Starching Cloth at cleaners seem to ruin your cloth fast as well especially if its expensive cloth. I don't starch anything i send to the cleaners.

  42. Something I learned in the Army back in the BDU days: never use hot water to wash clothing. It bleaches dye and accelerates shrinkage. Also, never use fabric softener, it literally breaks up the fabric. When you go to the club you look like a neon light, too.

  43. i really liked your videos. very informative, especially for people like me who has a big concern about clothes. 😄 i really want to maintain the quality of my clothes.

  44. when i start ironing… if m not sure if temperature is right for particular type of fabric or if i am using other iron while travelling…ane specially when i iron white shirt .. i start ironing underneath the collar or cuffs to avoid the damage of over heating or dust/rust stains directly on shirt..

  45. Also, how about the fact that the hangers you use will determine the life span of your clothes? Obviously you should use wide hangers, especially for suits and such. And most closets are way too full, everything is crammed in there. There should be enough space between each hanger to let the clothes hang freely.

  46. Great video!
    Another way a man can ruin their cloths is not treating the arm pit area. Over several washes, your shirts can start to harden in the arm pit area due to the deodorant.

  47. So my question is; Dry cleaning shirts over washing them at home and ironing yourself. Which is worse or does it not matter. I would also say how you carry your items can kill your clothes; backpacks, shoulder straps, messenger bags can ruin the crisp press line of a jacket and make faded areas where the straps lay. carry by hand or use roller bag when ever possible.

  48. Thank Antonio, I just found your channel and I'm enjoying the content.

    What is your opinion on dry cleaning and ironing clothes? I agree with you that my shirt may not be dirty after one wear, but it's hard to iron back in a crisp, clean look after it's been worn.

    Do you have a video on this topic you could point me to?

  49. Great video! I'm definitely one of those lazy repair guys who waits to fix clothing and my wife hates me for it.
    In lieu of cleaning jeans, I heard to help preserve the life and color to sprinkle a bit of lemon juice. Is this something you would recommend? Once again great videos

  50. Airing out your jeans is usually enough to keep them smelling nice. Note though, that this is proper jeans, not the blends, which are made for hard work and to be durable.

    And never toss your clothes in the dryer if you can help it – I usually only dry my boxers and socks in the dryer, along with towels. Everything else is air-dried.

  51. great fan of your page
    I am having problem in finding similar fabric for my suit trouser.
    My trouser is damaged and I could not find the same fabric to tailor new one ?
    Any recommendation guys?
    Is their any company that will get you the same fabric

  52. I'd a few points; don't leave clothes on the floor or in heaps, on chairs. clean it, fold it then store it properly. check all pockets for loose change or small paper items. this can damage pockets or cause stains(pens, gum, mints, etc). clean your shoes & socks. before washing, turn t shirts inside out. logo or large designs won't crack or wear out as fast. don't leave clothes in a hot dryer. that's unsafe & ruins clothes. use cedar blocks or cedar hangers for jackets, suits, overcoats. learn how to maintain or store garments. I had a French army officers trench coat for nearly 20 years. I rarely used it & took care of it. don't overload washers. separate clothing & use detergent correctly. percil pods are the best choice. consumer reports said they had the highest + rating ever. I've used percil for 2 years now.

  53. Not polishing your desk every morning and getting dust on your cuffs.Eating and drinking while walking increasing risk of spills. Using the outside pockets of suit coats and spoiling the silhouette of the suit or damaging the pocket corners. Ironing ties wrongly and imprinting the seam to the front. Using too hard a brush on cashmere. De-pilling with a sticky roller. Hanging in the wardrobe damp after ironing. Having in a damp wardrobe. Hanging in the wardrobe without cleaning or leaving the laundry pile too long, thus attracting moths. Trouser hems not tailored to the right length. Cheap belts with plastic backing that snarls shirt fabric and leaves plastic deposits. Burning with cigarettes, cigarette ash, boulders.

  54. Wrinkle Hack: If you are away from home and need to gently steam a garment without tools, you can hang it in the bathroom while you shower. When you step out, keep the garment in the bathroom on the hanger with the door closed. After an hour, many garments will relax and drop all but the most stubborn wrinkles. Gentle fluffing of the fabric during this process helps to expedite it. Not as good as a proper steamer or iron… but better than nothing.

  55. #1 Overwashing 1:16
    #2 Overusing the Dryer 3:17
    #3 Misusing Irons and Steamers 4:17
    #4 Not Fixing Clothing Immediately 6:36
    #5 Not Addressing Stains ASAP 7:46

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