Back To School Clothing Haul

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Today,
I am going to do a fashion haul and a try-on for you guys. I got these items from 2020Ave,
they are an online boutique. I got a lot of incredible pieces, and I thought I’d share
them with you guys today. This also doubles as a back to school video for all of my high
school and college folks who are watching, so… let’s get started.
I’m going to start off with accessories, so jumping right it, Ig to a strapless and
backless breast petals. I will not be showing you guys what this looks like, obviously.
But, I think it’s a great idea to always have something like this just incase. I do
wear these just incase I’m going braless, which isn’t really the case all the time,
but just incase, I wanted to make sure that I had some. These were very inexpensive. They
were only $4 I think and you get 3. I kind of wish they had 4 pairs in them, but you
never know… It doesn’t say that they are reusable, it doesn’t say that they are…
but I will try. So, I got that. I don’t think any of you have seen me wear
a hat besides a beach hat. I really do like hats, so I got this one. Its super cute! At
first It thought it didn’t look right. But I kind of really like it. It kind of reminds
me of a witch hat for Halloween. Like… Hehehe! But I really like it. It also has inside some
drawstrings so you can tighten it on your head and you know it’s not going to fly
off. But this is good quality, its well made and it has a bow on the side of it. And I
love it! I love just hats to put on, you know just to have especially if I’m having a
bad hair day. So I went ahead and got that. Also, I was looking for some pants like these.
I wanted to incorporate more Olive into my wardrobe of neutrals, black and white. So
I went ahead and got this Olive drawstring jogger pants I believe that’s what they
are called. They fit amazing! I love the way they fit!
I love the color. Its like Army Green. It reminds me of my Military Brat Life. And at
the bottom, it has these little gathers or elastics to keep it where you want it on your
calf or your leg or wherever you want it to be. And it does drawstring. It fits amazing!
I also went ahead and got this shirt. I don’t plan on using it as a workout shirt, but I
loved it. I feel like it explains pretty much my life. Basically, It says Eat, Sleep squat
and Repeat. You guys know how I feel about squats. And if you don’t, I love squats!
I’m probably looking like a crazy person right now, but I love squats. I love working
lower body and leg day, it my favorite day! So I went ahead and got that. I also got this
shirt which I didn’t think it was going to be super long as it is, but
I’m kind of excited and happy about it, and Kind of not sure. This is a button up
shirt/dress. Its like an oversized button up shirt. I don’t have anything like this
in my closet, I thought because I was tall, I thought it wouldn’t look that long on
me. If it was someone shorter, I probably would be super long. I’m 5’7 so, yeah!
But I liked this. I feel like I can use this on top of more of an effortless edgy type
of look. Maybe with some black faux leather pants and with a hat, or just keep it super
casual with the hair. So, I went ahead and got this one because I needed something like
this. And then the last thing I got from 2020Ave was this dress. This dress is my fave! This
dress is just plain black and a long midi dress. It doesn’t have anything at the top.
It pretty much is… it cuts off here at the next part. It doesn’t reveal or show anything.
And I wanted a dress like that. Something that was very conservative, minimal and classic.
You can dress it up or dress it down if you wanted too, and I have black dresses that
are spaghetti straps and do reveal a little bit of cleavage; and I wanted something that
didn’t really do that. So, I went ahead and got this one. It fits like a glove on
me. I got Medium… a small would have been a little too small for me so I did get a medium
and I love the way it fits! It fits me like a glove. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video! Give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe for more
clothing hauls and try-ons. Everything I got from 2020Ave is very impressive.
I was very pleased with it. So, If you decide to try it out, I will have the site and all
of the items that I got linked down below in the description bar as well as everything
else. So, If you are wondering about sizing, All of that information will be down there.
I am collaborating with myunidays and basically it’s a site that you go on and you get discounts
on well known brands, brands that I have ever even discovered yet. I thought it was a really
cool concept to the site, If you are interested in your back to school shopping and you want
to save a little, definitely check the link down below! I hope you guys enjoyed this video!
I’ll see you next time!

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