Add Crochet Border to Marshmallow Crochet Baby Blanket (Closed Captions CC)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello and welcome back
to Good Knit Kisses. I’m your host,
Kristin, and today we are going to crochet a
border around a blanket. And I’m using the marshmallow
crochet baby blanket as an example. You can use whatever
one you desire, but this is the textured stitch
that is featured in there. It is a single crochet
and two doubles after, and then skip two and go over. So that’s how you get this
sort of shell and puffy stitch. So we’re going to do is once
you finish your blanket, you can come in at any point. I want to start at
a corner, really, but I’m not going to
start where I have a tail. So I’ve got my beginning
and ending tails here. So just start at
that corner here. And we’re actually going to
make the first part of this– it’s actually the
ending of this row and then do the corner
first and then go along. When you come back in
the very end of video, when you want to
finish this off, you’ll end up just
slipping this stitch here. We’re doing a single
crochet to finish it out. You’ll notice
there’s a bulk part, and I’ll show you
that here in a moment. So I want you put your slip
knot on your hook again. You’re going wrap
around like this. So if you are adding
to a knitted blanket and you’re not
familiar with crochet, you’ll get to see that here. And I have videos to
slow that down too. So we’re going to put the yarn
in the back over the front, and the back over
the front again over the tip of your
finger to make a slip knot, or however you’re comfortable. Go ahead and put
that tail at the back and we’re going to slip in just
this top area on the corner here. All right, now we’re going to
wrap it around, pull through, two loops on the hook, wrap
around yarn over again, and pull through. That’s our first single crochet. Now we’re going to finish out
the stitch by yarning over, go three wrap around,
go through, yarn over, pull through two. Oops, I got three there. OK, so we’ve got pull through
two, and pull through two. So we’ve got our double
crochet, wrap around again. We’re going to do one
more double crochet. Pull through, wrap around,
pull through two and two. OK so we’ve got one
of the texture stitch on here, now what we want
to do is turn the corner. So we’re going to
just chain one. OK that’s it. And then do the same
texture stitch again. So go through that same hole
that we were on, grab our yarn, and then we’re going
to pull that through. So we’ve got a single crochet. Do two more doubles
in the same hole. Pull through two, and two. Wrap around, pull
through two and two. And if you watched my crochet
baby blanket, the marshmallow one, I don’t know
why, but I was yarning under instead of yarning over. And you might have a slightly
different or less pillowy effect. And just be consistent, so if
you yarn under or yarn over, just do it the same way, and
doesn’t mean you’re wrong, you’re just doing it
differently than someone else. So we’re going to go across in
our same stitch pattern here. We’re going to go– it’s
like you’re skipping over two chains, but to just go to this–
actually on the side stitches. So this is going to
count sort of as the one and then the two here. So we’re going to go through,
it looks like this single one when you’re on the edge here. So go through this one here. I already kind of
worked this out, so. That’s a single and
then we’re going to go through and do two double. OK. One more double. OK and now we’re
going to skip over and you see this down here. And do a single. And a double. And one more double. OK, and now we’re going
to this corner here. Single crochet, double, double. And now chain one and
now another single. Oops, I’ve caught
another stitch. Hold on. I’m going to do a single. And a double. And a double. Oh. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m sorry I’m getting
my tail entrapped there. That’s what that is. So just lay that right on top
here if you’ve got your tail. You’re just want to trap it in. OK, double. See we all make mistakes. I make them all the time. OK. All right, so now we have that
pretty little corner here. See how that worked
out really well? And so if yours
doesn’t look like that, you may have to frog
back– just rip it apart to go back and do that again. I actually had to take
this video over again because I think I put an extra
double crochet in on there. OK. On the last take,
not right here. OK so, now we’re going
to go down and do another single crochet. And a double. So you get the idea. You just continue along, doing
your single, double, double, and skipping every other. So you’re basically matching
the stitches previous that were on that row before you. So let me pull away from this
after I do another set here, and I’ll show you how
they’re sort of lining up. And of course, if you’re doing
this on another project that’s not actually this stitch, then
it doesn’t have to line up. Just make sure that
everything– Whoops. Got that tail again. Golly, the tail. Anyway, just make
sure everything’s really even as to how
you’re spacing things out. So you can see how
these alternate from I have these little
bumps on this side, so they kind of alternate there. So I want to show
you what it’s like. I’m actually kind of running
out of this scrap yarn I’m using here. So I’m going to finish this off. And I’m going to come
over here and show you how to come approach it
and connect these two. So hold on one moment
and I’ll be right back. All right, so I come to
the end of this row here. Well we’re sort of
faking it because I didn’t have enough yarn. But we’re headed
this direction here, we’ve got enough for one more of
these textured stitch going on here. And want to connect the corner
that I had previously started. So we’re going to go down
into the next spot here. And don’t worry that’s
not right on top of that because you’ll see in a moment. So I want to go
ahead and continue. So single crochet,
double, double. So there’s one single and
here’s the first double crochet, and the next double crochet. So I’m just going to go
through here, grab my yarn, come up, and then a slip stitch. All you’re going to do is
just hook it through here, so all that’s left is
just this one little loop. OK and then you just
kind of pull on through, clip your to yarn
at a good length. And then now you’ve
got this tail here that you’re just going to weave
in with your tapestry needle. So we’ve got a nice little
corner here and here and of course I didn’t finish
the other side over here. But you can see how we
have a nice little edge to our blanket. Weave in your tails
and you are done. All right, so thank you
again for joining me at Good Knit Kisses. Be sure and check out the video
for the marshmallow crochet baby blanket, if you
didn’t get to see that. And of course we have
our other crochet videos. There’s also a video on how
to read a crochet pattern. We’ve got one for making
a hexagon and also one for making a dish cloth. And of course other videos
are brought you by Mikey with them all slowed down. And those are courtesy
of him on our channel. Thank you so much. Have a great day. And happy crafting and crochet. Bu-bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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