100 thoughts on “Bantu Knot Out Tutorial | No-Heat Curls

  1. Do you have any heatless styling tips?? Comment below!

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    💋's -Mindy

  2. I love your family! Paisley really rocks this look! If you see this, please tell your entire family that they are awesome and I really enjoy all of you! Happy Belated Birthday to Brooklyn, Bailey, and Kamri!

  3. Hi, I love your whole family, it's 4 am where I live and I am binge watching your, b and b and kamri 's videoes ❤️

  4. Mindy! Have you ever had a hair fail? Like when trying to film, you have to re-try the hairstyle over and over? Because it seems like you’re just perfect every time!!
    BTW, I’m a long time fan, and I love your channels so much!❤️

  5. I just known your channel a month ago. And I have been watching your old and new videos + your daughters. You and your family are my goal ♥️🙏. A follower from middle east

  6. Oh my goodness I dont know how many times I have said this but she is so adorable and this hair style looks so cute. love you guys so much💓💓

  7. Sometimes I just braid my hair when it’s wet and go to bed and that’s how I gets my curls I’m not a big fan of heat…so I try to go as natural as possible…ps I can’t wait to try Hairitage I needs to come faster….God Bless

  8. Adorable! I love that you're doing videos on paisley's hair now. You should do a wash day and style video on paisley, like you did over on ig

  9. LOVE you Mindy and all your vids awesome, always looking gorgeous and appreciate all the hard work you do for us!!

  10. first i have do my hairs wet and make tiny braids and after dry my hair and open it so yeah here is your curly hair 👈😉

  11. Hey, I actually saw a prank video and thought that it would be great to prank bailey with, so basically, let bailey know that you are doing a prank video and are going to prank asa by making brooklyn flirt with asa through text but actually make asa text back flirting, so bailey can get pranked! For B and B 's channel.

  12. This is great! I have type 3 hair, so I doubt it would really work on it, but it’s still cool to see how it’s done! Love you❤️

  13. I didn't know hairitage was being sold at Walmart! That's awesome. The products are also so inexpensive. I love that you made products for all hair types. I might try it out when it's in stores!

  14. I ordered heritage and am excited to try a new shampoo and conditioner!! I’ve used the same brand since 7th grade and now I’m 21😅

  15. So prettyyyyyy!!! ❤️❤️ Her hair is so beautiful!! ✨ Love your hair tutorial videos!!! 💕 Also have been loving my hairitage! 😉

  16. Wow Paisley your are growing up so fast what a beautiful young lady you have become… Love the hair style 💓👍❤️💕👼🥰

  17. Love y’all! Paisley is adorable! Can we have an update on Rylan… I know she’s at private school so, I really miss her in Behind the Braids!
    Btw; your outfit looked so cute today Ms. Mindy!
    ❤️Florida Girl

  18. I am so happy for this video! I’ve been wanting to see more on how you do Paisley’s hair for a while now. Awesome video!

  19. Mindy question to ask what can I use on my hair it is dry and damaged and brittle and I’ve used everything that I seen in my local shop and hav it trimmed but still dry

  20. Just watching this and I remember 9 years ago!! watching “Messy bun #2” video 😂 9 years I’ve been subscribed and it’s crazy how far you’ve come ❤️ love the video like usual! Insta: daniellejashley

  21. hey mindy, next time before you pick the hair out separate the curls a little bit more to give fuller look. i loved this.

  22. Paisley is adorable! You should check out Mini Marley on YouTube. She has some great products tutorials as well as wash and goes. She is very knowledgeable and gives great detailed instructions.

  23. I currently have box braids. Therefore my scalp is very itchy.
    And as I'm watching this tutorial, I'm picturing Mindy picking out my hair like she did to stretch out paisley hair.

    I definitely want to see more of paisley hair tutorial, since we have the same hair type.

  24. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to understand and take care of her hair. I’ve seen mothers with mixed kids or adopted black kids that don’t. They make their small children go through painful chemical perms or just neglect haircare and not bother to learn.

  25. the fact that you dedicated so much time to learn about and care for your daughters hair texture is admirable 😍 there are no excuses for white women with black children to neglect their child’s hair!

  26. Love how your embracing paisleys culture! I would love to see more videos with you and her! And I can’t wait to buy heritage!

  27. Happy New year to the McKnight family it's so good to see you mum and miss Paisley and are the twin and other children what ever style you do on Paisley 's hair she always look so cute

  28. I looove the styles with paisleys hair 🥰🥰 it would havw been cool if you had her do the spins for the second and 3rd day of her curls falling

  29. Beautiful! Paisleys a daddy’s girl, huh? I was thinking, who’s on her right, and then she said dad was being silly

  30. My daughters BFF has hair just like Paisley’s. I love sharing your vids with her…so, definitely, more Paisley vids!! Not to mention she’s absolutely adorable and fun to watch!! 😃

  31. It trips me out every time I see Paisley because I still expect to see that little baby!! She’s so precious and adorable!

  32. Omgosh Paisley! Trying to say notification…I trip over that word too lol. Are you guys gonna let her hair grow more or keep it at this length? I could just see this on her hair a few inches longer. You can tell Shaun is making silly faces at her off camera.

  33. I was excited for hairitage until I read all the other chemicals in it like glycols and fragrance (contains thousands of chemicals) so it's not natural like there said 😔 they should be researching more and not use synthetic chemicals. Sad to say I won't use it because of that

  34. I cannot get over how much Paisley and everyone has grown 😭 I remember when we were introduced to them as CGH 1, CGH 2, CGH 3, and CGH 4. Time has really flown by. Those tutorials helped a lot during my 5-8th grade years

  35. That hairstyle makes her look so grown up! Paisley I hope you know how absolutely beautiful you are. Love from Oregon!

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