ASOS: are their clothes worth your money? ǀ Haul but different ǀ Justine Leconte

ASOS: are their clothes worth your money? ǀ Haul but different ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. ASOS is one of the big online retailers when
it comes to clothes. I often get asked what I think about them. How is the fit? Is the quality high enough? The truth is, I don’t know, because I’ve
never ordered anything from that website. ASOS used to be a classic retailer, selling
other brands. Now they’re selling more and more their
own in-house brand, which is called ASOS Design, so I want to order some test items from that
website, have a look, have them shipped to me, look at them in real life, and have a
qualified opinion next time one of you asks me. So this video is a comprehensive review of
the house brand of ASOS, not like a regular clothing haul, but from my perspective as
a designer. I’m starting with a tailored dress, because
I want to see how they place the darts and the waist seam on this one. The model is one meter seventy-five, and is
wearing European size 36. Uh-huh. I’m looking at the size table. I see that my bust would be a UK size 8. My waist is a size 10. My hips are a size 12. Wow. This means that the reference body that they
are working on is the shape of a very slim, very thin, rectangle model. And I’m a pear, so we’re not going to
be friends. Either the top will fit, or the bottom. It’s not going to be easy. I’m going for size 10, aka a European 38,
which is one size bigger than what I usually get, and hopefully it fits. We’ll see. Then I’m seeing lots of designs involving
lace. Lace is very expensive to produce, and this
one is a very cheap evening gown. The photo seems blurry. Maybe they don’t really want us to see the
quality of the lace. The description says polyester. I would guess the fabric is like a thick,
satin-y, synthetic fabric, but at that price you can’t get silk, clearly. I’m gonna get an EU size 38, like for the
red dress. My hips have space. That’s no problem at all in this design,
but I don’t want the sleeves, in lace, to be too tight, so I don’t want to go down
to my regular 36. I’m going to stick to 38. I’m looking for a pair of fitted pants now,
to check the quality of their tailoring. Here the model is one meter seventy-eight
tall, that’s almost my height. She’s wearing EU size 36. Hmm… I have hips so I’m going to go with size
38 just to be on the safe side. That should fit properly. Polyester, viscose, elastane… So I hope that the inside, at least, what’s
against the skin, will be in viscose, rather than polyester. We’ll see. Now I want a party top, like with sequins
or embellishments, so we get something that’s not just plain fabric. I’m trying to find different things. You can tell I’m shopping the full scope
of the website. Isn’t it fun? Size-wise, you can’t do anything wrong with
this simple top. It has a front, a back, and little cord straps
here, or ribbons, crossed in the back. It’s a boxy design, very forgiving, so I’m
gonna take the size recommended by the size table for my bust size, and that’s a 36. I want to try something else with embellishments,
like a beaded top or something, Let’s try this one. It’s not my style or my taste at all, but
I’m curious to see how they attach the beads onto the fabric. I don’t know how they could possibly do
it at that price level, unless they’re not paying the garment worker a proper salary
and/or the sewing must have issues. At that price, it’s quite a bit of work,
if the top looks like on this photo. The product description also says “Time
to shine”. That’s sweet. It’s not really helping me understand if
it will fit, but ok. Here I am going with a size 36 as well. If you’re tall, you know it’s a common
issue… I’m tall. Things are always too short, and this is supposed
to be a tall design, so I’m going to take this one, and hope that it covers my belly. Oh, and I’m also going to get a pair of
basic leggings just to see one basic item. Here I found a tall design. Let’s hope that the legs will be long enough
for me. It says viscose / elastane. Ok, so this should be very bendy and stretchy. Alright, I’m gonna go with a size 38, again. So I tried different shapes, fabrics, materials,
cuts, etc. Now let’s wait for the items to come, and
have a look in real life. Here I am again; I’ve received everything. It took three days. I’m gonna unpack this, and we’ll try it
on. The red dress does not seem to have the proportions
it had on the photo. The waist is placed higher somehow. The sleeves can be zipped. There is a zipper at the back. The hips are impossibly tight on the dress
form. I wonder if I’m going to be able to get
in at all. We’ll see. The fabric of the black dress is just heavy
and stiff. It’s not what I expected. The lace sleeves are super stretchy. It might be quite tight. The bust part is actually covering another
bust part in a more lightweight fabric. This wasn’t visible on the photos. And there’s a zipper at the back. This I knew. Then the navy, tailored pants with the side
pockets look quite big. I’m afraid I got the wrong size. But since they’re supposed to be wide legged,
I will just try them on and see. Maybe they will fit after all. Surprise with the sequin top. The top of it, the part around the breasts,
doesn’t match the bottom. It’s so tight. I can’t even get it on to the dress form,
so it will clearly be too tight around the bust for me. For sure. Also, the straps turned out to be simple elastics,
which I couldn’t tell from the pictures either. The pink top takes the art of taking deceiving
photos to a whole new level. If you take a closer look at the beads, it
looks so, so cheap. It’s like wearing plastic. The leggings look fine. The legs are really long, which is good. This is what I wanted. The fabric is a bit shiny. Probably from the viscose. Alright, now let’s see how everything looks
on me. I’m now wearing a T-shirt bra, with no padding
or push-up effect whatsoever, because I suspect that at least the silver sequined top is gonna
be quite tight around here, so I’m making these already as small as I can. What I notice first is that the placement
of the darts on this supposedly tailored dress is completely off. The bust darts are here. My bust is here. My waist is here, and the dress is here. These darts here and on the back are meant
to hug my hips. My hips are here. Which is why, around the waist, I have this
extra fabric here, which is meant to be around the hips. Then the sleeves are too short. If I close the sleeve, I can’t move anymore,
because I’m missing fabric here. If I open here, I can put them up, but then
I can’t close the zipper anymore. Then they saved on the inside of the dress,
in all corners. You don’t have a lining. Usually you would, here, so that you don’t
have the seams or the darts touching your skin. Here there is none. So you can feel everything. It’s a bit tight around the hips. This I knew, because I took a size between
three sizes that were recommended to me, so that’s ok. But this here just doesn’t work. It is meant for a person who is so much shorter
than me, I would actually label this as a petite garment. It’s clearly not a regular size given the
shape of the pattern. So this black dress here… The fabric is a lot cheaper than I thought. It’s not satin. It’s actually very thick polyester, neoprene,
that doesn’t breathe at all. And it’s getting hot in here, immediately,
I can tell you. The edges are left raw, since the finishing
is not good. Then I’m missing fabric here under the armpit,
again. Or I pull the sleeves up, to give me more
space here, and then the sleeves are just ridiculously short. Here, the waist is super high. It’s not empire-waist, it’s like a bra. Yeah? I can’t breathe in there. And supposedly, the top should be the size
of me, according to the size table. But if I go one size up to give me more space
here, I will completely get lost in this. It is not flattering at all. The lace is itchy. It’s super cheap, super stretchy. If you would make a scratch in there, it will
all unravel. This is clearly not the dream ballgown, and
I’m going to take it off before I start sweating in this. This sequined top that was supposed to be
silver, and ended up being holographic… It doesn’t look like in the picture. The pattern is just wrong. It wasn’t hard to do. You only have the front and the back, and
still, they got it wrong. I don’t have enough space here for the breasts. You can see when you breathe in, it’s too
tight here. And then I have this extra fabric there, hanging,
which I don’t need. What matters is to have darts here. This is what they’re missing. It would make the bust fit, and you could
be properly fitted here around the waist. This is really not flattering. The straps are what they are. I really wanted little ribbons or cord. This is just elastic. Yeah. And then the sequins are not silver. They’re just holographic plastic. It’s not my type at all. This top here is my biggest disappointment
in the entire shopping experiment. First, it’s too short. It’s too short, and I’m missing fabric
here, so it lifts up so much. My bellybutton is here. I don’t know how they define tall size,
but this is just not working. Then the beads are super cheap plastic. It looked a lot more expensive and high-quality
on the photos. You can also see between the beads, the thread
everywhere. It’s done in the most quick and dirty way
possible. The fabric underneath is a cheap net fabric
that’s itchy. And they use the same fabric as the lining
on the inside. Normally when you have a top like this with
beads, with itchy material on the surface, you use a soft fabric for the lining, to make
sure that your skin is protected and won’t be scratched by the beads. So in this case, the beads come through, and
every time you move, it’s itching. Also, this top costs 51 euros, but I’m wondering
if this was sewn by hand. I really want to question if the garment worker
who made this garment was actually paid a fair wage, because it’s a lot more work
than 51 euros, and then you still need to ship, you still need to buy the fabric, etc.,
etc. It just doesn’t add up. These pants are probably my best pick so far,
so to speak. The hips fit well, which is a good start. The waist doesn’t. The waistband is sticking out because they
cut the pattern straight instead of curving it. But I guess you could solve that by adding
a belt. The pants are really long. For once, I’m going to need to have the
hem shortened, which is really rare in my case. The main problem with this pair of pants is
the fabric. It is polyester. A cheap one. You can tell. You can hear it. You can hear it’s not nice wool, that falls
nicely, or a mix of thick cotton. And inside the pockets, it’s even worse. This is sweaty sweat. This is really plastic. I know no one sees it, but I put my hands
in there, so I know, and I sweat. Conclusion, I’m gonna send the pants back
as well. These leggings, item number six. They’re supposed to be tall. They are, they’re extra long, and here they’re
high-waisted, so even if you’re even taller than I am, you’ll still fit in this one. The problem is the fabric. It’s viscose elastane, which is a good mix. But somehow it is tight, itchy, a little bit. You can see it shine. This I hate, because it looks cheap. And it’s see-through. Look at this. You can totally tell which underwear I’m
wearing underneath. And in fact, I’ve tested these leggings
compared to four other pairs in my previous video on how to wear and recognize good-quality
leggings. I will link this video in the corner and down
below in the description if you haven’t seen it yet. Ok, let’s review all this. First off, sizes at ASOS are obviously completely
inconsistent. They probably have the patterns made by different
companies, spread across the whole world, probably overseas, somewhere where it’s
cheaper, and there’s no one making sure that measurements are consistent across the
designs. When you buy from a good brand, several garments
in the same size, they will fall the same way, which is a sign of proper quality. I’m guessing here, with ASOS, that if I
ordered, let’s say, the red dress three times, in the same size, they might even fit
differently, within one size. And that would be an obvious sign of very,
very low-cost production. Stay away. In terms of designs, they are cutting corners
everywhere they possibly can. For instance, the red dress has no lining
on the inside, the leggings are very thin and even see-through. The tailored pants have a nice cut but the
cheapest fabric. The silver holographic, sequined top is missing
darts to make it fit properly, etc. Then the photos are not accurate. Think of that pink top, which looks so much
better in the picture than in real life. The proportions are weird. Remember the black dress. It’s so tight and so high up here, whereas
on the red dress of the same size, it fits better around here. The sleeves are too short. The pants are too long. It feels like the pattern parts are not matching
the same body. One more thing I’d love to know. Where and how are ASOS clothes produced? Because the prices are way too low. The quality is low. The fabrics are super cheap. Production happens overseas. In my head there’s an alarm going on because
that sounds a lot like fast fashion. So I really want to know that ASOS is producing
under fair working conditions and paying the garment workers properly. Would I recommend clothes by ASOS? Nope. Will I return every single garment that you
saw today? Yes. I did a video previously to help you recognize
which other brands are fast fashion. With a few tips and tricks, it’s easy to
recognize, and if you want to stay away from brands like that, then you can make an informed
decision. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much. Now I’d like to know if you’re interested
in me testing further brands and products in a format similar to what we did today. If yes, which brands are you interested in? Let me know in the comments. I will see you very soon again for a new video,
and until then, take care. Bye bye.

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  1. Hi everyone! This video is the first one where I test brands & look at their quality. Do you like it? Do you want more? Let me know! 😊 PS: if you are looking for the leggings video, it's here:

  2. I love how you share your thought process while evaluating the clothes. It is so unusual to hear that manufacturing is the issue, not out body!

  3. Hi Justine! Yes, please do more brands and do a range of brands at different price points.
    Zara, aritzia, Michael Kors, coach, Gerard darel, miumiu for example. Thank you! Love your channel!

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