Brutally Honest Review of Aspyn Ovard’s Clothing Line

Brutally Honest Review of Aspyn Ovard’s Clothing Line

– Hey, guys! It’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. And today, we are gonna be
doing a brutally honest review of Aspyn Ovard’s clothing line. So Aspyn is a YouTuber who I’m sure a lot of
you guys probably watch. I feel like she’s mostly well known for her lifestyle videos, her outfits, and her couples
vlogs with her husband and she launched her clothing
boutique a few years ago. It is called Luca and Grae and of all of the YouTuber clothing lines that I’ve reviewed, I think her clothing line is definitely the most similar to my personal
style, my personal taste, so I’m actually really excited to try it. But before we get into that, I just wanna say a quick thank you to the sponsor of this video, Squarespace. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence. From websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace makes it
easy to run your business and make everything look nice
and pretty and put together. So for this review, I went
to the Luca and Grae website and I ordered eight items. I put those together into four outfits. And I’ve actually ordered
from Luca and Grae once before for a video. I got a dress and I really liked it but I feel like it’s hard to get a good grasp on
a company as a whole when you only tried one item. So today, I got a huge
variety of things to try. And as always, with my
brutally honest reviews, I’m gonna try my best to look at this clothing line objectively. If I don’t like the clothes, that’s not hate on Aspyn as a person. I really like her videos
but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna go in hard on the clothes. I just wanna give you guys my honest opinion completely unfiltered so that if you have been considering ordering from Luca and Grae, I’ll give you all the
information you need. So if I like the clothes, I’ll tell you, and if I don’t, I’m
not gonna sugarcoat it. So for my first outfit, I ordered the Sweetwater Top in white. I got this in a large and it was $32. And on the bottom, I
got the Go Getter Jeans. These were $49 and I
got them in a size 15. And pretty much everything
at Luca and Grae comes in just a small, medium, large. Every single thing I ordered
except for these jeans was just small, medium, or large. And I am a little bit nervous about that because I’m usually an extra large but on their sizing chart, it says that a large fits a 12 to 14 which is what I usually am,
so I’m hoping that this works. Let’s try it on! (whooshing) Okay, so first of all, these might be the best pair of legitimate jeans I’ve ever tried on and I was not expecting that at all. So if you guys have seen my videos before, I am so picky with jeans. There are two brands of
jeans that I really like. I like American Eagle
and I like Good American but both of those are
more like jegging jeans, they’re more stretchy. These are like actual
jeans, like actual denim, like traditional jeans,
they’re not stretchy, but they fit and that
is so surprising to me because that has never happened like ever. Every single time in my life that I’ve tried legitimate denim jeans, they’ve always been so tight on my thighs so I size up and then they
are really loose on my waist but these are, in case you couldn’t tell, great fit on the thighs,
perfect fit in the waist! This is like a sorcery. I am just obsessed. I don’t even know what else to say. I’ve never been this floored
by an item that I’ve tried on. These honestly are the
best legitimate jeans that I’ve ever tried. Now, I’m not saying that they’re better than the American
Eagle or the Good American, but they’re not stretchy. They’re actual denim and they actually fit and they’re actually comfy! Also, the length if you could see that, they are a perfect ankle
jean, a perfect little crop and I’m 5’4″ and these are 15. So usually, jeans like
this would be a little long but they’re perfect. So I guess these jeans
are just perfectly made for my proportions magically. I don’t know how that
works but I’m here for it. 10 out of 10! What a great way to start off this video! Oh my gosh, Luca and Grae! (Sierra claps) Claps for your jeans! No, snaps! Elle Woods style.
(Sierra snaps) Snaps for your jeans! The top, as you can see, not nearly as good of a fit as the pants. So this top in the
photo looked like it had some sort of attachment down
the middle but it doesn’t. It’s literally only tied
together by this knot right here. And so it’s showing my bra way too much and then way too much cleavage
up here for my comfort level. I do really like the fit and
the look of this top though. I think it’s really cute, it’s a little cropped, nice and flowy. So I do think I’ll wear this but I’m just gonna wear a
black bandeau underneath. It’s so hard to tell a
lot the times with tops because most models that websites use have smaller proportions and have much smaller chests than I do so it’s really hard to gauge
how a top’s gonna look on me. I do like style of this top though and both the top and the
jeans feel very high quality. I’m really impressed. So for the top I’m gonna give, let’s do a six out of 10. It’s just like the design and the fit isn’t
perfect for my body type, but I do think that
it’s a really cute top. So yeah, I’m just gonna stand here and obsess over these jeans for a while because look at this! I’m not spilling out over the top, a perfect fit in the waist, but also they fit my
thighs very comfortably. So I’m just gonna sit here and obsess over these jeans for a while. Great job. I love this! Okay, outfit number two. So I got this really
pretty flowy blue dress. This is called the Blue Haze Dress. This was $59 and I got it in a large. This one’s pretty flowy so I’m not too worried about sizing on it. And then to go with it, I got
the Just One Kiss Taupe hat and this was $46. So hat, dress. Let’s go! I’m not as high on this
outfit as I was the first one, but I literally gave
those jeans a 10 out of 10 which never happens so I feel like I set my bar super high. There’s nothing terrible
about this dress or this hat. I feel like the hat is a little
bit like, what’s his name? Sir Topham Hatt from
Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s a little bit too structured for me. It’s kind of like Dapper
Dan from Disneyland-esque which I feel like I usually like hats that are not quite as structured as this, but that’s just my personal taste. And then the dress, I love the print, I really like the idea of it, and it is like that
crisscross lace up in the back so I would wear some sort of tank top or bandeau or something to cover up my bra but I do love that because it makes it a
little bit more adjustable. I was able to loosen it up so that I have enough room for my chest and it’s not pulling which is great. But just the overall, just the structure of this dress I don’t think is right for my body type. I think the sizing is fine. It would be nice to have it a little bit more flowy at the legs but I don’t think that’s super noticeable, it’s just a personal thing. I just don’t think the
structure of this dress is doing anything for my body type. The waist here is defined, but then it doesn’t flair out a lot which is usually what
I like with my dresses. The top is just kind of one dimensional. Cut across. It’s not wrong for my body type. I don’t think it’s really
unflattering or anything, it’s just not doing anything for it. But again, the quality I would say on both the dress and the
hat is really, really high, definitely on par with the pricing. The pricing on Luca and Grae is definitely on the higher side of the YouTuber clothing lines I’ve tried, but I think they earn
that price point so far. This dress feels Free People quality, Anthropologie quality but how much was it? I think it was 60 bucks which I feel like something like this at Free People would be like 100, so it’s expensive but
I do think the quality and the style is worth it. I just don’t think this fit
is necessarily right for me so I’m gonna give this
dress a five out of 10. Quality is great, material is great, just not the right cut for my body type and that obviously is a really
subjective thing to say. That is my personal body type. So if you try this dress, you might think differently, but like I said, just giving my opinions. And the hat, I just really can’t get over the Sir Topham Hatt, Dapper Dan look. So the hat I’m gonna give, I’ll also give it a six out of 10. I feel like this outfit,
it’s slightly above average. It’s not bad but it’s not great. So I wanted to do a pair of shorts but I’m definitely nervous about the fit because I do have very large thighs and I usually have to size up because of that on bottoms. And like I said, the shorts
only come small, medium, large. So I did order a pair. These are the Blushing Heart Shorts. These are in a large and they were $59. They look a little small but I’m not gonna be too
surprised they don’t fit. It’s just a bummer they don’t
have more expanded sizing so that I could’ve gotten an extra large. But I don’t know why I’m
even saying all this stuff ’cause I haven’t even tried them on yet. I don’t know how they’re gonna fit. But anyways, to go on top of that, I got the You Had Me At Hello Sweater. This is in a large. It was $41 dollars, so
let’s put these two together and see how it works. Okay, so here is the third outfit. These shorts definitely
are too small for me. They don’t look super tight on my thighs. I have a tiny bit of room, but personally, I would definitely like a looser fitting leg than this. And the waist, also, as you can see, yeah, it zipped but it would
not button on the top button and this button actually popped off when I was trying to do that. Now, I don’t want to say that’s
just because of the quality because these shorts
are definitely too small for me in the waist. I definitely do need a bigger
size, which they don’t carry. So I’m sure that was part of the reason that the button came off but also I do think these
shorts are just cheaper quality than the other items I’ve tried so far. They’re just, they don’t feel
like they’re built as well. They don’t feel as high quality, the material doesn’t feel as nice. And I think that comes with running a boutique clothing business. So like with Aspyn’s clothing
line, they are a boutique. So they buy from wholesalers and they sell a bunch of different brands, whereas someone like James
Charles does cut and sew. So they’re custom clothes
just made for his store. And when you’re buying from a bunch of different labels for your boutique, that means there’s gonna
be differences in quality because one brand might be
higher quality than the next and I just think that these shorts are from a lower quality label than the first few things I tried on. That being said though, I do think these shorts
are a super cute idea. If you’re someone who’s a
little bit smaller than me, I think the large would be perfect. And they’re really cute! I think the color is
cute, the design is cute. They are just too small for me. That’s it. So I’m gonna throw this
button back over there and let’s talk about the top. Oh, I guess I should give these a rating. It’s hard to do ’cause they’re
not the right size for me. So overall, I am actually gonna give these a seven out of 10, which I know seems kind of high for something that does not fit me but I think the idea of
these shorts is really cute and I think they would be great on someone who’s just a little bit smaller than me. And the sweater. Now, the sweater is the opposite. I think the sweater’s
a little bit too big. I would actually like
to size down in this, which is one of the eternal
struggles with online shopping is it’s so hard to guess your right size. So this is a large. I think it’s just a little
bit too shapeless for me and it is meant to be big and oversized, but I think it’s kinda swallowing up my midsection a little bit. I mean, it’s not massive, but
I think for me personally, I would like something that’s
not quite as oversized. I also think it’s a little
bit too low cut for me. It’s got this cross in the middle and it tends to separate over time, showing a little bit more cleavage than I personally would want to so. If I wear this, I will probably wear it with a bandeau or a tank top under which seems to be a
reoccurring thing for me with all of these outfits. But I think the color is
cute, the design is cute. and this is on the high quality
level of the other items. So I’m actually gonna give
this sweater a nine out of 10. I think it’s really great. And last but not least, we
have the Sea Breeze Dress. This was $57 and I got it in a large. It does look a little small so I’m a little worried about that. And then I saw this straw bag
which I thought was so cute and I feel like these
have been very in lately especially for spring. So I ordered one. This is the Willow Straw Bag. This was $48 and I just
feel like this is so cute. It feels really high quality but let’s go try this with the dress! Okay! This dress is a hot mess! All over the place! Well, when you first look
at it, it kinda looks okay and then you take a closer look and you realize nothing is okay. Kind of like life, if
you know what I’m saying. Just a little bit of dark
wisdom for your Tuesday. Is this going up on a Tuesday or a Friday? I don’t know! Anyways, this dress, ugh! It’s such a cute idea and it
just none of it works on me. So I love the idea of this little cut out but it goes a little bit too high where my chest pulls up the dress a little bit higher than it’s supposed to. So it’s exposing my bra here so I couldn’t really wear a bra with this which would make it difficult. But I like the idea. The one thing I actually think is great is the neckline and the chest area. Plenty of room for me, not showing a crazy amount of cleavage. This, we’re okay. The length. Let’s talk about the length because that is just a huge no. First of all the dress,
is way too small on me. This is a large and it
just shows that the sizing is so inconsistent
throughout Luca and Grae because this is large, but also the sweater I
just tried on was a large and the shirt I tried on at
the beginning was a large and this fits like
maybe a small or medium. It runs very small. But I’m not sure if it’s the sizing or just the design of the
dress that it is so short. Just for reference, here’s
where my fingertips hit and here’s where the dress hits. Very, very short. Skylar is sitting behind the camera so Skylar, I might put you on the spot and have you try this on to
see how short it is on you. – [Skylar] Ooh! – Skylar usually wears a small, so we’ll see how this one fits on her. Yeah, let’s try that. Let’s have you put it on! Hey, queen. – Hey! – [Sierra] Okay, that
fits you like a glove. – It fits so great but it
definitely fits a small, not even a medium. I have the mic pack on so it gives a little
extra room in the waist. I feel like it fits really
true to size for a small. – [Sierra] And it also just
works on your body in every way, so I’m actually gonna insist
that you keep this dress! – Oh! – [Sierra] Because it
looks so cute on you. – Thank you so much! – [Sierra] I loved that you
picked up the straw bag too. Skylar’s been obsessed with straw bags. She has three. – Literally, I brought the
straw bag with me today. And I will say, this is the
highest quality straw bag that I’ve ever held. – Well, you heard it from
the straw bag queen herself. It’s a winner! (Skylar cheers) Yeah, I think for me though, the idea of this dress is really cute and the silhouette actually
is pretty flattering. It’s just too small, too
short, and this situation here. Not great. So I don’t know! It’s hard because I’m looking at myself in the viewfinder on the camera and I feel like it looks pretty cute, but it just, it doesn’t work. So I’m gonna give this dress. Again, I think I’m gonna
give it a six out of 10 because the idea, cute, quality, fine, but then the sizing and the
way it looks on my body, it’s not perfect for me. The bag though, the bag is kinda perfect. It is so cute, so high quality. The inside has a little
snap and it’s also lined, which I feel like most straw
bags are just a straw bag. I like that this has the
lining, it has pockets. I love things with pockets! It has a shoulder strap
as a carrying strap. This I’m actually very, very excited about so I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna give
another 10 out of 10 today which I never do. Straw bag, 10 out of 10. Jeans, 10 out of 10. I found two perfect items in this Luca and Grae investigation. Tossing the straw bag to the side, let’s talk about Luca and Grae as a whole after trying all these different items. What’s the verdict? So as I talked about throughout the video, there is a big sizing
disparity from item to item and that’s gonna happen with
pretty much any boutique because they aren’t just
making their own clothes and doing uniformed sizing. They’re buying items
from different labels. So in the same way that
if you go to Nordstrom and you try on a shirt from Topshop and a shirt from Madewell, they’re probably gonna
have different sizing and a different fit even though they both are from Nordstrom. If that makes sense, that’s basically what
Luca and Grae is like. They buy from different labels so things are gonna fit differently and that can make sizing
difficult to judge, especially when you’re ordering online. I feel like online shopping
is already hard enough. So I do feel like it would be helpful if they had an individual
sizing guide for each label. Instead, they just had one sizing guide for all of Luca and Grae and I think it would be better if they showed the sizing
for each individual company that they’re carrying the clothes from. Also, I do wish that they
had more expanded sizing. Just carrying small, medium, large, it’s really, really hard as a girl who’s on the high end of those sizes to try and figure out what’s gonna fit me because I don’t have to
opportunity to size up and then it’s also not as inclusive for girls who are my size and bigger, who can’t buy anything from Luca and Grae. So I do wish that they had
different sizing charts and I do wish that they
had bigger sizing variety, but I think the quality of these clothes is really, really great,
especially for the price point. I think you’re getting Anthropologie, Free People style and quality for a cheaper price than you
would get at those stores. I think Aspyn also does a really great job of curating items that are in style that are also very comfortable and kind of have that bohemian flair. I think every single item
that I tried on here, I never really had a
problem with the design. It was always the fit or the sizing but I think the design of every single thing I
tried on was really cute. Even this! Doesn’t work for me, but I’m still looking at
myself in the viewfinder, like that’s kinda cute! That’s kind of a cute dress. With the pricing though, there’s kind of like a
wide range of prices. As I was ordering for this video and scrolling through the website, I just noticed that some
of the price variations from item to item didn’t
really make sense. those jeans I got were what? 49 bucks? and then I found this hat that I thought would be
really cute with this dress and it was $90. A hat was double the price of these jeans. I don’t know. It just seems like the prices were kind of all over the place. Overall though, great
designs, great quality. Sizing is iffy, inclusivity
not really there, but I walked away with two items that I gave a 10 out 10, which I never do. So I hope you guys did enjoy this video and I just wanna say another big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel. If you have an idea or a business venture that you’ve always dreamed about starting, Squarespace makes it really easy to make that vision a reality. They give you all the tools that you need to bring your creative ideas to life. Squarespace really is
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of a domain or website. Anyways, thank you guys
so, so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to subscribe. I have a new video coming
at you guys on Tuesday and I will see you then! Bye! (upbeat music)

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