Buying the Rarest Supreme Clothes in the World! (Hypebeast Shopping)

Buying the Rarest Supreme Clothes in the World! (Hypebeast Shopping)

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[Music playing] [Music playing]>>Yo, you guys! What is going on? It’s Blazendary here. And today in this video, We’re going to spend quite a bit
of money at Central Hype. Let’s get into it. [Music playing] All right!>>What’s up, man?>>How you doin’, man? What’s good. What are we going to do today?>>Going to be shopping Supreme,
Yeezys, sneakers, you know.>>Everything?>>All that jazz. Everything, man.>>We’re gonna be just kind
of going through the store.>>Hypebeast.>>Ya’ll got pretty
large store as you can tell. We got, we got a couple
things to look through. Couple things to buy. I think this video is going to be sick. And if you guys could,
before this video even starts, I want to see if we can hit
15,000 likes on this video just to see how strong and
active the Blazen fam is, and I also want you to
go ahead and subscribe if you have not joined
the Blazen family already. We are so close to 1 million subscribers and that would be super sick
if you guys could do that. So please, if you haven’t already
subscribe if you’re new, and if you’ve been a current
subscriber then I love you. Thank you for subscribing. Alright so without further a-do, I think we should just crack into it, right?>>Yeah. Let’s do it man.>>I’m gonna take off my jacket. It’s a little hot in here and I’m probably gonna
try some stuff on.>>Yeah.>>So I just put this on the counter. We are at the back left
corner of the store right now. And in my opinion, this is the most
beautiful section of the store because we have a bunch
of hypebeast items in here, and we also have some
cool shoes and some Preme. I see a purple Preme,
we got to look at that. Kinda start right here, so. Nope, nevermind. Sorry guys, we can’t start with this item. I’m not trying to break
the bank on the first purchase. Okay, so we have some
Supreme stuff right here. The Supreme Louis Vuitton collab. We have the chain wallet. I actually do have that
and I use it every day. The cardholder’s dope, the clout goggles. Should we look at the clout goggles?>>You should try them on.>>You think I should try them on?>>Yeah yeah yeah.>>Louis Vuitton, clout goggles. I don’t think this is gonna be a look. Ya’ll think this is gonna be a look?>>I think it’d look good on you, man. You can pull it off for sure.>>And, no. No.>>That was your chains though, the side.>>Okay, the side. Mom, what do you think?>>I kinda think it looks fire.>>What?! We also have some box logos right here. We have the Supreme
Louis Vuitton box that goes. These are dope, but I already do own them. We got some Bape down here. But, if we take a look on this side, let’s go ahead and start from the top. We got some Cos figurines
right here on the left and right. What are these like, What are you guys selling them
for like retail or something?>>Yeah. We have it listed for retail.>>Okay, dope. Oh my favorite Yeezy 2 right here. This the Yeezy 2
Platinum Energy, probably. And that, no. Not probably, definitely my
favorite Yeezy of all time that ever come out, Nike or Adidas. I love this Yeezy right here. Super fire. We also have the N.E.R.D. Human Races that released. Were these Complexcon exclusive?>>Yeah.>>And then, let’s see right here. It looks like we have a…>>Sample.>>Sample I was about to say,
I don’t even kind of.>>Some people thought it was
off white because of like, the slashes. You know what I mean?>>I mean I don’t know. I just didn’t know what it was really.>>4,000.>>Oh my goodness! You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to fold this right back up. Because I’m not tryna spend
the budget on one thing. This?>>Yeah, this. Okay, this is really nice. This is a size large though. That’s kind of an L. And you guys want, you guys want a thousand but it’s the->>Deadstock with tag.>>Yeah, deadstock with tag.>>Completely faded.>>It is the purple,
on purple Three6Mafia tee. I think this is fire, but it’s a large and I’d
rather buy a used one. But this right here though. This is very interesting.>>Purple holographic.>>Yeah, it’s a holographic
but you guys might wanna, might want to come get a closer look on this.>>This isn’t the best.>>You think so?>>Yeah.>>Oh, no.>>We have it priced like,
at a decent, you know>>Cause of this?>>Yeah, exactly the flaws.>>We got some crazy
glue it looks like right there. Dang. Whoever did this must have been blind.>>Yeah we got it for
a pretty good price. It’s a XL.>>And it’s priced pretty decent.>>It’s an XL. But if we’re talking like a low ass
number, then I might have to cop.>>Definitely.>>I mean like, I don’t think
I would be able to wear it completely. I’d probably
just hold on to it. But the everything that
I like in this video, I’m going to put off to the side and then we’re going
to review it at the end which pieces I should or should not cop. If you’re talking negotiations, then I think we can
definitely make this work. So let’s put that one
to the side for sure. Thank you bro. Appreciate that. Now, we have a sealed
Yankee with the store tag. This is dope, but I have one. Not a fan of this, and not a fan of these two, not a fan of these three tees either, so. I think we can move it
on to the sneakers, right? All right so now we’re going to move into the sneaker side of the store. Personally for me, I think
my main focus is clothing. However, I feel like we could
make some sneakers work. So I mean, I’m just
gonna take a look, right? Might as well not hurt, you know. Too big, that’s kind of a shame. You guys are asking pretty
good price 700 on these. That’s not bad. But a size 11? Big-ass size, big-ass size. Can’t even do it. All these Yeezys right here too like, the Zebras, the Blue Tint, the Frozens, Belugas, I actually have all of these. So, this middle road would be out for me. So let’s start back over here. Some different colors on the, we got like the Black Friday pack. We have the looks like the coppers, the olives, and the Reds, but the only ones I’m, I would like to have are the Reds and you guys only have a 12 it looks like. It’s kind of a shame. I have the cream whites, but I’m not a fan of the belugas. The 1.0s and I think,
I think this is really ugly. If you ask me.
>>Yeah.>>Are you guys fans of these or not?>>I actually have a personal pair.>>You like them?>>And I think they’re going
to go up and [inaudible]>>You think so? What do you think?>>I think Human Races
they always go up. Like if you look at these. These [inaudible] for a ton of
money now, old ones>>They never restock.>>The old bottoms are better though.>>Yeah, I agree with you on that.>>Nah, none of these are by the Quai 54s. These are super dope but just not my size and I had a pair back in the day too. Levi’s 4s. These are sick too, but looks like you guys only got them in a 10. Dons just on twos 650 size 10. Oh my God. I would, I would buy these. These are the only twos I would buy. And the shattered back boards. And what size are these? Cause I used to have
these but don’t anymore. So that’s nine and a half. Mind if I try these on, bro?>>Yeah, of course.>>Yeah, okay. All right, dope. What are these VNDS?>>Yeah.>>VNDS okay cool. That means very nearly dead stock, if you guys weren’t aware. So these were probably worn a couple times. Maybe two three times. Kinda just by putting my feet in them already. I mean shoot. I don’t know. I’mma stand up. Yeah just, yeah, cause I could
fit a whole finger in there and that’s not something I like to do. I’d rather have these in
like a 9 or an 8 and a half. I don’t know. Can we put them to the side? Maybe I can think about it.
>>Yeah. Of course.>>All right. Yeah, cause I want to think about it. I don’t know like it’s like, it’s like that weird in
between fit where it’s like, you don’t know if it’s too big or, like if it just shouldn’t work. I’ve never won the key mastered yet. I have yet to win because
I don’t want to rig it.>>I think we have your
size in a box logo it’s a medium.>>Oh my God. Are these five, is it $5 for one play?>>One dollar, yeah. Yeah, one dollar a play.>>I really want to win
this box logo y’all. Oh my God. No, accept my five. Too low. Okay, I’m starting to get a feel for it. I’m starting to get that feel. Four more aisles to go right?>>Yup.>>You agreed that I’m going to take Ls. Too low again. Two Ls in a row. That was looking close,
that was looking close. That was my fifth L. Let’s kind of look at some
of this stuff right here. These are more like General Supreme Tees. Yeah?>>Yeah.>>Nothing too crazy. Yeah. To be honest I’m not even, I’m like, I’ve never been a fan of
the general Supreme tees even back in the day when I resold stuff. I was always after like the box
logos and everything. Even as like, an early re-seller. I still never even bothered
with the general release tees and that’s not even me trying to
throw like any bad vibrations to anybody who does
resell the general stuff. It’s just that the profit
margins aren’t there. So, if it comes out to like $54
then what do you sell it for like $80? $30 for your time. I don’t think that’s worth it. If you guys are trying to resell, make sure you keep your margins right. Like, if you know. Like let’s be real here. So you think anybody’s going to be
fighting for this on release day? Like it’ll probably sell
out in like five minutes.>>Cause it’s Supreme.>>Yeah, it’s because
it’s Supreme for sure. Let’s go over here and
shop. This light is fire. I’m just kind of quickly
skim through them because we have a lot
of stuff to go through. We got like Gucci Mane. [inaudible] Yankees, red-on-white. These are cool. These are size large though. If I find maybe a smaller
size that would work. Kermit, this is super
dope but it’s an extra large. I really like this teal
color way right here. My favorite box logo in the world! Shout-out to the OG fans. Y’all know I hate this box logo. This is the cheapest
box logo you can buy and it’s because a lot of people like myself think it’s really ugly. You can find one of these
for like a hundred eighty bucks. We got a Mike Tyson photo T.>>This is a really nice shirt.>>This is really rare too. I haven’t seen too many of these. Three6Mafia in red. Not a fan of the red
color way to be honest. Kermit in an XL gray. Uh, rising sun. This is an old vintage fire. It might have the potential to fit. So, you want to put this the side.>>Yeah.>>See if that will work for sure. Okay, cool. Kate Moss in a white medium. Fire right here, we have the Morton Salt.>>This is yeah, one of my favorites
the Morton Salt Supreme shirt.>>We don’t want this.
>>This is one of my favorites. A wreck! Although this is a little cracked. I mean, maybe we can talk about
it in the end, maybe it’s a red on black very standard. It’s super I mean it’s as
Supreme as you can get. Yeah we’ll put that to the side. And this is a, this is a gray. Can you do this one too?>>Yeah.>>Yeah. Thank you, bro. Appreciate that. Yeah, maybe we’ll put
this one over there too. Not saying I’m going to walk away with all of these items or maybe I’ll pick like five or six maybe even less. I’m not sure yet. I gotta keep looking. Another another OG.>>10th anniversary.>>OG 10th anni Kate Moss. I’m not a fan of the crumpled up box logo. This is the Nagoya store opening. This is really nice,
the gold on the white And I’d rather have the perp to be honest. This is fire. And this is where it looks like I’m gonna start breaking the bank because I’m starting to see
some more box logos. So right here, we have the duck camo. This is, this is nice, but I just
think the camo’s too dark for me. This camo, however, the cow camo. Can we put this to the side?>>Yeah>>Okay, cool. You like that one a lot.>>Yeah, I like the cow camo.>>Really?>>Uh-huh for real.>>Let’s see we have a large
peach, it’s too big. We have a medium peach! I’m gonna be honest. This is an instant cop.>>Yeah.
>>This is like steal price?>>Yeah. It’s a steal. Okay. Yeah. For sure 100 percent. The sage, the sage is dope. I’m not a fan of CDG. I just don’t like the fact
that it’s screen-printed. If they did maybe an embroidery. I think that would look sick with the backwards in it, I don’t know. Let’s see. We have an extra large Navy, white Heather? Medium? Gray? I used to own this back in the day when I used to resell
box logos and seeing this, is kind of nostalgic and the fact
that I don’t have one is kind of surprising to me. So, we’ll put that to the side bro.>>Yeah.>>Cool, we could work that out for sure. Hey, this looks familiar. Go follow my instagram. It’s in the bottom left
hand corner of the screen. It’s going to be right there. Go peep on Instagram. Got some fire on there. Another CDG, nah. I’m not a fan of the vest. Gore-Tex, some other stuff. The Baltoro, I do own this. Okay so two different
years of North Face right here. We have the Gore-Tex pull
over and we have the parka. I like the pullover better than
the parka but I like the Nuptse. So this is the Nuptse. Over the Baltoro. Just different looks of
the Supreme North Face stuff. I think I saw a Denali down there. We’ll work our way up to that one.>>Yeah, Denali is right there.>>Oh word. Yeah so here’s a Denali too, so if you guys didn’t know when Supreme works with North Face they do
a lot of different jacket style. So for example, we have like a Baltoro. We have the Nuptse right here. I love this, by the way. I just got one in green. This one is super dope. Yeah, they have like steep tech,
like, there’s so many different variations of Supreme
North Face out there. Like this one too, another parka. We have the flame a** purplish-blue Denali. Would you say this is purple or blue?>>I think it’s purple.>>You think it’s purple? Mom, what do you think? You think it’s purple or blue?>>It looks blue to me.>>What do you think?>>It looks blue to me.>>You think it’s blue. If we’re talking cool
colors like purple and blue, I do like this colors. Mind if I try this on?>>Yeah, of course, man.>>Gosh. Does it fit like, it fits good? [Inaudible]?>>Yeah. [Inaudible]?>>See this part? This is the best part.>>Oh of course, Supreme North Face. You already know yeer… Metal piece rubbing into me. Is this gonna reveal my skin? Oh my God, it does. Why did why does it have
like a little wenis looker? Trying to flash your wenis to someone. Mom, you wanna see my wenis?>>Oh god, Giancarlo.>>Well now that knowing
that it has a wenis peephole, we definitely need to cop.>>It’s just one of my
favorites I believe 2006.>>Hey mom, look! it’s the jacket I got you.>>You know I love warm fuzzy things.>>We’re in the last part. Actually no, that is the last part.>>Crazy stuff here.>>But this is, it starting to look fuego because all I see are just Supreme. All I see here’s fire Supreme box logo. So, we’re going to
start it right over here. First thing we got is
the Navy, no Yankees. So, just a straight-up Navy box logo. One of my favorite box logos ever to release is the red on teal. I think this is super fire. I’m just I don’t think I can
justify 3800 for it, right now. You feel me? Yeah, sound fair.>>I mean it’s fire but like I’m
trying to cop other stuff. We have another fire blue one. This is a baby blue. This is the XL,
this definitely won’t work. I could probably do a crew neck like an XL depending if
the kind of Supreme.>>Yeah, we have a crew neck. We have a baby blue crew neck.>>Yeah. I mean I think it looks
fire but it’s too big. Wow. This is a grail for sure. This is the large. Oh it’s a size, Oh it’s a size large. This is my size. It’s older preme. So it will work. This is the royal blue
in the VNDS description. What are you asking on this one?>>3150.>>3150? If I’m copping a bunch
of stuff you trying to work? Let’s just see what we end up. I do like that one. And I know that one’s 3800 but this is a little more
rare than that one. So I feel like we can lower the price even more versus that one so, okay is that, that’s fair for both. Oh, we have a black hoodie. This is nice too. But kind of plain, kind of plain. The Orange on orange. This is from the late 90s. Looks like a pumpkin. Not a fan of the khaki. This is a screen printed one. This one’s kind of rare. Forest green this is
super old and super fire. Oh my goodness! Of course it’s not my size! It’s an XL purple on black. And if you guys didn’t know I am a purple fiend. Holy crap, can try this on bro?>>Yeah, of course.>>I mean I could pull a Travis
Scott and I could layer it. Do you think if I layered,
it would work better? No, actually I think
with the parka it looks fine. Like just looking at in the mirror. I think it would work. 1850?>>I believe so.>>You trying to work with me on it?>>Yeah sure.>>All right, okay. Not a fan of the caca on caca. No offense.>>Ooh, that’s a nice one, the red on red.>>Hmm, I feel like this would
look good with the Red October, some of the Gucci stuff I have. Okay. Yes put it because it’s a medium. That’s my size and it’s a new, that’s like from 2014 or 2015? Oh, this is really nice. The enjoy Supreme, enjoy coke. This is that, this is that
cease and desist taken off the shelves Louis Vuitton. Oh my goodness! [singing] [singing] Yeah this one is ridiculous.>>Yes, It’s ridiculous. I have to save this one for rainy day. Oh well. All right. Well, we just did the looking over here. The last thing to do is
just kind of check this. A verified stock X brick. I mean, I think that’s pretty interesting. Yeah, the bay Prague is built.>>What are you asking on it?>>Uh, 450.>>450? Oh my God, you have the robes. I kind of overlooked that, can I see, you have a robe in a small?>>Oh, yeah, we do.>>What do you think mom,
if I just walked downstairs every morning in a robe like this?>>I happen to love it.>>That’s nice, turn around.>>Let’s go ahead and review
all the pieces that I put aside. So first one obviously, is the one
that I’m wearing the robe, the red on red, and the purple, and the other purple. I think we got some good colors going. I don’t see why not we can make
all three of these work for sure. I mean, let’s say we have
a purple we have a blue. So I like the Denali. I think this one is also really nice
too I think that kind of spices it up. Now I kind of think about it, I’m personally, I don’t
know the cow is hard. Maybe I can come back
to this one in the future. Looking back on this, I do like this one a lot. So, I think I’m gonna go ahead and get it. Just because it’s kind
of nostalgic for me. Like I was explaining. I can’t really ever find a peach and the fact that I found it for a steal. It’s kind of a must. And we’re in that winter season. We’re in that for like,
another five months. The crazy glue everywhere, the fact that I might get a rash if I wear it without like a tank top underneath. I mean, what are you thinking like?>>250? That’s crazy steal.>>I mean.>>This goes for like 1,200.>>I mean, I could give you two.>>Two? All right.>>And let’s ring it all up and let’s just call it a video, right? [Music playing] So let’s go ahead and review everything that I purchased in this video. We got the red on red
Supreme crew neck right here. I think this is a super fire piece. And like I said before I think
it’s gonna go really well with the Red Octobers. Then we also have
the insane super rare steal on the Blue on Blue Royal hoodie. This is honestly, probably
my favorite pick up besides the purple on black. Another super come up
is the peach box logo hoodie. Then we also have my steal
of a t-shirt for only 200 bucks. I was able to pick this up. The red on the gray right here. I love this one too. Super nostalgic for me. Glad I picked it up. We have the Denali jacket right here. Super super dope, love the color. It’s like a mixture of blue and purple since we could’nt decide, you know. Going on the last two things. I picked up the purple on the black. And lastly the robe. This is awesome. It’s about time. I got one. I really just wanted it on release day. But now I’m coming down every morning, eating some hype flakes. Hype, hype waffles, hype cereal, you know what I’m saying. Thank you guys Central Hype
so much for the hospitality. I need you guys to go
check them out on Instagram. Their Instagram is going to
be right here on the screen. So this is the website if you
want to go check them out too. Why don’t you guys go ahead and shout-out your
physical store location?>>22E Chicago Avenue, Suite 108, right?>>Yeah, Naperville, Illinois.>>I’m gonna wear this
on the plane tomorrow. Cozy boys. You already know we going to be cozy. Thank you guys seriously,
the pop up there was awesome.>>Appreciate it.
>>The shopping was dope. I really appreciate the hospitality.

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