Comparing Polyester Felt & Wool Felt

Comparing Polyester Felt & Wool Felt

Polyester felt is a great all around inexpensive craft fabric. This eco-fi felt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Wool felt comes in a rayon/wool blend or you can get 100% wool. The blend has a mid price point, and the 100% wool is more expensive. There are several noticeable differences between the 3. The polyester and wool blends are the same thickness, while the 100% wool is thicker. The polyester felt feels a little scratchy, while both wool felts feel softer. The texture of the 100% wool is a little rough but not scratchy, and the blend feels the smoothest. The polyester has a bit of a shine to it, while both wools are matte. All materials cut and sew well, and don’t fray. But if you look at the edges, the 100% wool is a little fuzzy, and the polyester and wool blends have a sharper edge. When you try to rip off the fibers, the 100% wool tears apart the easiest. This makes it not as good for crafts. Both wool felts are denser and more durable than the polyester. When you pull on the polyester it stretches a lot and stays stretched out. Both wool felts stretch a little but return to their original shape easily. All in all, the polyester felt is best used in crafts. The wool blend is great for crafts that require more durability, and it can also be used in home decor and accessories. The 100% wool can be used for clothing and hats as well as for home decor.

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  2. Hey do you know if i can use polyester felt for the outside lining of a projector screen? Meaning, will it block out light so that when the projector is shining light on top of the polyester felt edges the light won't be visible? Thanks 🙂

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