Annoying Orange – Storytime #6: The Emperor’s New Clothes

[Music] I’m gonna read us a really exciting story but I promise you’ll be spellbound little book joke there say ah now today’s story is called The Emperor’s New Clothes and I’m gonna tell you the way it’s written right here you’re not gonna mess it up this time right orange yes yes you would you do it every single time I never mess up your stories pear yeah that’s what I’m afraid of all right here goes nothing once upon a time there was an extremely vain Emperor who loved to dress fashionably he especially loved his annoying orange t-shirt on line orange would you stop peddling your merch we’re in the middle of a video here all right all right especially loved wearing is playing green Crocs and unbranded fanny pack dude is that seriously what you think a fashionable emperor would wear a branded annoying orange fanny pack horan good grief anyway the ever hired two weavers who promised to make him the finest clothes he’d ever worn they were they were not they were actually lying to the Emperor because they were secretly con men you actually didn’t know how to make clothes at all that’s like they needed to buy some pre-made clothes that almond oil orange socks come pre-made now the weavers told the Emperor that they were making him a special fabric a beverage that could only be seen by smart people that means that smite orange there is no fabric they were lying to the Emperor they only pretended to make fabrics [Music] no argument here no of course the emperor couldn’t see the imaginary fabric when he pretended he could because he didn’t want the weavers to think he was too dumb to see it so he pretended to put on the clothes and went out to show off his new suit wait so he was just walking around naked he sure did and no one in the entire kingdom told him he was naked because they didn’t want the effort to think they were dumb for not being able to see his girl I can’t believe you went around naked like that I do that every day finally one small child step forward and said Your Majesty why are you naked the entire kingdom [Laughter] [Music]

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