Buying My Clothes from Instagram Ads Part 2! (the most unflattering romper ever)

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra,
welcome back to my channel. Today I’m gonna be diving into part two of the video I did about buying clothes from my Instagram ads. So here’s the thing:
when I did this video, like, two or three months ago, I wasn’t planning on it
being, like, a series. It was just gonna be one video. So for that video, I ordered five items from ads that were shown
to me on Instagram, and I ran into a few problems. I waited a month and a half from when I ordered the clothes to film, and only three of the items got delivered in that month and a half window. So I’m like, whatever,
I’ll film the video, I’ll just include the
items that I received, and then a few weeks after I posted it, the other two items were delivered. So now I’m like, okay. So I have these clothing items
that I ordered for a video, the video’s already been
filmed, should I do a part two? And it seemed like you guys
really liked that first one, so I have the two items
from the previous video that I didn’t get to try on, as well as two new items
that I more recently ordered from my Instagram ads. I’ve seen a lot of people
doing this type of video, where you buy from your
Instagram ads, or Facebook ads, but I’m pretty sure that Safiya Nygaard is the one who originated it, so credit to her for this idea, I’m excited to put my own spin on it, now let’s get into
these Instagram clothes. (swooshing) So when I was scrolling
through my Instagram for the first part of this video, I came across this gray striped romper from a company called Venidress that was being advertised
to me on my Instagram story. So I paid $35.28 for this romper, kind of like mid-price range, I’d say? So I waited over two months to get this lovely package in the mail. I don’t know why it took so long. When I was checking out, I think it said the estimated shipping was like two weeks? Definitely took more than that. But it did arrive. At one point after a month and a half I was like am I ever getting these items? Did I just get scammed? Let’s open it up. Oh, okay, wow. I 100% thought this was gonna be, like, thick cotton t-shirt material, but it’s definitely not. It’s very thin, almost
see-through, polyester, if you can see that? Definitely not what I
expected from the picture, but that doesn’t mean
it’s not gonna be good. So let’s try it on. (swooshing) Okay, so is this actually the most unflattering thing I’ve ever worn? I’m gonna go with yes, but you know? You decide. I’ll put a poll right there, you decide. I know I have a tummy, I
know I’m a little bit chubby, I know I’m not thin, you
don’t have to tell me in the comments, people always do, but this legitimately makes me look about 10 to 15 pounds
heavier than I actually am. Like, this is so horrible. Okay, before I get into the fit, the actual quality of
it is also pretty poor. It feels, like I said,
it’s like polyester. It feels like scrubs material. It’s very thin, to the point that I’m actually wearing biker
shorts underneath this, ’cause when I first put it on you could see my underwear through it, because it is so, like,
lightweight and thin. It has an elastic waist,
which I usually like, the top actually fits fine, if the shorts were loose fitting, I think this would be fine for me. Because if the whole thing was too small, I’d be like, whatever, the measurements were just off on the website, ’cause the measurements said
they’d fit my measurements. The top really looks fine and flattering and comfortable on me, it
has the little sleeves, it’s not too tight around the chest, but then you get to below the elastic. And it’s just like they accidentally cut the measurements in half or something while they were sewing it,
’cause it’s that tight. So I’ll give this one a three out of ten. Not happy with it, but
hey, at least they tried. The top was pretty good. (mouse clicks) The second item that was intended for the first part of this video was this red and white striped
very low v-necked dress from a company called Artistic Bae Co. Saying the word bae
just makes me feel old. Like I feel like I’m too
old to use that word, and I’m only 22. I feel like that’s
something my little brother, who’s 16, should be saying. Anyways, Artistic Bae Co. So this dress was
delivered about seven weeks after I placed the order. So definitely still a very long time, but I checked the tracking number and this one did say it
was coming from China, so that makes a little bit more sense. This is definitely not something that I would normally pick for myself, just because of that very, very low v. I already have like a voluptuous chest, so I tend to stray away from things that are going to accentuate that even more than it is
naturally accentuated. Which is also why I own, like, plain tank tops in every
color, so I can layer them. Anyways. Okay, that’s so weird. This dress is that, like,
thicker cotton material that I expected the first romper to be, and I thought this was going to be like a silky chiffon type material, and it’s just straight cotton. I really don’t know if it’s that they’re wearing different
items in the picture, or if the photos are just deceiving, because it is just one photo, they probably have filters on them, but it’s interesting that
so far both of the items I’ve showed have felt and looked different than I expected them to, based on my assumption from the picture. Yup, that is definitely a deep v, but let’s see how this works, I might have to wear a tank top. (swooshing) I’m kind of pleasantly
surprised with this dress. Obviously, it’s a pretty deep v, but it’s really not as
bad as I thought it was, because the fabric comes over pretty far. So even though it’s really
deep, it’s not wide, so I think if I wore like a bandeau or something with this,
I’d be pretty comfortable. The fit is really nice,
it has a defined waist, a little tie in the back,
which I actually didn’t notice when I was looking at the Instagram ad. So in the back it has a
tie here, and a tie up top, it’s very low in the
back, you can see my bra and where I hooked the mic pac. But that could easily be
solved with a bandeau, same thing as the front. I’ve always heard that vertical
stripes are flattering, but I feel like I never
go for vertical stripes, and it really is a
really flattering print, and a really flattering dress. Has the little sleeves,
like I always like, and the length is a little bit short, it hits like mid-thigh,
but I’m not uncomfortable. Like, I really am pleasantly
surprised by this dress, it has buttons on the front, but the buttons only
start after the waist, so they’re not pulling at all on me. As for the quality, I was pretty
surprised by the material, it’s just cotton, and I
thought it was gonna be more like a chiffon dress
or something like that based on the photo, but I actually don’t mind it being cotton. I think it’ll be a lot
more low maintenance, it’s easy to throw on, it doesn’t like, cling to my tummy or anything. I’m gonna give this dress,
like seven out of ten. Not necessarily right
up my alley with style, not something I would
usually pick off a rack, but I will actually probably
get some use out of this. I think it’s pretty cute. Oh my gosh, I just realized
what this outfit’s perfect for. Wine tasting! Does this not look like
a wine tasting dress? Like with a little hat,
it has the merlot stripes, I think I might just have to wear this to a vineyard someday. (mouse clicks) Okay, so now getting in to
the second half of the items. These are things that I ordered after filming the first part
specifically for this video. So I took screen recordings
as the ads pulled up and I purchased from the ads, like I did for the first video, but unfortunately, my phone glitched, and they got deleted, so I don’t have screen recordings of the actual ads. But I did go back into my email and find the purchase receipt, so I could actually still show you guys pictures of what the items
look like on the website. Okay, so the first item is from a company called One Loved Babe, and it is their Alora top in dark teal. Based on the photos and
the advertisement I saw, the shirt looks comfy and cute,
and a little bit more dressy than the normal basic tees that I go to. Seems like something that I would like, something that I would
pick out from a store, I also love that color. It was $36, which seems
a little bit pricey to me for a t-shirt, but maybe the quality will just be phenomenal. And on the actual ad for
this Instagram story, it listed a discount
code, so I got 10% off and free shipping, so
the total was $32.40. Also, I feel like I should
add that the last two items that I did order for the
part two of this video, they arrived pretty quickly, within about three weeks
of placing my order, so I feel like it’s just
kind of a shot in the dark with some of these companies, if they’re gonna come right away, if they’re gonna take a couple of weeks, or if they’re literally gonna
take two and a half months. The packaging for this one does seem a little bit nicer than the other ones, this is just normal
plastic, the other ones were that really loud crinkly paper. Just a plain, blue t-shirt,
it’s got cuffed arms, but the fabric feels
very thick, very nice, very soft, and it’s longer, so
I feel like this is something I could maybe wear with leggings. Let’s try it on, I’ve got high
hopes for this one so far. I think the most surprising thing to me with this shirt is that
a company that’s putting advertising money into Instagram would choose to advertise
this shirt specifically out of all the other items they have. And I don’t mean that as
in this is a bad shirt, this is a really cute shirt,
it’s just a basic tee. Like, I looked through
that company’s Instagram, and they have a lot of
other really cute clothes. It’s surprising to me that this is the one that they went with for their ad. But anyways, on to the actual shirt. I like that it’s long, because I feel like this is something I
could wear with leggings. It totally covers my butt,
it has the little side slits so it would show my
hips a little bit still. With jeans like this, well
they’re shorts, or pants, I would probably tuck it in,
because it is a little bit long and kind of covers me up, so
I’d probably wear it like this, but maybe with a belt around the waist to give me more definition. The shirt itself is really
nice and high quality. It totally stands up to what I thought when I first took it out of the package. It’s thick but not heavy. I love the little cuffed
sleeves on the side. The v-neck is like the perfect depth of v, if you know what I mean,
not too deep, not too high. Quality is nice, everything
about this shirt is great, I think it’s a perfect basic tee. I would totally get more
in different colors. But I just, I’m really surprised that this is what they went with
for their Instagram ad. It’s just a t-shirt. So I’m gonna go ahead and give this shirt a seven out of ten. Nice shirt, cute, comfortable, but it’s really nothing special, and I don’t think it’s worth $36. (mouse clicks) The next company that I
saw an Instagram ad for was called Rosalind Rose. Again, no screen recording of this ad, but what was shown to me
was this floral dress, it’s called their Madeline
floral dress in red. And honestly, if I had seen this ad and I wasn’t recording for a video, I may have ordered it anyways, because this is like so my style. Maybe Instagram is getting better at knowing what ads to show me, ’cause I feel like the first two items were much less my style than the two items that I ordered more recently. So maybe Instagram just
has more data on me, because I really like
the look of this dress. I really just have a
thing for maxi dresses, especially when they have little
fluttery sleeves like this, and it looks like it has some sort of definition at the waist. Totally up my alley. So this dress was $38, and
I did have free shipping, so that was the total for the order. It got delivered without a plastic bag, unlike the other ones, this
was inside the shipping bag, and then it was just wrapped
in the little tissue paper. Feels nice, it feels
like something, so far, that I would get at
American Eagle or something, so that price point seems accurate. Oh, this looks so cute. Okay, definitely has
definition at the waist, there’s some sort of elastic, oh, it does look like it has
a button close on the front, and sometimes those don’t work for me, because as we established
before, this issue. But it is flowy, so maybe this will close and be comfortable, and if that’s the case, this
looks like an awesome dress. (swooshing) Okay, so I’m a little
bit torn on this dress. Which I know is gonna
surprise a lot of you, because I think it
looks pretty good on me, and this is the kind of
dress I usually love. So let’s start with the good things. The length is perfect, it’s
like a high to low dress, hits right below the knee in the front, and then right at the ankle on the bottom, and the bottom has little ruffles on it, which I think is a really
really cute detail, and kind of like helps to make
the dress look more girly, and feminine, which I
love, that’s my style. It has the defined
waist, the flowy sleeves, which also have the
little ruffles on them. And best of all, I was worried about the top being too tight, about the clasp not necessarily
being able to close, but it’s super roomy, super flowy, and the little clasp right
here closes really easily, no problems at all. So the overall fit and design
of the dress is perfect. Ten out of ten, love it, love the pattern, love the design, love the fit. Now here’s where the problem is. This dress is very cheaply made. When I first took it out of the package, it seemed perfect, and fine, but when I took a closer look and started putting the dress on I realized that it was
pretty poorly constructed. The fabric seems pretty cheap, I think it’ll hold up for a bit, but it’s definitely a piece that would get worn out with a few washes. There are a lot of stray little strings around the stitching, the
stitching doesn’t seem particularly well done,
it seems like it was kind of haphazardly thrown together, which concerns me, because I don’t know if this dress is ethically made, because it’s from a company
that I’m not familiar with. And when you have a dress like this that has all those loose little threads it kind of leads me to believe that it is maybe made in a sweatshop? I really don’t know, I don’t
want to assume anything, but like, it makes me
a little bit nervous. So maybe I’ll do a little bit more digging into this company and what their policies and practices are for manufacturing. But I really like the way it looks on me, so I don’t know, it looks really nice. I’ll definitely wear this dress, I’m glad I bought it,
because it’s 100% my style. So assuming that the stitching
was just a little mistake, just a random occurrence,
not quality issue overall, I give this dress a nine out of ten, but I do have to put a
little asterisk up there, because I wanna make sure. Wanna make sure that there isn’t
any shady dealings going on with the manufacturing of this dress. (mouse clicks) So what do you guys think? Do you think that the sometimes
iffy shipping procedures for these smaller
Instagram based companies are worth the sometimes
amazing clothes that you get? Is it too big of a
gamble, because sometimes the clothes are great, and
sometimes they’re not so great, as we saw, but for today,
that’s all I have for you. Thanks so much for watching, be confident, love your curves, and I’ll see you on
Friday with another video. Bye! (bright electronic music)

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