chicken chicken chicken OK OK OK WHATS UP DK GANGGGGGGG spam the but below HASHTAG DEARAA FOR LIFEEEEEE Yep, it is, and I’m still gonna prank because I’m just a savage, but check this out. I know my nail is broke I’m pretty sure you can tell but What imma do today Is bleach all of Ken’s shoes, his clothes, all of it. Like Im bleaching his sh*t, bleaching his stuff But actually though its gonna be a prank, but little old Kenny back there is not gonna, is not gonna believe it. So check this out. We went to a J Cole concert yesterday. Y’all know Ken love J Cole So that was like a pre birthday thing that we did last night And you know, he got a little tired tired. So it’s early, its like 7 o’clock so I know he isn’t going to wake up today till 11 12 maybe 1 if I let him. But I ain’t cuz I’m waking him up to some bleached clothes But no guys forreal forreal I bought a bleach bottle from amazon. its fake, ill put water in it make it seem like you know pouring bleach But next water, but I’m not just going to do that because you know buddies have a shrink thing you like How are you gonna? Bleach is close without him knowing. It’s not bleached because you can smell bleach Well, I already got that covered. I thought in my hair. I had this plane. I know I know Y’all came here y’all know what it is when it comes to me printing heat I think hard and lonely you know after execute this to the fullest extent but I’m going to just Soak the things the toilet that the arms that you call that the shower And maybe the floors and bleep so but he bolts in the bathroom. It’s going to be a little blue cheese I pray God he doesn’t actually get bleach and try to breach Musta Forgot for video It’s going to be a world war five kid Come here So tired you think you can’t ruin my head And I don’t shoot in the whoever Or you think I can just you know? this Is every week and very weak? I’ll give you back your love Give it to me cuz I’m dear ones like no, why would you please know that I feel I know yes I actually like It boy Happy birthday, happy birthday happy Fast I Am on the bridge when Apple reach all sink The toilet Anderson this bike is the only thing I can smell Lieutenant look like a genius better turn town is ready in my genes faith Is using my I’m tired. I’m birthday man when you have a voice. Happy birthday. Thank you. Hey It ain’t nothing dear. Yeah you no Indian Nothing here. Hey, babe. It’s really you miss me same here. No yeah same here Thank you dear Truck bro, okay, okay? Hahaha birthday dear. Why would you do that? Wow you do the air? I know I look laughs Okay, you gonna TV era here? Oh yeah? Well yeah, well committee committee Lady okay, okay, okay? Can no broom no you want to play? I’m not a I’m doing a better swearing. Thank you, no They can commit visiting rights mobley chair you bitch. My got nail, shula put the shoe down Now I forget out it Mobley say everybody calm down I did I did say kim dear was we going on right now put the legs down all right? Put it down now put on the shirt, so you can get back to safety Narrative yes, so you already know what it is is TV air? I got can a three until he tried switch things up on me But now we don’t have that y’all we don’t have no your breath stank. You need to go brush your teeth Brush up. Uh-uh you need to go brush our teeth. I am in the air. I don’t have it right money no Yeah, I’m brisbane out of the air I can’t even get out what I’m trying to say but y’all know furro furro he fell for it like I was dying in there With the smell of the bleach, so what’s not in there? It was for all hot and it was like if I smell too close is like knowing that the actual nose bleeds It’s alright, but check it out. Don’t you ever ever? touch my stuff Yeah worried about it. I’m with giada walk I walk around here like it ain’t dinner because any worried about de put the stuff down well I had the really give us a beat on your birthday Now now Aurelia. All jokes. It was a party billboard. Oh, but today is Kim birthday, so even though Even though Jana could be spamming teams a year in the comments the clip it is team Vieira and team Viera is you know? Coming clutch with the Frankie brinks because I’m the best senior It’s the best I come harder the best back away I thought you want to change our CD, Era citing dear already know Santa jean on your birthday So I wasn’t like to have birthday Dakini coming, but only you do it. You don’t need to do that. It’s in beer I’ll see you guys again Yeah, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you guys. We’ll see you guys me mcPeck Specialty but for Jack bottom on it. Okay. I love you think again

22 thoughts on “BLEACHING ALL OF HIS CLOTHES & SHOES PRANK (gone wrong!!!)

  1. Y'all already know what time it is #TEAMDEARRA we coming stronger than ever!!!!! Got him good on his birthday yeah I'm a savage lol but I guess happy birthday still 🙌🏽 haha I even put the camera clear as say so he know it's real lmao 😂

  2. Wonder y i connect to ken cause we born the same mouth i born the 5th we are some good an caring people in our month

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