8 Essential Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Tips

as a lifelong cyclist an ex-professional
I’ve ridden in literally every single type of weather that you can possibly
imagine sometimes for hours on end and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty grim but
it’s left me with a wealth of experience that I can share some tips and tricks
from with you in today’s video now you’re gonna notice I’m wearing a
lot of Assos in this video and that’s because they are our clothing partner at
gzn but all of these tips and tricks can be applied to any brand of clothing or
any type of clothing that you may have at home Rylan first things first your
hands and your feet these bear the brunt of all the cold weather so investing in
a good quality pair of OB shoes or gloves should be an essential item on
your winter wardrobe let’s start with your shoes and your feet these are
closest to the ground well they’ll be bearing the brunt of all the spray
coming off the road and all the cold wind as they’re being propelled through
the air by taping over the vents in your shoes and then purchasing a pair of good
quality over shoes you’ll turn your summer shoes into an adequate pair of a
winter cycling shoes keeping your extremities toasty and warm in the
winter will do more for your comfort on the bike than almost anything else you
can try however simply focusing on your hands and feet is not going to keep you
warm while start and your bike think about all those large muscle groups
think about all the areas in the wind so the front of your thighs even your
glutes as they pick up the spray from the road your shoulders your arms your
chest wearing a wind proof layer on any of these or as I’m wearing double
layered tights all those tights that you can get without a chamois that’s gonna
help keep those muscle groups warm because as soon as any of these start to
feel cold all that cold blood is gonna start flowing down to your hands and
it’s gonna start restricting circulation as well as your body tries to keep the
warmth in by its organs now there’s one vital piece of kit here which will do
more than any other piece of kit that you could possibly own to help keep you
warm by keeping your core warm with a really high-quality thick thermal under
vest you’ll be able to wear almost your summer wardrobe over the top of it maybe
an extra layer or so but it will do more to keep you warm in the depths of winter
than anything else you can possibly buy so the first part of buying your winter
cycling wardrobe should be a good quality on the vest I mentioned that I
want double layered tights instead of wind proof ones these come with two
layers of thick Roubaix material but there’s a cheap alternative as well and
that’s buying a pair of tights without a chamois now you should still wash these
as frequently as you wash a pair of tights with a chamois but because you’ve
got two layers over you glutes your size it’s gonna keep you that
little bit warmer night for two out of four UK seasons
you’ll probably get away with just wearing a cast get underneath your
helmet but when the temperature really plummets you don’t want to keep your
head warm and your ears covered as well this is because it’s an ideal place to
lose a lot of heat and also these days helmets are purposefully ventilated to
cool our heads so perhaps wearing a more Arahama is a
good place to start as these do traditionally have few events if you’re
somewhere really cool though wearing a proper fleece-lined skullcap it’s gonna
be a really effective and cost-effective way of keeping your head cool because
they’re cheap items to buy although it’s not that cold today so I’m just wearing
an ear warmer it’s just somewhere really cold a nice neck buff is also gonna
really help you keep a lot of warmth in because a lot of blood flows close to
the surface there which will kill you down now if you do live in Canada or
Russia you might want to consider wearing a proper balaclava because we
know you guys do you like to ride properly cold
carry on the ride under vests are amazing have already
mentioned that yeah okay I have but they’re so good I actually think they’re
worth mentioning twice especially if you’re planning on doing a long hard
ride but you still want to stop at the cafe halfway through if you sweat
anything like as much as I do you’re going to get to that cafe with a pretty
wet on the vest and that is going to chill you to the bone pretty quickly so
by carrying a spare in your pocket and swapping over before you sit down to
enjoy your second or third cup of coffee as I now am you’ll also avoid alienating
yourself from the rest of the group because under bursts when they get wet
and sweaty they’ve got this habit of basically they kind of start to smell since we’re still at the cafe let’s talk
about taking an emergency extra shell something that’s easy stable packs up
nice and small it’s nice and light you can store it in your back pocket just
for those emergencies if the weather was to take a turn for the worse out choice
I would always take a waterproof over a windproof just because they’re a little
bit more substantial and it is the winter plus let’s not neglect the fact
that I do live in the UK and the chance of rain is never really that far away
now even if you know that you’re not likely to need an extra layer because
the weather is set to stay the same kind of looks like it will today taking one
is still incredibly useful because imagine it’s five degrees outside and
you puncture or you have a mechanical throwing on an extra layer it’s gonna
make all that difference or those first few minutes when you leave the cafe and
then if you’re on a group ride taking an extra layer even if it’s just for the
intention of lending it for someone else and completely transform someone’s day
and if you are taking that extra emergency layer you may as well make
sure it’s nice and bright and vibrant meaning you’ll be spotted if you are at
for that little bit longer than you intended or if the cards do suddenly
appear and it starts to get that little bit darker I quite like this hive is
orange that this stone prints one comes in in a video about clothing you might be
more than just a little bit surprised to hear me talking about training but there
are some types of weather which you simply can’t go outside in and no we’re
not talking about you Canadians out there we know that you guys are hardcore
and we’ll ride no matter what the weather is even when it’s minus 40 you
guys are just a different breed I’m talking about the UK winters where it’s
I don’t know minus 2 to 2 degrees and it’s chucking it down moraine it’s
simply unbearable to go outside and ride in that sort of weather so instead of
doing that for our ride with a planned cafe stop why not just shorten it why
not make it an hour and a half ride extra hard that way you’ll be staying
warm you’ll be getting a great training benefit and you’ll be home that a little
bit sooner for a warm drink and a nice hot shower set off cold now that does sound a
little bit counterintuitive and you may well be picturing getting hypothermia in
those first few moments but it’s going to keep you more comfortable for the
rest of the ride if you do so this is because it takes your body time to get
up to operating temperature if you say fully dressed and you’re warm the second
you leave the door within the first 10 minutes as your temperature increases
through the workload you’re going to be dripping all over your bike at a hot
sweaty mess which is gonna make you really cold later in the ride
if you go down any of the scents so instead of doing that you want to set
off and feel a little bit of a chill in those first few moments warm your body
up through intensity of the ride and then you’ll be comfortable for the rest
of it alternatively if you really don’t want to feel cold those first few
moments you could take that spare layer and remove it after five to ten minutes dress for the types of rides you’re
going to be doing and the types of surfaces that you’re going to be on if
you’re doing a harder ride you can probably get away with wearing a little
bit less clothing and it also help keep the air circulating you just not be
getting too wet as well if you’re gonna be riding off-road though you could
probably get away with wearing quite a bit less clothing and this is because
there’s much less wind chill and you’re gonna be working quite hard to get
anywhere near the same sort of speed you’d be doing on the road in fact in
years gone by I’d do almost all of my training exclusively off road when the
weather was bad just because I knew you’ll be working
that bit harder and staying that little bit warmer if you enjoyed this video
give it a like or a thumbs up or whatever it is you like to call it and
if you think of something we’ve missed drop it in the comments below and I
leave me you get on with my twins ride

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