Barbie – Wearing My Sister’s Clothes for 24 Hours | Ep.233

Barbie – Wearing My Sister’s Clothes for 24 Hours | Ep.233

Barbie – Wearing My Sister’s Clothes for 24 Hours You not going to beat me Oh yes I will! Come on! I catching… Careful! I win! No you not! I win, Mummy? No, Isabelle won that race What?! Again! No thanks I had enough Annabelle, you race me? No, I playing Roblox, Tommy Please? No! Please? I do anything you want if I lose Really? You sure you want to do that Tommy? Yes, but I going to win anyway Alright, I do it! Yay! But if you lose, you have to… …wear me and Annabelle’s clothes for a whole day What?! Yeah! I like the sound of that! But if Tommy wins, you two have to wear his clothes… Yeah! Fine by us Let’s do this! No getting upset if you lose We won’t On your marks… Get set… and… Hey! Back you go Tommy… Oh… Get set… and… Go! Come on, Annabelle! Move those legs, Tommy! Just a little bit more… I think I winning! Yes I…! Whoops! (Thud!) Owww! I win! No! Sorry, Tommy… We’ll see you upstairs Tommy Yeah, we going to pick something pretty for you Oooh! Silly race! Ah! No getting upset I not upset I… Just not very happy! What you think about this dress, Tommy? Ohhh… No, that not match his eyes Of course! Silly me How about this pink dress? I think you look pretty in it Girls… Do I have to do this? A deal is a deal! How about we race one more time? No I think we like to see you wear our clothes I thought you might say that… Good! The coast is clear! Mummy, it just you here? Ummm, yes Why do you… Oh… Tommy, you look… Don’t say it! But you look adorable I just not want anyone to see me, so… I’m back! Arrggh! Hello little girl! What’s your name? I not a girl! I Tommy! Tommy? I’ll explain everything (Doorbell) Barbie, I think Kira’s here Kira? I forgot she was coming over Matt come over too? I’m not sure I haven’t… Oh yes, Matt’s here too Yay! I hope he likes your dress My dress? Arrggh! Hi Chelsea! Come in You’re right on time Is it alright if Matt has a play with Tommy? Sure! Come in Matt Tommy’s upstairs… Somewhere… Tommy… Where are you…? Tommy? You here? Tommy? You see Tommy, Kira? No Matt Try the twin’s room Tommy, you… There you are! What you doing? I not feel so well… So we not play? I not think so I not want to make you sick Boys! There’s chocolate ice cream if you want it! Chocolate ice cream! Chocolate ice cream! Yay! Are you wearing… a dress?! Yes… I… He, he, he… Oh! You think that funny do you? Matt? Why are you wearing a dress? Tommy say I have to or we not allowed to play Tommy… He was laughing at me! We ready! Ok, great! Get Chelsea and go wait in the car Auntie Chelsea… You got gymnastics now? Yes, and we’re running late Hop in the car I not going! You have to Daddy’s isn’t home yet I am not leaving this house with a dress on! What’s with the sunglasses, Tommy? I not want anyone to see me This very embarrassing! Maybe we should have fixed you hair Yeah! Like pigtails! He, he, he…! Very funny! Next time I going to win the race and you wear my clothes Come on girls, we’re late! What are you doing back there? I not want anyone to see me! Oh sorry, does your daughter want to sit here? Daughter? Oh no, she’s fine I not a girl! Hi Barbie! Hi Gabby! I was just wondering, does your daughter want to join us today? Oh, well… I am not a girl! Well that was embarrassing! What! Everyone thought you were cute! Everyone thought I was a girl! One lady even pinch my cheeks! He, he, he… (Siren) Oh no! Mummy, Mummy, Mummy! Afternoon Miss Did I… …do something wrong? Wrong? Oh, no No at all I just noticed how cute your little girl is, sitting back there in the middle What? Hello little girl And what’s your name? I Tommy and I not a girl! Oh… Don’t ask… Hi dear Hi Ken Sorry I’m so late Busy day at work The kids are playing soccer outside I’ll go say hello Hi Annabelle! Hi Daddy! Oh, hello little girl! I’m Annabelle’s Daddy For the last time! I not a girl! Tommy? You lost a bet? I would have won, but I trip over Well, you do look very pretty for a girl That’s it! I had enough! You have to wear our clothes for a whole day Fine! Then we have another race And if I lose, I wear the clothes for another day, and… …and we can do you hair too Hair? Oh… Fine! Fine! You sure you want to do this Tommy? I sure I not losing this time anyway! Let’s do this! Alright… Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing… Do not say another word or I scream! He, he, he… Mummy! You not suppose to laugh But you look so…adorable! I pretty sure Annabelle cheat anyway… Where Daddy? Oh, he’s upstairs getting changed Let’s just say your Daddy lost a bet with me… Huh? No one else is here? Come on Ken, show us… Daddy? No one says a word to anyone about this! Say cheese! (Click!) Hey! Delete that picture! I will Good! Right after I send it to all my friends (Ding!) No!

100 thoughts on “Barbie – Wearing My Sister’s Clothes for 24 Hours | Ep.233

  1. Can you do a video Barbie takes Annabelle and Isabelle to the movies to see Frozen 2 but they only have to bring only one friend and the twins pick Molly

  2. this how many pepple love grace 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000012341245789

  3. U should do a vid where they go on vacation to Costa Rica but they only book one business class and they have to share it and they’re vacation is a disaster

  4. I'm sure this is going to be an unpopular post, and this probably isn't the first time this has been mentioned.

    Before I go any further though, I would like to have a better understanding. Maybe I'm missing something. But is there a reason that these characters purposefully mispronounce letters/words? My kid loves this channel, but she's starting to talk in the same fashion.


  5. Two things.
    One: Make an episode of what happened to taffy.
    Two: Chelsea goes to middle school while the twins go to elementary, and Tommy goes to preschool.

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