A story, Dad, please.
A scary one. OK. But this one is really scary. In a country far far away lives a powerful and rich man. He is the president of that country.
And he has become very rich with cotton. Picture this, vast and expansive fields,
all full of this stuff… It’s so much that the peasants
can’t keep up with the harvest of the cotton. That’s why the president decides
that everybody has to help. What do you mean, everybody? Well, simply everybody.
Nurses, physicians, even teachers. But then there will be no school. Much worse, schoolchildren have to get on busses
and ride for hours across the country… …until they get to the cotton fields.
There, everyone is given a huge bag. And then they have to pick the cotton. Yeah, they pick cotton.
All day long. The bag must be filled. But the cotton plants are dry and scratchy… Soon their hands are hurting very bad.
Some children even bleed. All the time they must be quick
and hurry. And no break for a little rest. They are watched by police men
and cannot run away. And in the evening the children
are not allowed back home. They sleep in cowsheds or in tents and
have to be back on the field the next morning. The president forces them to work
like this for many weeks. In the beginning the sun is burning
hot on the cotton fields… …but in time it starts to get colder und colder… …until even the first snow is falling. But what are they doing with all the cotton? The president sells the cotton in the whole world. Thus, he gets richer and richer all the time… …and elsewhere clothes and fabrics
are being made from the cotton. So, you really have to sleep now. But the blanket … and my pyjama …
are they also… Yes, they too are from Usbekistan, perhaps. Well, good night.

2 thoughts on “COTTON DREAMS

  1. hallo ich muss eine gfs über kinderarbeit machen. ich würde gerne das video mit in meine power point präsentation nehmen. kann mir jemand helfen und sagen, wie ich das anstelle? danke

  2. und was soll das arme Kind in seinem Baumwollbett nun tun ? Sein Vater hat das Bettzeug gekauft,  das Kind kann nix dafür, aber der (sorry) blöde Vater lässt sein Kind nun mit dem gewissen Schuldgefühl allein …. m.M. nach ein schlechter Film, ein sehr eigenartiger Vater ….. auf diese Weise kriegen wir das Umdenken nicht   motiviert !

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