Basic Cast On (how to start knitting)

Basic Cast On (how to start knitting)

this is the Knitting cast on I make my
slip stitch I make my round there pass my yarn through the loop there it goes
let’s make that slip stitch again we make a circle we pass the yarn from the
back to the front there it goes my slip stitch so now I put my needle through
and I have my yarn I tighten it I take my other needle put it from the front to
the back as if to knit I am knitting that stitch I am NOT taking it off the
needle it is coming to the front I make my ‘t’ I pull the stitch and it goes the
left hand needle goes to the front and grabs that stitch from the bottom to the
top bottoms up there we go again we are going to knit
that same stitch we make our ‘t’ in the back we knit it bring it to the front do
not take that stitch out just pull your stitch put your left hand needle from
the bottom to the top there we go so let’s do that again
from the front to the back we knit our stitch here it comes
this is not going anywhere we’re just pulling that stitch there we go bottoms
up from the bottom to the top. Once you know
how to do this it is very easy very fast to make just push it pull it
through there we go bottoms up and it’s just very fast thing to do you
have a lot of control about the amount of stitches you want to make no worries
about whether you have enough yarn to cast on just keep knitting keep casting
on I will do it slower bottoms up there goes my needle around bring it to
the front here it goes around bring it to the front pull it bottoms up
there we go again knit it bring it to the front and bottoms up
there we go very nice very easy very neat

62 thoughts on “Basic Cast On (how to start knitting)

  1. I've just started knitting, but I've just been struggling to start it off.This video is really helpful
    _(^.^)_/ (I'm making a tie on bracelet for my best friends little brother he's almost 1 year old soon)

  2. perfect video to see exactly how it's done…haven't knit for many moons and watched a few other videos for a refresher, but this is the only one I understood clearly. Thanks

  3. Thank you for responding to me in your live broadcast today. I finished my crochet project a while ago, and then I looked up this video to start learning to knit. I have cast on to the entire length of a 10" needle. I'll be watching the rest of the beginning tutorials and continuing to learn. Thank you for the work that you have done and continue to do by teaching others here on YouTube.

  4. Move your stupid hand so viewers can see what the thread looks like – geeez these How to Knit videos such so damn bad – have searched 5 so far all make same stupid mistakes – what a joke!

  5. hi, your name is it joanne?my oma taught me to knit contiental she was germany.i learned when i was 13 years old.iam ayoung 51 its just anumber anyways oma passed away 14 years ago she was 85.what i was going to ask do you need to slip the first stitch when knitting?i enjoy crocheting you have any tutorials for crocheting coming up?thank you,have a good day.nancy,from wasaga beach,ontario,canada

  6. As far as casting on goes . I heard that knitted cast on isn't very strong and its not stretchy? Do you disagree with that? Thanks ggir everything always, you are a delight.

  7. I spent twenty minutes trying to start from a book and kept messing up. This video taught me how to start in 3 minutes. I want to hug this lady

  8. bottoms up! thanks so much. This is my second day of learning from you and i'm finding it not so intimidating as other people like to make it out in their videos Too bad you couldn't be my teacher in person but we are lucky to have you through youtube .

  9. i know how to knit but i just never remember how to start it. this helped me a lot. i could do this over and over again because of this video!!! thanks a lot

  10. How can people dislike this lady?! She sounds adorable and the instructions are very clear, great video!

  11. Thank you so much , my human companion can now Knit without making a complete mess of it 😀 I always had to ask my human grandma before so maybe after a few more lessons I wont have to do that anymore. 😀 Teddy

  12. Hi! Just a wish, can you make your knit base more visible? Some parts it was hidden and I messed up. Again, just a wish!

  13. Best cast on video by far. I watched all the "basic" cast on for beginner videos that were newer and had higher reviews but this was the only one that I could easily follow and was made with a simple method of show. Instead of repeating a step over and over to "simplify" the process, she just went through a little slow and explained as she did it and repeated until to line was finished. Loved this !

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