Box Opening: Atelier Momoni Toffee Melo + Patreon is now live

Box Opening: Atelier Momoni Toffee Melo + Patreon is now live

Hello, my YouTube friends, how are you? Today, I have a new box opening video to share with you. Unfortunately, I had some camera issues where I lost some of the footage. And, I had to record on my phone, but I hope that you will still enjoy this. This parcel travelled all the way from Spain, and it contains my newest ball-jointed doll, Toffee Melo— which was made by the amazing Lola of Atelier Momoni. As usual, I absolutely love the packaging. The bright pink printed on the textured paper is just beautiful. And here is little Melo. Just look at those little cute lips and chubby hands. And the pear-shaped body is adorable too. Her size is actually very similar to my Lati Yellow girls: Ichigo and Mocha. Let me show you both next to each other. I think little Melo will fit in my doll family perfectly. Especially since she can wear the same clothes as Ichigo and Mocha. I hope to find time to customize her soon. And I will definitely share my progress photos on my Instagram and Facebook page. Also, before I go: I just launched my Patreon page— where my supporters get early access to my videos and other exclusive content. So for example: If you want to see my next week’s Untangled episode, you can see it straight away right now by becoming my Patreon— instead of waiting another week or two before it becomes public on YouTube. Thank you so much for watching! If this is your first time on my channel, then I would love to have you subscribed so you don’t miss out on any future videos, giveaways, and other events. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, comment, and share. That way, I know which videos you enjoy and I will make sure that I make more of them. Have a great day, and I will see you in the next one. Bye! 🙂

36 thoughts on “Box Opening: Atelier Momoni Toffee Melo + Patreon is now live

  1. I'm not really sure how Patreon works. If we donate once but decide to cancel, would we still get the rewards?

  2. Do I Spy league of legends posters? O:

    Have you ever thought of customizing you dolls from League of Legends or other characters? Or will it not feel like your dolls anymore?

  3. Nicole, i would like to know if you make all your dolls clothes or if you buy them and if you buy them where?

  4. Ok, when i'm sad, when I had an horrible day and I just want to cry or to jump in a black hole, I take my 2 bjd's, sit in front of the computer and watch your videos.
    I just want you to know that you do an awesome work, so don't stop doing it!!

  5. What is the best way to start with this hobby? I am very serious about creative subjects and i want to start to repaint dolls/ do faceup.

  6. I want one but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive I checked some website called polyhouse or something loke that

  7. Hi Andreja!
    I'm a big fan and I love your videos and face-ups. I am wondering if you will ever do a face-up video for little Melo. She is so cute and I would love to see one of your beautiful face-ups on her!

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