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  1. this woman is so talented!!! I love how you use different methods to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles. keep up the great work! amazing results and beautiful daughter. Ps-your hair is gorgeous too 👌

  2. I actually pull my hair up 4 school like this…. I pull it back, twist it around similarly to this, and wrap a rubber band around it.

  3. okay…
    1. why does everyone in your family have those gorgeous eyes? and
    2. how did she sleep? because i tried sleeping with this knots on and it was very uncomfortable

  4. yall dead need to shut up im black btw and she said in the description this hairstyle is from black cultrue like when a black girl relaxes her hair are you thinking i wanna be white no your thinking how u gonna be able to handle your hair better!!

  5. Not saying she can't do it – She gave credit in the description.
    Just going to put this little tidbit of knowledge out here – Bantu Knots originated from the Zulu tribe. In the scramble for Africa, the Zulus welcome European settlers, mostly British, with open hands. They were immediately shot down, with villages being burned and children being killed. Just a little bit of history.

  6. I'm south african and a close friend of mine showed me how to do traditional Xhosa hairstyles and bantu knots, seeing this makes me so happy and the end result is gorgeous.

  7. white person makes black hairstyle on youtube

    *comment*: OMG you need to give credit to the black for using our hairstyle

    *comment*: That looks so bad because your white and that hairstyle is made for black hair

    *comment*: I came in this video and I knew the comments were gonna be butt-hurt

    black person makes white hairstyle on youtube

    *comments: that looks bad on you get another hairstyle

    *comment*: that looks amazing on you keep up the good work

    *comment*: do another hairstyle like this it's amazing

  8. the defense I'm seeing in the comment section is "black people wear straightened hair and blue and green eye contacts" when straight hair and blue and green eyes aren't a white trait 😭😭


  10. I don't get all the comments, my hair looks like this naturally and I'm Irish it's just curly hair. If I'm missing a point someone pls explain

  11. Oh hey guys! We all gotta stop doing winged eyeliner! The wing originated from Egyptian culture. Cleo was the first boo. We all gotta stop. I know we all love it, but it’s offensive to the Egyptians. Lord knows they had to spend hours of slave labor making those pyramids for Cleo so let’s all be respectful and put the gel, liquid, and powder eyeliner down. I mean Egyptians naturally have almond shaped eyes. Anyone else doing it just won’t look good. 😉

  12. I honestly think this hairstyle can look good on everyone anyone can wear any hairstyle and rock it as long as you have the confidence to have or wear that hairstyle and feel comfortable in it 🙂

  13. I think it is beautiful regardless of race, who's teaching, or what you call it!  It's just lovely and so it the mom and daughter.  Blessings ( after all,  minority women of all races straightens their hair – and rarely do white women rag on them for that.) Haters doing the same thing… straighten their hair, at least most of them have at least once in their life – flat irons and hot combs.   Be honest… just plain stupid haters! Geez get a life.  Mom and daughter get my vote and so does any woman that appreciates beauty, and sharing the love.

  14. My hair looks like that after I wash it! And putting racism in is so weird cause white people have curly puffy hair too

  15. it looks good. the bantu knots are nice and neat. the parts could b more str8. but overall. lts cute. leave it for a few more days for a better curl. some hair spray… u good.

  16. Looks nice, but how uncomfortable must it be to sleep with those knots . Also most of us toss & turn when sleeping. So some would probably be half out by the morning.

  17. Awesome 🤗 most easiest no heat curls video on YouTube. And affordable going to dollar store for elastic bands. Thank you 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  18. LOL, I'm old, and lol'ing at comments. People don't realize how many lifetimes of women curl, roll, perm, and try all sorts of knots and braids in their hair trying to curl it , curl it differently,and straighten it. Women messing with their and their kiddo's hair shouldn't be racial.

  19. They are a great technique for curling my hair.but I wouldn't walk out the door with a head of "bantu" twists- Buns.  They're not nice as a hairstyle. Looks stupid. Can see all the scalp. Yuck. creates beautiful curls though.

  20. Race has nothing to do with technique. I have 2b hair and can easily get Bantu knot results ranging anywhere from this look above to a full on voluminous afro – depending on the technique!! 😁

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