Greetings(Namaskaram)! I am Yogi Nitya. Today I will tell you about an Ayurvedic experiment, which has been tried by me on many people, which is about the lumps in the breasts. Breast lumps should not be taken lightly, People should not be careless about this. Sometimes, lumps appear, in females, has been the observation. In the beginning, it is nothing to worry about. I will tell you one such experiment, which you should try for at least 10-15 days. Later, when you feel benefitted, the lump disappears. A person, whose lumps were cured, I have included her experience at the end of this video. You can hear directly from that lady. But, do not worry, first, try it for 15 days, and at the end of 15 days, you may consult a doctor as well. Sometimes, doctors scare the patients in the beginning, and get the tests done. Sometimes, some people are not able to afford all that money, which is used in all the tests. I am not advising against taking those tests, but for the beginning, I will tell you a simple experiment, which I have tried , on a lot of people and is very successful, You can try it yourself. I feel that you will be benefitted with it, but yet if there is any shortfall, then you should certainly consult a good Vaidya or a doctor, What is that experiment? You may all have heard about Sheesham ( Indian Rosewood), the wood that is used in making furniture. This is a tree, which has a lot of benefits, which I shared earlier also. In Leucorrhoea, or in times of bleeding problems, or when there is excessive body heat, or in case of Jaundice, this has immense benefits. You have to take the leaves of Indian Rosewood tree, 10-15 leaves. Pluck fresh leaves, wipe these, and on the top side of the leaf, with the darker hue, you have to apply cow ghee on that side. If you do not have cow ghee, you may apply sesamé oil. You can choose either of the two. Cow ghee or Sesamé oil, apply it and smear on it. After smearing on it… You may have a griddle at home in the kitchen, which is used for roasting Papadum, or a slotted griddle. It should have a slotted design, on which you can place all the ten leaves. placing the side smeared with ghee facing the flame. You have to place it for heating. The flame should be so controlled, to avoid the leaves from getting burnt. Hold it at a distance, and allow the leaves to get some heat. Doing this for about a minute or so, will leave the leaves slightly warm. Be careful so as not to burn the leaves with the flame. You have to hold it at a distance from the flame, so that they get some warmth. When the leaves become warm, place the leaves carefully around the affected lumpy area, while still lukewarm, and cover it with cotton, and then cover it with a cloth like dupatta, or cover it lightly with some cloth, in a proper manner, all around the affected area. Do this every day at night. How will this help? Movement is at a bare minimum at night, so it is easy for the herb to show its effects. I advised this to a lot of females, and this is effective. This shows results, and the lump melts away on its own. You can take camphor, and take some cow ghee or Dalda (hydrogenated vegetable oil), also called as Vanaspati Ghee, You can mix both and massage this in the morning. Also, Vitamin E capsules are available, by the name Evion, available with a chemist, This can also be cut, and the gel can be used to massage it, in the morning. This has to be done alongside the leaves experiment. The first one at night and the capsule in the morning. Please follow these. I have observed that by just following this, the lump melts away in a few days. There are a lot of medicines in Ayurveda, for lumps. Kanchnar Guggul, Vriddhivadhika Vati. I would advise you to go to a qualified Ayurveda doctor, and then take the medicine, I shared this small experiment with you, because this has benefitted a lot of people. I feel that you may try this in the beginning. many people are benefitted with only following this. There is nothing to worry about. No need to be afraid. Try this in the beginning, and if this does not show the desired results, even after trying this for 15-20 days, if the pain increases or any other indication, then you should certainly go see a doctor. This is my advice to you. This is all for today. Goodbye (Namaskaram)! “Hello everyone!” “Just wanted to share a thing, that I got a pain near my left side, on the ribs. I got a knot over there. and I was advised by the doctors, that I should go for a scan and a very complicated procedures and medicines, and everything. I got scared, while listening to my problem, then, fortunately, I came to Nityanand Shree, and he gave me a few remedies, for that and now I am fit and fine. cured my pain also and I am relieved with my knot. So, thank you so much, Nityanand Shree”. Water is given to us by God Almighty, which is an invaluable boon. So, by wasting it, are we not taking unfair advantage of His compassion and kindness? Think about this!


  1. ये प्रयोग सिर्फ सामान्य छोट्टी-मोटी गाँठ में ही लाभ उपयोगी है .. अगर इस प्रयोग से 15 -20 दिन में गांठ ठीक न हो तो कृपया किसी नजदीकी वैद्य से सम्पर्क करें |

  2. श्री जी क्या उन पत्तों को एक दूसरे पर तह बनाकर बाँधना है।मेरी माता जी को हुआ है 3 महीने से डॉक्टर की सलाह पर गुगुल कचनार वगैरह ले रही हैं पर फायदा नही हो रहा है।

  3. Mera ek questions tha Nityanandam ji k e Stan cancer kya 18 /19 saal ki ladki Ko ho sakta hai…

  4. Baba ji i am kamal meri age 31 hai muje thyriod hai mera wait 51 hai hight 5 feet 3 inch i am married 2 baby hai kya is age mein breast growth ho sakti hai please ans mai kya karu meri breast bahut kam hai sirf 29 hee hai

  5. babaji mujhe left breast me lump hai…mai kapalbharti or anulom vilom roz adha adha ghanta karti hu..lekin jab v karti hu mujhe breast me jalan jaisi hoti hai. aisa sirf karte time hota hai….iska kya matlab hai

  6. Sir yeh Breast lump …koi physical exercise hote hai kya?? Jise kam ho jata hai… Plzzz bol dijiye sir..rply.

  7. Sir meri mummy ko breast ke uper ke hise me lump hai memography kari usme doctor ko cancer ka sakh hai biapsy ke liye bol rahe usme aasar karga pls reply

  8. nityanand guru 🙏mera 11year ka ladka hai uske ek brest me bahut sujan ho gaya hai jo bahut dard b karta hai doctor ko dikha rahe hai par thik nahi ho raha please😫🙏🙏💓 koi upay bataye

  9. swami ji aapka ye niska bohot kargar hai..meri mummy ji ko isse kafi aaram mila hai..aapka bohot bohot dhanyawaad..mai aapka jiwan bhar aabhari rahunga..

  10. Meri mummy ko pure sharir me ganthe Hy aur unko ye dukha to bhi Hy uska vajan 100kg Hy pero me bhi sujan ho jati Hy chalne se avaj ati Hy sabse badi problem kabajiyat Hy 30 sal se please and me

  11. Sir dudh ki ganth hein baby 1 month ka hein gath dard krti hein nipple pe bi sweeling ho jati hein baby feed krta hein plzz ganth door krne ka upay batado

  12. Hi sir for me fibro grandlur tissue hai and it's paining any thing serious am under medication of ayurvedic medicine please let me about dis i am worried my age is 40 i have 2 kids

  13. Sir main kiran 22 age ki hu Brest main gaath ho gyi hai doctor bol rahe hai operation hoga aayurved doctor se aaj li dwai tab werna doctor bol bol rahe operation but hoga sir no pain no infection normal gaath thy test kerwaya

  14. गांठ फूल कर फटने वाली हो गयी है लाल रंग की अब क्या करे

  15. Namaste guruji. I had infected breast cyst of 43mm. Doctor has aspirated it and sent for test. By god it's normal. Please give some remedies not to get again

  16. Namaskaram , Guruji , Aap ek video banaiye jisme Sab Roti ki Jaankari dijiye jaise.
    Aate ki Roti.
    Jowar ki Roti.
    Bajre ki Roti.
    Chaawal ki Roti.
    Gud ki Roti.

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