Amazon Reef Knot Challenge

Amazon Reef Knot Challenge

Greenpeace is back
at the Amazon Reef to do a scientific expedition and try to stop Total and BP
from drilling there. Total and BP are waiting impatiently
to get a license to drill for oil near the Amazon Reef. and we need to stop them. That’s why I’m inviting you
to be part of the Amazon Reef Knot Challenge To do the Amazon Reef Knot Challenge
you’ll need a rope or anything else with
two working ends Wat d fuuu… You take the first end. You do a big loop, like this. Go through the loop.
Take it down. Go back up, in your direction.
Go through the loop, again. And then you’ll have
the Amazon Reef Knot. Now tag three friends
to be part of the challenge and help us make the biggest rope
to protect the Amazon Reefs

6 thoughts on “Amazon Reef Knot Challenge

  1. Oil companies are evil. People who have cars are unconscious that they are supporting the destruction and wars.

  2. what a HYPOCRITE,using synthetic rope as part of her challenge,gee i wonder if she knows that the rope is derived from oil based products.ffs think before you act Greenpeace.hemp rope would have been much more appropriate for this challenge.

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