Alpaca Show – More alpacas than you’ve ever seen!

Alpaca Show – More alpacas than you’ve ever seen!

I’m here at the Ricoh Arena for British Alpaca Futurity I’ve never been to an alpaca show before so I’m not really sure what to expect. I’m hoping that my alpaca wins the Cutest Alpaca prize! I’m wearing my Alpacalypse hoodie today, that you can get from my website So let’s see what’s going on! Look this one’s got panda eyes! I see your alpacas have some rosettes – what did they win? Greg won Intermediate Grey Male The championships are done by age group and colour So you have all the junior whites, intermediate whites, and so on …through all the colours – there’s 24 colours. [funny alpaca noise] So soft! It looks kind of crimped! They’ve had their hair done before they were shorn!! We’ve been told that these are the top alpacas in the UK – these are the best! They’re almost as tall as me! Some of them look too fluffy to see very well! Congratulations on your alpacas winning some prizes! You said it was the two grey ones? And they’re not as common as the other colours? The greys are more difficult to breed So you don’t get them as often. Why are there all these fans around? It’s to keep the alpacas cool. Because they’ve got so much fleece on… and it’s quite warm in here with the lights They’d get very sweaty and their fleeces collapse and droop Because they get damp inside So the fans keep the air circulating and it cuts down the humidity This one definitely looks like he’s going to start the Alpacalypse! I think these ones are going to win Fluffiest Alpacas! I love your little alpacas, they’re so cute! You said they’re made in Peru? They are, yes – we do a lot with the Peruvians to support them in their efforts with alpacas And we’re of course doing as much as we can with the UK and our own alpacas …using their fleece: it’s hypoallergenic, super soft, super-fine. I heard that alpacas were first tamed by the Incas 6000 years ago? They were actually developed by the Incas They developed the alpacas and llamas from wild strains of animal called guanaco and vicuna in the camelid family Thousands and thousands of years ago They developed the llama for carrying things – very much bigger than alpacas And very broad backed, very strong And very short, wiry fleece They developed the alpaca for it’s wonderful fleece And that fleece is temperature reactive, so it keeps the Incas warm in the winter and cool in the summer I heard that their fleece is flame retardant too, is that true?! I haven’t personally put a match to any of my alpacas… And I don’t think I’ll be doing that! But to be honest I have put flames to the toys. How can you do that?! I wasn’t just feeling vindictive one day…! We have to check for fire safety So they have had a flame put to them And yes, it is flame retardant So it won’t ignite, it’ll just fizzle out Look, you can knit your own Albert the Alpaca from alpaca wool Doomsday Knits: Projects for the apocalypse and after Or: The ALPACALYPSE and after! These people at the Yarn Garden have clearly shorn my alpaca! And this one matches me! Look at these dragon scale gloves – they’d be really good for a Game of Thrones cosplay I love your sign: “Dress like no one’s judging” That’s your motto? It is my motto, yes, I came up with it quite a while ago And just suddenly went – oh my god! – dress like nobody’s judging. Because that’s totally where my designs are from, and where my heart and belief in what I’m doing is from As well as being sustainable Instead of conforming to high street fashion and “we’ve got to be wearing this at this particular season” And then throwing it away That’s terrible! Yes, and having no freedom in how we actually really want to be. Well I have certainly never seen so many alpacas! If you want to come to this show next year, I’ll put the link in the description It’s called British Alpaca Futurity Remember to check out my other videos and subscribe if you like them They’re a bit different from this one! And if you like my Alpacalypse Hoodie you can get it from my website [funny alpaca noises] [thunder]

17 thoughts on “Alpaca Show – More alpacas than you’ve ever seen!

  1. Here's our video from the alpaca show! More alpacas than you've seen in your life… Hope you enjoy it!
    The show's called British Alpaca Futurity, and it's on every year, if you want to go next time.

  2. I'm going to Melbourne Alpaca show tomorrow and hopefully will see full range of colours. I really enjoyed your video and aww they can't be that cute…

  3. Hey I just stumbled across your video, I work with alapcas, we do alapca walking on a holiday park in the new forest Hampshire, you should come on one of me walks , I've loads of facts and jokes too haha

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