Animated Eye Bowler Hat for Halloween

Animated Eye Bowler Hat for Halloween

In this week’s costume project we’ll add
a spooky animated eyeball display to the band of a bowler hat. This is just one project you can build with
Phil B’s guide for Electronic Animated Eyes using Teensy 3.1 or 3.2. Check out the link
in the description for more suggestions and to grab all the sample code and other info
you need to build your own. Follow the wiring instructions to solder up
the power switch to the lipoly backpack board, and the OLED or TFT display to the Teensy,
and route the wires back to the hat’s ribbon bow. The battery can go further back in the ribbon
band, and the main electronics here are obscured by the hat’s feather accent. The screen shows through a hole in the ribbon
band you’ll cut to match the size of your acrylic half dome, which you can get at a
plastics store or online. To hold the cabochon in place, we’re using
a 3D printed gasket, but you could also just cut one out of rubber or leather. Sew the gasket through the ribbon, display
mounting holes, and main hat material to the inside of hat using two needles at once, then
tie knots on the inside. Let us know what wearable electronics you’re
building for Halloween, and for more costume project tutorials, check out the playlist
at the link in the description and don’t forget to subscribe.

8 thoughts on “Animated Eye Bowler Hat for Halloween

  1. I did this a couple of years ago with a mobile phone and a top hat, this looks like a less bulky, more lightweight solution for sure

  2. Meet the robinsons had a robot bowler hat named doris it was a pretty good movie (I wonder if I can make a game called dantdm epic quest and add bowler hats as enimes that have black ink)

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