100 thoughts on “Brooklyn TIES Her Eyelashes in a KNOT?!? 不

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  2. Wait those are your real eyelashes, i thought they were fake! They look soo beautiful, im definitely buying your new mascara

  3. Oooohhhh I love kansas city! I visited last year right after thanksgiving with my mom and grandma and it was so pretty!

  4. Anyone else think that Rylan is insecure? Like look at 2:40 bc she legit turns from a smile into a complete frown as soon as the camera is facing her shes so pretty <3

  5. Oh my gosh never get your ears pierced At a mall with the gun because it sucks and I got like three ear infections then five years later I got them pierced at a professional place with a needle it hurts way less and it doesnt give ear Infections

  6. A crazy thing happen to me last week
    My dad said put the basket away so I walked out the store because it was in the entrance and the alarm went of I was so embarrassed all my friends were there

  7. I love you so much but poor brooklein hahaha I love whatching your videos and my my mum had twin boys

  8. Having him in my hair.. not fun. And yes getting my eyelashes in a knot twice in one day….. Plus u are the best twin in the history of twins….. Love u so much I watch ur videos at like 2:00 in the morning sometimes if my parents let me…..

    How is the best twin in the world? Both of u I like both of u the same. No matter what u are the best……. Love so much.

  9. B&B just found a fault to " the lash next door " but over all it is great mascara. I love yall's channel. I Love B&B

  10. Did anyone notice that when they were on the plane going to Missouri there was somebody behind to her right looking at her ?

  11. I have super short eyelashes and I got them tied in a knot once! I didn't think to use an earring though.

  12. ouch ! that sounds painful … getting your eyelashes stuck in a knot :/ but i guess that happens when you use lash next door !

  13. Lol on the plane a girl in the background looked over at her because she heard her addressing "the youtubes" idk why but I thought this was funny

  14. I can't believe that y'all went to the city the I live in…and the mall that I go to…AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW!

  15. The shirt that Brooklyn is wearing in the intro, is the shirt that Bailey is wearing in todays video on their channel. Love you guys so much. I dont know how many times I have watched this video. I watch all of this channels and Kamris channel and their channels videos so many times… I love you all so much

  16. I've never tied my eyelashes together, but when I was doing my hair before a talent show I was in, and somehow I got the brush stuck in my hair! My dad and brother tried to get it out, because my mom was busy, but that only made it worse. Eventually we had to leave for the talent show, and I had to go with a brush in my hair. Thankfully my mom was able to get it out before it started!

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