Back To School Try On Haul 2018 + GIVEAWAY! Curvy Clothing Haul!

– Hey guys! It’s Sierra.
Welcome back to my channel. Never thought you’d see this
background again, did you? It’s literally been like a month since I filmed on this background. I love it. I’m back home. (laughs) Today I’m going to be doing a and I have a giveaway for you guys. Also like, how is it already
back to school season? I went to the mall and
all the signs were like, back to school sale and I was like, where did my summer go? It’s already gone! Anyways! (claps)
Giveaway. I am giving away a pair of Beats Solo2
headphones, brand new. So, I hope whoever wins, I hope this will help you get back into the school groove. So at the end of the video,
I’m gonna tell you guys how to enter, but no spoiler alert, you have to be subscribed so make sure to click that subscribe button if you haven’t joined the family already. Now let’s go ahead and
get into this try on haul! (bleep) The first place I went
was Abercrombie & Fitch. And I actually hadn’t shopped
here in like, 3 years. This is my first time
since like, high school. But I was walking through the mall and the normal stores that I usually go to I was not having any success in so I was like whatever,
I’ll give it a try. And I found so much cute stuff.
Guys, I was so surprised. The first thing I got is this little striped, wrap crop top and
I think this is so cute. I love the little knot in the front. I think it makes it really
unique and flattering. I really like crop tops, but I don’t like ones that are skin tight because I’m still not like 100% comfortable with my stomach, so something like this fits a little more loose and flowy but still gives that crop top
look is like, perfect for me. They have this shirt
in like, three or four different colors, and I was really tempted to get more, but I just got the one. If I wear this a lot, I’ll probably go back and get it in another color. Also for some reason, in my head, Abercrombie & Fitch was gonna have a lot smaller sizes like Hollister. At Hollister, I’m like an XL. At most other stores I’m a large. So I walked around the
store, got all my clothes, got everything in extra large, tried everything on and it was too big. So then I had to walk the store again and get everything in a large, so if you are going to shop
at Abercrombie & Fitch, I recommend just going
with your regular sizing. It really doesn’t fit tight at all. (woosh) Next thing. Ooh, these are probably my favorite thing in the whole haul. These blue, high waisted stretchy pants are so comfortable and flattering, and they just fit my body perfectly. Again, this is something that I originally grabbed in an extra large,
and then that was too big, so I did get it in a large.
Also these pants are cropped. They are capri length
which is great for me because I’m only 5’4″ and usually if I got something in a large it would
be a little bit too long. This is something that I can pair with a bunch of different tops, and they’re high waisted,
so super flattering. (woosh) Then I got this tie
front pink striped shirt, and this is kind of
similar to the first shirt in that it has that tie knot in the front. But this one’s a little bit different because first, it’s not cropped. It’s a little bit longer and second, it is high-to-low, so the back is way longer which means this is like the perfect thing to pair with leggings or with tighter fitting jeans when I want a little more coverage on the booty. I just think this is a great
shirt, something really versatile, and I don’t have
a lot of stuff in pink. I feel like pink isn’t
usually a color I go for. So they had like, a blue
one and a plaid one, and I was gonna go for those…
I’m like, you know what, no. I’m gonna get something
different, something a little more unique
since I never wear pink. This legit might be the only pink thing in my closet. I’m not kidding. (whoosh) Next up was this blue, long sleeve flannel and this it the only
thing I did stick with the extra large because the large, the buttons were pulling
a little bit more. So if you have a bigger chest, I always recommend sizing up in flannels. But like I said, I hadn’t shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch since probably like my senior year of high school, but I used to be obsessed
with their flannels and they still live up to
it, they did not disappoint. Again they have this in
like four different colors. I only got it in the blue because blue is my favorite color,
but if it’s something I find myself wearing a lot, I’ll probably go back and get another one. Especially because, if
you guys didn’t know, I’m an online student.
I do my college online. But this year, I actually
have to take a class in person which I– I don’t know, I’m
not too excited about it. I like doing school in the
privacy of my own little home. But I’m actually gonna be
going into class this year so I feel like flannels,
lightweight ones like this and some leggings is probably… gonna be what I wear most days because I do not feel like
dressing up for school. Especially if it’s an
early class… can’t do it. (whoosh) The last thing from Abercrombie & Fitch is this little gray sweatshirt with the pink and purple
detailing on the sleeves. This sweatshirt is really soft, and it does have a little hoodie so I could wear it like,
in the rain or something. But it’s kind of cropped,
it’s not like a crop top, but it hits right above my hips. So this is something that I
can wear with tighter fitting jeans and still show my
hips whereas a lot of big, bulky sweaters will cover everything up. (mouse click) Okay, what do we wanna do
next? Let’s do American Eagle. I got three things from American Eagle. The first thing I got is… The first thing I got is a pair of jeans. These are actually
different from the regular American Eagle jeans that I usually get, and I think I might like
these a little bit more. These jeans are the super high rise next level stretch and I
got them in a 12 Short. I like that these jeans have some distressing on them,
but it’s pretty light. There aren’t too many rips or holes, but it still gives that look. And like I said, these
pants are super high rise. These fit actually above my hips right at my waist over my belly button, so I think these will be great to wear with body suits or tucked
in shirts, or anything that I really wanna show
my hips a little bit more. These jeans are going
to be great for that. And they’re also super
comfortable and stretchy, so doesn’t even really
feel like wearing jeans. (whoosh) I also got this pair of orange, flowy shorts in a large, and they have that elastic waistband
so they fit my waist but still have plenty of room in my legs. I love a good pair of flowy shorts. And especially patterned ones like these that I can pair with
more simple, basic tees, and this will be more
of the statement piece. It makes putting together
last minute outfits really, really easy, so I feel like these shorts are something I’m going to wear a lot, especially since it stays warm for quite
a while in California. Like literally, I can wear
shorts up until like, November. So, I’ll get a lot of use out of these. (whoosh) The last thing is this
striped, beachy wrap. I don’t know if I would call this a kimono ’cause kimonos are usually that like, lightweight chiffon material,
but this is just so cute regardless of what
you’re going to call it. I love this. It is such
a cute statement piece to pair with jeans and basic tees. This was once size fits all,
and it fit me totally fine. It’s really loose and baggy, so I truly do think this would
fit pretty much anyone. It has a very beachy, California feel and I love wearing something like this that’s looser fitting with tighter fitting tops and bottoms because it kind of breaks up the outfit a little bit more. (whoosh) Next up we have Express,
and Express is one of my favorite stores, but I actually only got one thing there this time. I’ve been trying to be more picky with the clothes that I buy and really only gets things that I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of, which is also why I haven’t been doing
as many hauls recently. But anyways, I got this
green– is it wrap style? It’s kind of wrap style,
flowy chiffon crop top. This top has those really lightweight fluttery sleeves which I love because it’s very flowy and
girly, and it also adds extra coverage on the arms without making it any hotter
because it’s so lightweight. I don’t know, I just thought
this was a really great top. It’s kind of cropped, kind of not. Right there in the middle. (mouse click) Up next we have… Madewell. One of the more expensive
places that I shop, but also I find that
pretty much everything I buy there I get a ton of wear out of and it’s really high quality. First thing, I replenished by supplies of basic tees. Madewell carries my favorite basic tee. It just fits my body really
well, it’s lightweight. It has a little v-neck and
a pocket in the corner, and I have the same shirt
in two or three colors. So I got two new ones, one
in green and one in white. These are great for layering
with sweaters or kimonos. They can be tucked into
bottoms. They can be tied. They can be lacked out.
Just super versatile. (whoosh) Next up we have these striped, high-waisted soft shorts and
I got these in an extra large. Pretty much anything that has an elastic waistband I like to size up because I have a smaller waist and bigger thighs, so sometimes my thighs will be too big for the shorts but if it has an elastic waistband, I know it’ll fit my waist no matter what. And then I get that
extra room in the legs. Vertical stripes are also
very slimming and flattering, so I think these will be great to pair with like, a black shirt tucked in or even a body suit I think
would look really cute. (whoosh) And then we have this mint
and white striped button up. And I like getting button ups like this that are short sleeve and
then either wearing them open or tying them at the bottom. And then I’ll wear like, a basic tee or a crop top underneath. I just think it’s a really cute look, and this like, minty blue color is my favorite color in the whole world and the color of the
shirt I’m wearing now. (whoosh) Last thing from Madewell,
this striped crop top and the stripes are actually
embroidered onto it. It’s not printed which I think is really cool, really unique. It’s not a crop top but it does have that shorter, more boxy wide
fit which I really like. So I could tie it. I could tuck it in. I could wear it normal. I know it just kinda seems
like a normal t-shirt, but I just really love it for some reason. And I got it in a large. (mouse click) The last place I went was Target and when I went to Target I actually wasn’t even shopping for clothes, I was literally buying groceries. But I saw something that
was kind of perfect, so I decided to get it. This simple gray, loose fitting romper is gonna be perfect for layering and I absolutely love having just like, basic colored rompers
because I have so many crazy colored kimonos and
it’s nice to just have that plain base but still really
comfortable and flattering. So this has that elastic waistband. It has loose fitting shorts. I love the little cross
design above the chest, and the straps are adjustable so it’s just kind of like,
everything that I look for in a basic romper, and
it was pretty cheap too. I think this was about $14.
And I got this one in a large. (beeps and boops) So that is everything that I got while shopping the back to school sales. Now let’s get into this giveaway. So I’m gonna be giving away this pair of Beats Solo2 Headphones
to one lucky viewer. Here’s how to enter! First, you do have to be subscribed to this channel and my vlog channel. It’s called “Sierra and Stephen IRL.” There’s a link in the description. I like to do giveaways as a way to say thank you to my subscribers for watching and supporting, and being
part of this family. So, you do have to be subscribed to win. Second, leave a comment
down below letting me know– Let’s see, what should the question be? Let me know what the first video that you watched on my channel was. I think that’ll be really, really interesting to read through those. And third, make sure that in your comment, you either put your Instagram handle or your e-mail so that if you win, I can contact you and ship you your prize. This giveaway is international, so anyone can enter it and
I’ll be choosing the winner three weeks from today
on Friday, August 3rd. I’m really excited to give this away to one of you guys, and
I’m also going to be doing a makeup giveaway over on
my Instagram early next week because I’m going to
BeautyCon this weekend. I know I’m gonna get a bunch of stuff and I wanna give some away to you guys. So if you wanna be notified
when that giveaway starts, make sure that you are
following my Instagram because everything for
that will be over there. So thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed this try-on haul, and I will see you on Tuesday
with another new video. Bye! (electronic music)

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