Do you wanna know how to wear flannels right? Do you wanna know how to combine the flannel
with other dresses, to create these beautiful, wonderful combinations that’ll make you look
stylish, amazing and just, super, super cool? Then, my friend, you’re at the right place. In this video, I’m gonna be going over six
different ways you can combine the flannel, with other dresses to create these wonderful
combinations to look absolutely amazing. All right, without any further ado, let’s
get started. [Music] All right, so we’re gonna going over six different
styles, right? Because we’re in January, we’re essentially,
we’re in the winter right now, but we’re also transitioning to the spring. So the first four styles are gonna be focused
on the winter and the next two styles will be focused on the spring. All right? Now, let’s go. Um, so, so the first style I like to call
it the flannel on the turtle neck style. So the idea is you wear a turtle neck, you
wear a dark turtleneck and then you wear a flannel on it. And what you wanna do is, when you create
this combination, uh, you want that the flannel should be lighter than the turtleneck, because
that will create a contrast and that contrast will make that combination look beautiful
and wonderful and absolutely awesome. You will look absolutely amazing. Um, let me show you guys how that looks like. So, I’ve worn this super dark high neck. And now, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna be
wearing guess what? An awesome flannel on it. There you so. So here’s that flannel. So, do you guys like it? It’s nice, right? I mean, I, I love it so much and it’s so cool,
you know? Um, the idea is so … The reason I like it
so much is, because of the combination you know. So, what we’ve done over here is, we’ve worn
this high neck, you know, uh, which obviously makes anybody look awesome and then we combine
it with a super awesome, super cool, super beautiful flannel shirt, and that combination
you know, makes it look so unique, and uh, absolutely amazing. And that’s the reason I like it. That’s the reason I love it so much. And, that’s why I feel like you should try
it too, cause this style um, is so unique and it’s so different and I’ve not seen a
lot of people dressed like this. I’ve actually almost seen nobody dress like
this, which is why I feel like you should try it out. So, yeah. Um, uh, if you like this, uh, just uh, you
know, let me know in the comments, you know. I, I would, uh, really appreciate your feedback. All right, so the next one is like a um, I
like to call it the denim on the flannel style. So the idea if you wear a white T-shirt, okay,
or you can wear any you know … Okay, let’s go with a white T-shirt. You wear a white T-shirt and then you wear
a flannel on it and then on that, you, and by the way you wanna make sure that the flannel
is unbuttoned, or particularly buttoned, just like, you know, how we did it with the uh,
high neck, right? And then, on the flannel, what you wanna do
is you wanna wear a denim jacket. So, let me show you guys how it looks. I’ll have to go and fetch my flannel and my
denim jacket and I’ll be right back. That was not a nice way of leaving the frame,
cause I was kind of still there so, let me try it again. Pfff. So, I have them here. I have my purple flannel here and I have my
denim jacket right here, so I’m gonna be wearing this one and this one and I’ll show you guys
how that looks, okay? All right, so let’s do that. I’m gonna wear that. So, let’s button that. And, and now, on this, I’ll be wearing a beautiful
blue denim jacket. It’s nice, right? You guys like this? So, this is the uh, uh, this is uh, the second
style. Oh, I should have taken the price tag off. Um, yeah. Um, sorry, so yeah. S, sorry about that. All right. So, do you guys like this style? All right, so this is actually one of the
styles that I really like as well. I’m gonna just look so nice and cool and awesome. Plus, I, I’m a huge fan of denim jackets,
so there’s this, but of course, um, if you wanted you could wear a leather jacket on
this also. Um, but yeah. So, this what, uh, this style is, so do you
guys like it? Um, let me know in the comment section below. So, the third [inaudible] really nice and
it’s uh, something very different. So the idea is, uh, you wear a T-shirt, obviously
and then you wear a flannel on it, and then on that, rather than wearing a denim jacket,
what you do is you wear a thick sleeveless jacket on it. Okay? And then, on that what you can do is you can
wear a scarf. You don’t have to wear a scarf. The scarf is optional, it just adds to the
jacket, but yeah, but that’s the idea. You wear the flannel, and then you wear the
uh, denim jacket. So, let me show you guys how that looks like. Okay? So, just give me a, just give me a few minutes
and I’ll no, just give me a few seconds and I’ll change and I’ll show you guys. So, the thing is, my camera is here. My tripod is here and all of my clothes are
here and here, so I’m just gonna have to go and fetch my clothes. I’ll wear them and I’ll show them to you guys. So, I’ll … Just give me a few. Uh, just give me a few and I’ll uh, I’ll change
and show you guys. Hang on. Uh okay, so the thing is, uh, I actually cannot
find that sleeveless black jacket right now. Just give me a few. I’ll be back. Sorry. So, there you go. So this is the third style. So, what I did was, I essentially worse a
white T-shirt. Um, I kind of changed the T-shirt, because
uh, the thing is, that T-shirt has like a, has purple between and I just wanted to like
keep this like, uh, black, green, white and not introduce purple here. That’s why I took another T-shirt. But yeah, so essentially what I did, was I
wore a white T-shirt here and then I wore a, my black and white flannel, which I absolutely
love and then on that, I wore this uh, black sleeveless jacket that I was talking about. So, I think this style looks really nice,
um with the flannel and stuff. And you know, uh, it keeps you warm also,
because of this jacket and, you know, if it’s super cold then you know you can obviously
zip the jacket and you know, wear it. All right, so I hope you guys like this style. Um, let’s move onto the next winter style. Okay, so this next winter style, what we’re
gonna do is, we’re going to be wearing a hoodie and then, guess what? We’re gonna be wearing a, that’s right, flannel. That’s right. We’re gonna be wearing a flannel on that hoodie. So, once again, we’re, so essentially what
we’re doing is, we’re taking two different things. We’re taking a flannel and then we’re taking
something else, and then wearing the flannel with that, to create the style, and that’s
what this is about. That’s what the idea is. So, all right, so let me get my hoodie and
I’ll wear a … So, I’ll wear my purple flannel uh, with my hoodie and I’ll show you guys
how that looks. There you go, so this is my hoodie. Um, I kind of feel like I’m Justin Bieber
uh, in a song right now. Baby, baby, baby Hola. All right, focus, all right, alright. Anyway, back to this. Um, so I have this uh, hoodie, and now I’m
gonna be wearing a purple flannel on this, so let’s do it. So, yeah, so this is the fourth winter style,
wearing the flannel and then wearing the hoodie on it. So, yeah, do you guys like this? Um, I think this looks really nice and cool. It’s something different and unique again. So, uh, which I think is really nice and um,
yeah, that’s why, that’s why I really recommended it and that’s why I feel like you should really
try this, and yeah, it’ll look, I think it’ll look really nice and awesome. Okay, awesome. Let’s move onto the uh, next style. All right, back to my T-shirt again. Okay, so we covered four winter styles. Now, what we’re gonna cover is, um, we’re
gonna cover two spring styles. Uh, our first spring style is you know, it’s
kind of what we’re [inaudible] already, so you wear a flannel and then you wear a T-shirt
inside the flannel. So, um, the idea over here is, you wanna,
you wanna make sure that you have good contrast and good combinations. So, let me show you an example. So, I have an awesome red T-shirt here and
I have a mustard flannel here, so I’m gonna wear them together and show you how that looks
like. Just give me a few. So I have my red T-shirt here. Obviously it’s from Old Navy. And now I’m going to be wearing a mustard
flannel on this. One of … Where’s my mustard flannel? Where is it? Uh, uh, I can’t find it. Uh, uh. Oh, there it is. Found it. I found it. I found it. So, here it is. All right, so I’ll wear this mustard flannel
right now. Okay. Um, so are you guys liking this video so far? Um, uh, if yes, please hit the like button
and uh, don’t forget to subscribe, uh, for more style related content. All right, so let’s uh, get to this. Okay, so I’m gonna make sure that this is
done properly. So this is that. Um, yeah. You guys like this? Um, so this is just a, a different color combination. I wore a mustard flannel and then I wore a
red T-shirt on it, so let me … I feel like I should have come close to the camera, but
yeah, so there you go, so there’s that. Um, if you, if you um, yeah, if you, if you
like this, uh, let me know. So, yeah, uh, so this is also a really nice
style. Once again it makes you look young and awesome
and um, so the idea is we wanna wear bright colors, at least I like to wear bright colors
so over here I’ve chosen this mustard with red and red is bright and that’s why, that’s
why red is actually my favorite, uh, red is one of my favorite colors, and, and now what
I can do with this uh, I can wear dark blue jeans at the bottom uh, yeah, I can wear essentially
dark blue jeans at the bottom, and then that’ll look really nice. All right, um, another combination that you
can try, and I really love this. This is actually one of my favorites is, uh,
what you do is uh you wear the flannel, but you wear it as a formal shirt. So, typically when we wanna a wear formal
shirt, what uh, typically what does a formal shirt look like? It’s essentially nothing, but a plain shirt,
right? But now, instead of that, what you can do
is, you can wear a flannel as your formal shirt, right? And so, you wear the flannel and then you
wear a tie on that flannel, and there you go. That’ll create this beautiful uh, and, and,
that’ll look so beautiful and so stylish, and I absolutely love that. So, essentially what we’re doing here is we’re
taking this flannel and then we’re using it for something else, and that’s what creates
um, this new look. And that’s why I like it a lot, and that’s
why I feel like you should try it as well. Let me show you guys how that looks. I’m, loving this. I, I’m, I’m really enjoying this. By the way, I wanna say, thank you so much
for watching this video. Um, uh, obviously I, I still have more, but
I’m so happy you’re here. I’m so happy you’re watching this video and
I’m really uh, I’m really enjoying uh, creating this content for you and I’m so happy you’re
here, so thank you. All right, let’s uh, let’s, let’s wear this
tie. Let me actually put this trough here. So there you go. Um, that’s the … I’m using the optical viewer
of my camera as a mirror at the same time. Okay, um, yeah, I think that looks good. So, yeah. There you go. Yeah, this is the idea. This is also another really nice style. And now, let’s do something more with this. You know, so let’s think about this. Um, so far, what did we combine with that,
with our, with our flannel? We combined the high neck, we combined the
uh, the hoodie. We combined the uh, denim jacket and we combined
the uh, sleeveless jacket right, the sleeveless, the jacket. Now, uh, which one of these can we dig on
this flannel? Hmm. So, let’s try taking the denim jacket on this
flannel. So, I’m gonna take the black denim jacket
and I’m gonna wear that on this and you guys tell me how it looks. Give me a second. So I have this black denim jacket right here. Here you go. What do you guys think? Nice right? See, there you go. So, we did … So we did … That was something
formal and then we wore this denim jacket on it and now it looks something different. It looks something nice and cool. So, that’s what, that’s what this is about,
you know, that’s what uh, that’s what style is about. You create something new, you know? If you guys like this, um, you know, just,
just hit the like button. Um, and let me know in the comments, you know. Um, yeah. Thank you so, so, so much for watching this
video. If you like this video please hit like. Any comments are highly appreciated and also
if you want me to cover uh, a specific style related topic, uh, let me know in the comment
section below, I’ll be more than happy to create a video on that. And finally for more style related content,
don’t forget to subscribe. All right guys. See you all in the next video. Peace.

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