Christmas gift guide 2019 (but different) ǀ Justine Leconte

Christmas gift guide 2019 (but different) ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine! Because Christmas
tends to come as a surprise every year for some reason… three days left
I have nothing yet… this year I put buying Christmas gifts in my calendar as
a proper task. I’m happy to report that I’m done buying all my gifts already now
I’ve never been that eyerly clearly and I’m a little bit proud. I mentioned in a
previous video that I’m on a mission to get rid of everything in my house that
has no purpose, so when preparing for Christmas I choose
exactly the same approach: only useful gifts. If you’re still looking for ideas
and suggestions which is totally normal at this point in the year, let’s be clear,
I want to share my list with you of some of the gifts I got, maybe you’ll find
some inspiration in there. I want to start with the physical gift ideas but
as I said really only things that are actually useful the first one would be
those Muji transparent boxes that you might have seen already in stores they
are extremely practical very Japanese a little bit it keeps things tidy the just
cannot get inside you still see everything you have I mean doesn’t get
any better than this you have these ones that have three little drawers you can
use a box like this for makeup lipstick eyeshadow concealer or for jewelry
necklaces earrings rings or if you saw you can put the beads the buttons the
threads things like that it’s good for everyone
I guess you could also staple it on top of one that has one big drawer where
bigger things can actually fit in they can be stapled very easily so you can
even build a shelf with these I also have one myself for earrings which is
quite practical I think you can just hang them up in there so immediately
what you have when you put an outfit together every morning I will put links
to the different formats of those transparent boxes down below in the
description everything that I find. The next one is for the artists out there:
the pretty sketchbook and a pen. First let’s talk about what makes a good
sketchbook in my opinion because I’ve tried quite a few and
I can give you a recommendation here I think that the pages should be smooth no
grain on the paper the color of the pages should be either completely white
or slightly yellow I wouldn’t go for another color because if the person
later wants to add color on his or her sketches it’s gonna bother you that the
page is not white, so I go for completely white personally then the thickness of
the paper if the person is going to paint or use color markers in there the
paper has to be extremely thick if he or she only sticks to gray pencils or
charcoal the thickness doesn’t matter as much
and then the pages for me should be completely blank I don’t like lines
I don’t like dots I don’t like frames I want the page to be completely free for
me to do whatever I want on the entire surface. In terms of format now there are
people who like to sketch seated at a desk big sketchbook where you have space
big pages for big ideas and then there are people who like to draw by there
somewhere else I like both so I have both little sketch books like this fit
in a bag in a backpack in a purse whatever just with a pen next to it and
you’re good to go. Where to find pretty ones: these two come
from museum shops I really like museum shops I was in New York last week I
visited the MoMA that’s an example of an amazing museum shop where the covers
are inspiring they represent masterpieces by painters or quotes from
their inspiring people I really like sketchbooks from museum shops so you can
have a look in there otherwise you’ll find pretty ones online as well I don’t
usually document in vlogs when I’m traveling because you can’t just press
record anywhere in public but usually I try to share impressions in my Instagram
account in my storage so if you follow me there you know that I was in New York
and you saw some impressions from that MoMa visit. In terms of pens to give
together with the sketchbook, I can recommend to go with a set of grey
pencils and or a set of charcoal pieces you can do a lot with that already or
you stick to black ink and you take pens with different tips from very thin to
very thick that doesn’t bleed through paper
it’s fine. Then a gift that keeps memories: an Instax camera. Iit looks
like this it’s a lot cheaper than a Polaroid camera, it also works with film,
same principle you put the film in there and when you take the photo it prints
instantly, the photo comes out right here. I love the idea of taking analog photos
because it forces you to think a lot more about the moments and about the
photo that you are choosing to shoot you probably won’t shoot 10 because film is
limited you will just shoot one and make it really good and I love that idea
actually now that I have the camera I want to add a line to hang up those
instant photographs when they come out of the machine you know like back in the
days I guess when people would still develop photos in a dark lab and they
would just hang the photos up to let them dry I want the same system. Comment
below please if you remember the time when not all photos were digital?… Next
one: gifting a new hobby like for instance embroidery and you’ll
be gifting a starter kit for embroidery the first thing you need is I think for
beginners a piece of even weave: that’s a piece that I found in London I tried it
I think it’s perfect for beginners because it’s very regular and you really
almost see the gaps in between the weave so it makes it very easy I will
link that below if I find it, it’s DMC. Then you will need a hoop, an
embroidery hoop: small one, big one. embroidery takes time so this is huge
fine pottery this is enough to start with
you will always protect the inner ring you have two hoops in there that you
know one will be protected by wrapping it in a piece of muslin so that it never
scratches the fabric that are you gonna put on top of it so this is enough this
is like a hand palm soze, that’s all you need then you want needles
I like chenille needles I found this in London… no, in New York,
it’s in dollars: $2 it’s very cheap chenille needles. Also tapestry needles
if you like, they are a bit rounder it’s a bit easier unless you’re doing
something they’re precise they might even be enough to start with
and I also have ribbon embroidery needles because I like to embroider with
ribbons but that’s that’s up to you, that’s bonus. Then you will need a pair
of little very sharp and very precise embroidery scissors: you can’t really use
regular ones they’re just too big and they are not pointy enough so this is
what you need. It’s also very cheap. Then you will need a couple of colors so you
can make a selection for the person I really like the brand DMC because it’s
coton… cotton pearl it’s called “coton perlé” in French it’s very lustrous and
very well spun together there are cheaper brands than this but then as you stitch
up and down and back and forth a lot the thread will can up and wrap a little bit
it will become hairy and fuzzy whereas these ones look great once your work is
finished. And on top of that if you want to gift an embroidery book together with
the starter kit I will put some recommendations of good beginner books
down below. The next gift is more expensive but literally lasts forever
it’s an Ortlieb backpack, looking like this. It’s a German brand, can you tell from the name? :o)
It’s the backpack that couriers use when they ride their bikes it’s extremely
comfortable it’s optimized not to hurt your back and usually when you wear that
full with the laptop in books and everything you feel no pain, it feels
like the backpack is half as heavy as a normal backpack will feel like it’s
really really well engineered this is great there are other colors I’m
contemplating getting one for myself but it would probably be a pitch for blue or
black there are different options this is very industrial very hip very very
Berlin actually which fits the person I’m gifting that too it’s completely
waterproof and the laptop fits in this is a really good gift isn’t it ok now I
want to shift gears a little bit and talk about virtual presents, the kind
that makes people happy without ever ever cluttering their homes.
For a couple of years now I’ve had an Audible subscription and I also like to
gift it to other people. I typically listen to audiobooks when I’m having
breakfast in the morning or when I’m in the bus on a train and it’s noisy around
me: I put my headset on… bye! Quiet. They have a huge library including fiction
like The Handmaid’s Tale (narrated by the main actress of the TV series), they have
business (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), biographies (Michelle
Obama’s new book is in there, narrated by herself and I love it when
the person who wrote it is also the person speaking,
it makes so much more sense… Or personal growth is another topic that I like, like
The Artist’s Way At Work, which helps creativity. Basically whomever you give
that to, they will find something that they enjoy so it’s like a customized
gift. Audible is sponsoring this episode so you can get a 30-day trial with one
audiobook of your choice + two audible originals for free: you just go
to slash/justineleconte or if you’re in the US you can also
text JUSTINELECONTE to 500 500. I will also put the link in the description
below. Next one also great for your loved ones who don’t live in the same city as
you do: treat them to a so called experience on Airbnb you probably know
Airbnb as the website where you can book a place to stay somewhere else but
actually they also offer activities which they call experiences everywhere
in the world. For instance in Berlin the history cool
walking tools are excellent like Berlin underground,
I recommend that one especially, in Madrid the cooking classes are brilliant,
in New York I saw last week (and I didn’t have time to go) a painting on sneakers
class and a tapestry making class. So there is really something in there for
everyone. I haven’t tried everything everywhere in the world obviously but
I’m pretty sure that you can find something in a city next to you or next
to your loved ones. Now this one is something that you can
do in a group or with your family if it’s big enough as a group: spending and
nights at the Museum just like in the movie just less scary, or maybe a little
bit scary, let me explain: at the Metropolitan
Museum in New York you can spend the night every Friday so it’s a weekly
thing. The Natural History Museum in Berlin where I’m based offers so-called
after-work tours that take place only on requests only for small groups after the
museum has closed, T-Rex skeleton and torch included, literally you’re walking around,
it’s completely dark with your little torch Jurassic Park reference. So I did
that tour, I found it absolutely amazing and very impressive but there were kids
in the group and the kids were not feeling super comfortable in the hall
with the T-Rrex and just with one little torch, I get that.
But it is safe absolutely everyone. The Louvre in Paris offers the Nuit Blanche
once a year so nice open as well as monthly events all the major museums in
the world have started or are starting to offer things like this. Basically
you’re gifting a museum visit except that it’s so special that people really
will remember this one. Thumbs up if you enjoy these suggestions and the video
overall, thank you so much! Feel free to add your own gift ideas in the comments
below or you gift wishes and then you discreetly forward the video to the
person who should make you set gifts… that might work, you never know 😉 Don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done so already and I will
see you very soon in a new video: until then take care Bye!

100 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide 2019 (but different) ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Bonjour Justine! I always look for interesting and different gifts for Holidays and I absolutely loved your ideas! Merci! 🌞

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful gift ideas Justine! I have a wide range of age groups I have to purchase/make gifts for this year so you gave me some good directions to go into.

  3. Love your suggestions, Justine, especially the airbnb experiences and the night at the museum idea–I hadn't heard about this trend.

  4. These gift suggestions are great! As a cynical and jaded New Yorker, I’m pretty hard to impress but your ideas for gifts are very innovative!

  5. I remember Polaroids! I'm an X-Ray Technologist and I remember going in the darkroom to develop films, too! I think giving experiences is way better than more junk in the house, unless it's something you really do want/need.

  6. I remember Kodak film cameras, I especially liked looking at the negatives because people looked like radioactive aliens.

  7. I remember those picture times! I used to love developing pictures and buying frames to display them in. I still have a few left, plus many pictures live in photo albums as well. I miss those times actually.

  8. I would love to gift or receive:
    1. Knitting tools and wools!
    2. Hand made book marks (made by me)
    3. Table cloth (again fabric painted by me !)
    4. Lucky bamboo plant (or any small plant to be kept inside the room)
    5. Small canvas (with 5-6 basic good quality colour)
    6. Postcards (yes museum shop)
    7. Dry fruits (and not many chocolate)
    8. New hobby -quilling with a starter kit
    9. Anything that made by recycling home stuffs like door mat/runner using old cloths (need to be planed earlier).
    Love 💐

  9. Oh these were so helpful!!! Thank you Justine, I was actually looking for something for a friend of mine, and your suggestions came really handy!!

  10. The museum nights are so popular in Munich! Before I moved to Germany, we used to go to theater to watch operas and ballet. My family consists of artists and singers so we used to get either invited for free or got discounts for many shows and attend museums with school as the weather is chilly and it's dark fast outside. It built my taste for culture, art and elegance.

  11. My biggest wish this year is new Dinning chairs. The ones I have is only around 50 years old IKEA ones and therefore superhip in terms of style, but they are falling apart.
    Maybe I wish for the game Planet Zoo, in which has a ton of gameplay, It is more experience.
    And new 0.8mm felt tip pens.

    For people who craft a lot, or do a lot of art. I think Art bin would be a better choice than Muji, they aren't so aestically pleasing, but they have storage solution from fabric to dip pens.

  12. I liked all gift suggestions except the transparent containers. I've just finished sketching poppies for a brooch but it will just have to be a Christmas card cover for now. Pocket cameras and the Polaroid flip camera.

  13. I was born in 1986 so yes, I remember not-digital photos. And also the disappointment from 30 useless pictures 😆
    My grandma taught me to embroider when I was kid. This memory still brings tears into my eyes. ☺️
    Here in the CZ people can donate to a charity and gift someone else a certification declaring this. And the charity pays than for education, health care, pure water, etc.where needed. It's called "A real gift". IMHO big thing if you consider, that we have everything.
    Greatings from the CZ 🍂

  14. I've decided to go back to my system from when my kids were little. Something to eat: A tin of biscuits, and a tin of chocolates. It seems old fashioned, but we're all eaters and there are some fantastic biscuit tins now. Something to wear: This was to make sure they had something new for Christmas Lunch with the extended fam, now they're getting gamers Ts. Something to read: Speaks for itself. Something to play with: Toys when they were little, now it'll be some streaming $. I'm adding in something decorative, because were all about putting our mark on our spaces. Now I just have to get it done.

  15. I remember when photos were not digital. When I left school I went to work for a photographic studio. I trained to develop photos of all sizes, from tiny to gigantic. It was a very good job and after several years of doing it I decided to quit and move south to work in catering with friends. Everyone thought I was mad and it caused a great ‘to-do’ in my family. However I was determined and little did any of us know, that the Internet was about to become available to all and the methods of producing photos would change!

  16. Do you think justine would look good in an edgy hair style. Like a short cut with straight sharp trim.
    I don't know why that random thought came to me😂😂

  17. This was a great video!!! Very original gift ideas, thank you. Two years ago, we only exchanged handmade gifts. It was super special and creative. Homemade ice-cream, mini bonsai trees, handpainted gift cards, recipe books compiled for the cooks in the family, beautiful handmade wooden cheese boards. When we look at these gifts today, it still brings back fond memories.

  18. Justine, so long not seeing you! I am always waiting for your new videos. You are very informative and intelligent. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. All are very practical. Pls, more new videos of fashion, lifestyle, etc. I appreciate your opinion. We love you in Toronto!!!

  19. NOT AIRB&B PLEASE! People in México City are being evicted from their homes because companies are buying whole buildings to offer them for tourists.

  20. I had a Brownie camera as a child. For our family, the cost was something of a luxury. You could buy a roll of black and white film – usually 10 to 12 exposures per roll. We did have to pace ourselves taking the shots. The film had to be taken to a pharmacy that offered developing. Then there was a wait of a few days to a week. Dad would take us to the pharmacy to pick up the envelope of prints with the negatives. If we were lucky, he would take us there and we would also get the Thrifty Drug Store 15 cent single scoop ice cream cone. Those pictures are family treasures now.

  21. Oh, some years ago, my adult son chose charities to send Christmas contributions in each of our names. He thought a lot about our concerns. He gave to a fund to rebuild libraries after Hurricane Katrina (I love libraries). He gave to the La Leche League because his sister was a new mother. And so forth. We were all touched by his thoughtfulness.

  22. I definitely remember film cameras! I got back from my year study abroad with a whole bag of 35mm film to develop and it was like reliving the whole year over going through all the pictures for the first time over the course of that summer (I smartly labelled each tube with when and where I had taken that roll as I did a lot of travelling on weekends and school breaks).
    I also like practical gifts, but am so far from thinking about Christmas yet! Getting married earlier in the month and there is still so much to do for that that I can't think about the holidays yet!

  23. Hello Justine ! It's always a pleasure to see the notification bell from you. Thank you for sharing your ideas ♥ Xoxo from south of France 😉 PS : yes I remember the time when the photos were not digital ^_^

  24. Thanks for these ideas Justin…. Inspired by you, I had gifted the popular children comic book yearly subscription to my nephews and my son on their birthdays…. They were thrilled….. 😊

  25. Based on quite a bit of observation, I have learned that you can tell a lot about a person from what kind of holiday gifts they give. In fact, almost all you need to know about a person's character and a lot about their personality.

  26. Airbnb also has an experience where an expert takes a group on a thrift shopping tour to some otherwise obscure thrift shopping.ooportunities. make sure you look for the one run by sammy Davis. She's a big thrift world influencer.

  27. Great ideas for Christmas gifts!! I had a photography class years ago where I did learn to develop and print my own photos in a dark room! It was so much fun!

  28. My husband and I have had good luck with Travelzoo for finding things to do. I reccomend it, especially if you live near cities.

  29. Great gift ideas! I think gifting air miles is a cool idea. It's not that expensive and it's something people would actually use.

  30. I developed my own film and printed my photos! Then it was hard to find photo paper and photo labs became extinct. Old school photography still the best! Learning to bracket and frame and plan your shot, rule of thirds… I got my daughter an instax and she wasted all the film. I had to give her a quick lesson 🤣

  31. I always ask for chocolates or books, but nobody listens to me! I am a simple person, a chocolate, book or anything that has a cat in it and I feel satisfied

  32. I am blown away how helpful this was to me! I love audible and it never occurred to me to gift it. That's a check right there off my list! And I have a friend who is getting an experience and pals in New York that are getting a museum visit. Brilliant!

  33. Some wonderful ideas here, thank you. Maybe we are a bit behind the times here, but escape room experiences, or virtual reality experiences are still great ideas for families. Also not only museums but “trade” and hobby shows as well – I gifted my sister tickets to a national sewing and crafting show for her birthday – with me of course!

  34. I hate to be like this, but I think a lot of people would still end up not using these gifts if they didn't ask for them. Like the storage boxes, most people already have a system to organize their things. And people often don't have the time or motivation to pick up a new hobby they've never had an interest in. I get that it's the thought that counts, but if you're looking to give a gift that is less wasteful / doesn't take up space, I'd recommend that you make something yourself, or gift an experience like you already mentioned. Or give them something they can use up that you know they'll like, like a scented candle or a high quality bodywash. Or buy them something thrifted. Or simply ask them what they think they could use. That doesn't mean I think the gift ideas in the video are all bad, though! It depends on the person you buy it for, I guess. But of course there's always gonna be a risk they're never gonna use it.

  35. These are such good suggestions Justine. I would love to have that backpack as I have scoliosis and it looks comfortable. Hope you will have a wonderful holiday season!

  36. Something to keep in mind about the embroidery supplies – DMC or Anchor are the floss/thread brands you want to stick with if you/the giftee will want to use any commercial patterns. DMC is the standard and nearly all pattern books will use their color numbers as default; Anchor is easily translated. I once bought a whole box of Michael's house-brand floss for a project only to realize that the pattern I was using list DMC codes and there's no direct comparison between the two. OUCH!

  37. I love gifts that are useful and can be used up like special high quality food, candles, soaps… or good old gift cards for books and stuff ☺️

  38. Justine, pardon if you have already mentioned this in one of your videos, but what lipstick are you wearing? I think this shade is incredibly flattering on you and may also be on me.

  39. You are very efficient. You know how you could be even more efficient? By doing at least some videos in French or german instead of English, so I could also improve my language skills while watching fashion by JLC.

  40. Mrs Leconte,
    Could you show how to patch?
    …new wool socks to avoid the heel from breaking after time?
    And elbows?
    And tips on sewing books on dresses and wool clothing?

  41. Subscribtion of paper magazines depending on person's hobbies: like gardening for mum, top gear for daddy and so on. It's like getting a card from me every month or week for the next year 🙂

  42. I actually remember the times when all photos weren't digital. Haha! BTW I love when an actor starring in a film/series narrates the book it is sourced from.

  43. Hell yes to practical present!
    My SO get a head torch. He does a lot of hiking and he was constantly complaining about the hand torches. My sister asked for a ultrasonic face brush (like Foreo, which is way overpriced, but there are great ones for 30-40€ on Amazon) and my grandma gets a nice breathable sports jacket from McKinley. Mum asked for cash so that she can add it to her new laptop.

    I also like gifting small luxuries, i.e. things other people would like but do not want or cannot spend that money. Last year I got my sister a bottle of her favorite expensive perfume. A friend got a set of eye make-up brushes, as she wanted to learn the blending game but was putting it off for eternity. Smartwatch or fit band. An hour of massage. Entry ticket to a spa or a hammam. A nice painting or a poster in high quality. Quality house utensils (cutlery, kitchen utensils etc.). Nice speakers, a nice lamp. A silk scarf.
    Basically, things that are nice to have, but we usually talk ourselves out of spending money on, as they are non-essential.

  44. If you are suspicious about our eight-legged arachnid partners, dont go on a night tour at Helsinki Natural History Museum – its infested with poisonous spidies, an unwanted freebie that came in with a specimen shipment years ago. Only one reported bite, but.. just the thought makes my skin crawl..

  45. I love your camera idea I learned to process b&w film in art school. I recall lugging 12 rolls of 35 mm 400 speed to Europe and getting about 12 shots that worked. Ha Ha! Such joy when one was worth blowing up 8 x 10!

  46. Justine, I'm a big fan of audible and love when the author narrates their book EXCEPT when I see George Guidall as a narrator. His acting, his voice, his passion for the material makes the book a wonderful experience! He does a lot of classics.

  47. My 17 yr old daughter has discovered disposable cameras with film. She wants to use one camera a month to take pictures of her life with her friends. Then, get it developed at the end of the month . At the end of the year she will make a photo album of these adventures.

  48. Thank you sooo much for the recommendations ! I’m from Chile, and will go to Berlin in January, so I’m dying to book the night museum 🤞🏻

  49. "Only 3 days left." You said it in English but the manner in which you said it means I heard it in French. << Oh, il ne reste que 3 jours >> lol (that's how I would say it, unsure if that's how actual Francophones would say it)

  50. I love this list. You mention a lot of my interests. My husband got me a new sketchbook/drawing pencils/blending sticks last year for Xmas, but our five year old seems to have taken the sketchbook over haha. My grandmother taught me embroidery and cross stitching when I was about 8 and have been wanting to get back into it. I’ve seen so many creative ideas people have done with embroidery lately and I’m getting some inspiration.

  51. My mum was a photographer and I remember when she used to develop her photos in the laundry and got annoyed if we opened the door and let light in! Lol

  52. I still print out pictures at Walgreens. Any one thats on my phone and I want to keep I transfer to laptop, load onto the website and order prints. It's becoming a bit of a lost thing but I still love cataloging, dating and arranging photos in physical albums.

  53. I love the boxes and think they look so beautyful but its plastic and i really avoid supporting the plastic industry these days.

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