All Clothing for Trainer & Partner Pokemon (With CROWN) – Pokemon Let’s GO Pikcahu & Eevee

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today I’m gonna be going over all the clothing
and customization options for you and your partner Pokemon and Pokemon let’s
go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee so we’re gonna get fabulous in Pokemon let’s go
Pikachu and let’s go Eevee you probably know that you could customize your
trainer and your partner Pokemon I wasn’t a big fan of it until I found
this outfit right here but I’m gonna be going over every single piece by piece
for all the clothing that you get in the story all the hidden articles of
clothing and all of the articles of clothing and accessories that you can
purchase but not preview before you purchase so it’s a great thing to see
this video for all the outfits that you get at a specific place in the game I’m
also going to be including the location on where you can get them first we have
the default sports outfit that you got at the very beginning of the game
including the blue backpack and Pikachu in the simple cap with the pokeball
symbol matching you and the matching sweatshirt I’m going to be going over
the Pikachu versions of all these clothing not the Eevee versions since
the Eevee versions don’t show as much of the clothing and they’re very similar in
the first place so it’s fine the next outfit that you get from your first
visit to the SSN is the Sailor outfit which sports this beautiful white and
blue sweatshirt for both Pikachu and for trainer and the pokeballs symbol on the
back looks like a life preserver awesome next up is the formal outfit that you’re
going to be getting in lavender town on the first floor of the pokemon tower and
Pikachu is in a bowler cap with a black vest and a white button-up as well as
the trainer yourself the formal backpack great words is a beautiful leather and
the weirdest part is that the pants are called formal shorts I would like to
purchase formal shorts they must be comfy and easy to wear one
of my favorite mid-game outfits is the outfit for pikachu use sports this
rakish white bowler cap and a white button-up with a blue undershirt as well
as your trainer with the pop collar and the black and brown leather bag with
purple accents it’s a full white outfit and I think it looks pretty awesome you
get it from one of Professor Oak’s associates at this location after
registering 50 different species of Pokemon in your pokedex another one of
my favorite outfits is this Safari outfit that you get from the warden when
learning about the secret ability strength which sports a khaki colored
button-up as well as cap and camo shorts and shoes and the backpack also sports a
camo style color and is that what a safari ball looked like yep
that’s what a safari ball looks like you have that camo color on top and the
white on the bottom a nice callback to the old games it’s also worth mentioning
that my Pikachu has a red bow on the tail that’s how I know it’s mine that
way I don’t get mixed up with other Pikachu so you may see a red bow on the
tail the police outfit you get after chasing out team rocket from sylco in
this location right here Rennicks to the gym in the city and your trainer has a
policeman outfit or a policewoman outfit because there’s only officer Jenny’s and
there’s no males so I’m confused on how that works which is a blue button up
with white accents and red accents on the outside and the cap sports the
police logo as well as the backpack and Pikachu’s cap as well and this logo kind
of reminds me of the vault-tec logo from the Fallout series upon your first visit
to vermilion City you can get yourself the Pikachu set for yourself which gives
you a yellow outfit and a Pikachu backpack a Pikachu hat with the tail
coming off of the back yellow and black shoes some orange accents and the
pockets of your pants are then matching Pikachu’s cheeks
which then makes his mouth here okay moving on that outfit as well as the
outfit I’m about to show you are got in Vermillion City by the pokémon fan club
president the first time you visit him you get this Pikachu set however after
you achieve maximum friendship level with your Pikachu which for me was after
I beat the Elite Four I don’t know if that’s related at all you can get
yourself the ride shoe outfit the ride shoe caps sport number 26 in a ride shoe
color scheme for both you and Pikachu the back of Pikachu’s hat now has ride
shoes tail on it which is pretty dope and I think my favorite part about this
outfit altogether is that the ride shootie now makes Pikachu in ride shoes
color scheme which i think is pretty awesome it’s also a great time to point
out that in the early development of the artist’s rendering of the first
generation of Pokemon Pikachu was originally drawn with a white circle in
the middle of its body and that was then removed in some artists renditions of
Pikachu however ride shoe retains that white
circle interesting huh it’s also worth noting that if you are playing Pokemon
let’s go Eevee that instead of the Raichu set you get a full set of all the
eeveelutions not just first gen you give a poori on Jolteon flareon Espeon
Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon and sylveon next up is by far my favorite outfit which is
the Team Rocket outfit after you clear out the rocket hideout you can speak to
the Team Rocket spy who is fairly easy to get to and you get a full Team Rocket
outfit the gorgeous spy also goes on to explain to you that Team Rocket will not
confuse you with a rocket grunt because you are far too short and probably cuz
you’re 11 years old the next outfit you’re going to get after completing the
game and defeating the Elite Four if you make your way to route 17 close to where
just south of where the eeveelution trainers are you’re going to be finding
Jessie and James and they propose if you want to join Team Rocket I vote yes you
should join Team Rocket because not only do they have great health benefits they
have paid time off and opportunities for moving up within the company
Jenna mentioned how great the fire insurances after your run-in with Jessie
and James for the last time in this game you’re then going to get the blast-off
outfit which for the male trainer is going to be this purple hat and purple
belt with these red shoes for some reason and a regular looking backpack
and if we bring in the female trainer she looks like Jessie and I think that’s
pretty awesome her hat that has Jessie’s hair color the
backpack has the same accents and the belt oh the belts also purple is
Jessie’s belt purple or did they decide to make the shoes red and the belts
purple I’m not too sure but I think the individual colors for the male and
female trainer are a great touch pa-choo does not get it outfit variation of us
onto the hats for your partner pokemon all of these hats can be purchased at
the sell it on department store the first one and the only one you should
ever purchase is the Diglett cap which then puts a small Diglett on your
partner’s head and it’s adorable because then it’s a Diglett on your partner on
you love it for the individual hats you have a straw hat which has a very nice
beach feel to it you have a sweet hat which is just a fancy lass hat and you
have an elegant hat which is a nice red and black color and then the most
expensive item in the entire game costing 999,999 dollars is the crown why you cost that much I have no idea it
better be made of real gold and that is the crown on Pikachu’s head well I want
it crown want your crown back I had to sell off all of my inventory
all of the rare items I got in the game in order to get this crown I’ve heard it
looks better on TV than it does on Pikachu there’s also a variety of
glasses that you can get for your partner Pokemon including their black
framed glasses the red framed glasses the green framed glasses also these
glasses don’t wrap around they just magically float on the front of their
face and brown framed glasses we also have thick glasses which big fan of
these this reminds me of the professor from Paper Mario thousand-year door blue
sky glasses that’s a reference to the original games dawn sunglasses dust
sunglasses and midnight sunglasses all of the like in rock forms the Midnight
Sun glasses are also pretty awesome I’m gonna stick with the thick glasses
there’s also a wide variety of bandanas and bows that you can put on your
partner Pokemon however there’s literally so many and so many places
that you can put them and I find they’re pretty underwhelming unfortunately so if
that’s something you really want then go for it they’re not that expensive I’m
not gonna be showing those off back to my ride shoot t-shirt my thick glasses
my crown and for my character we are going to go back to the Team Rocket cap
because it’s all black the Team Rocket top the Team Rocket shorts and the
blast-off shoes with the red bottoms oh and for the bag probably the assistant
bag and we’ll just ignore that the purple is there who the formal looks
nice yeah I know I know black and brown is a little clashing but I still love it
so yeah guys that’s going to be wrapping up all of the trainer and partner
Pokemon customizations for Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee I hope you made
your character look fabulous if you learn something new or found this
entertaining be sure to leave a like down below if you’re new to the channel
be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time
Austin John out

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