Cotton vs Poly vs 50/50 vs Tri-blends: The T-Shirt Test Part 1

Cotton vs Poly vs 50/50 vs Tri-blends: The T-Shirt Test Part 1

What’s up everybody, this is M at RushOrderTees along with Dan the man behind the cam. One question we get all the time is what t-shirt should I get? That’s a tough one. This is understandable because there are literally hundreds of styles out there. Maybe thousands. I don’t know can somebody check that? [beep] We’re gonna help you decide by subjecting some t-shirts to a series of tests. It’s science. So the fabric type of a t-shirt is its most important quality. So that’s what we’ll be testing Luckily, we can break these fabric types into four main categories and that’s what we have right here. 100% cotton. 100% polyester. We’ve got the 50/50 cotton poly blend and we have a tri blend which is cotton polyester and rayon. Dan, and I will be ranking the shirts for each test and giving the best one a score of four and the worst one a score of one At the end will add up all the points and let you know the overall winner It’s the t-shirt test [music] [swoosh] But first let’s take a closer look at these test tees. Wait, that doesn’t sound…. can we edit? [beep] But first let’s take a look at the t-shirts we’ll be testing. All right, I’m here with Dan and our first test is all about the feels. It’s the feel test. [swoosh] Now what we mean by feel is the softness, the touch, the texture. This is often called the hand. Because you feel it with your hand. So we’re gonna test these shirts by feeling them. You ready? [kazoo music] All right, so after some rigorous scientific investigation, we’ve come to a conclusion on the feel of these shirts. What did you think Dan? Um, I was just drawn with the tri-blend for some reason, you know, it was really soft. Stretchy. Very, very soft. Definitely the softest. Yeah, so I think the try blend is the clear number one. Lightweight, alright. So that’s number one, I would agree with that. Number two is a bigger conversation. It’s really a hard choice, but I almost think I want to say cotton. I would say cotton. 100%. Alright, so there’s our number two. I think, I think poly number three. Alright we’ll give poly number three. Alright so that means 50/50 is the last one. it’s gonna finish in fourth place. Get outta here! The results are in for the feel test and we have tri-blend in first place taking a lead with it’s super softness. followed close by cotton in second then polyester in third and 50/50 bringing up the rear. Okay for the next test we’re calling it the wear test [swoosh] And for this test, we’re gonna have Dan wear the shirts. Oh, really? Yeah. Alright, let’s do it. [clap] Whoa! That was fast. Okay, so this is a 100% cotton. 100% cotton. Feels pretty good. Feels like a standard shirt, nice fit. Not too heavy. Next up will be a 100% polyester. Are you ready? Yup. All right. Let’s do it. [clap] Wha–how are you…? It’s just….we wanna move this video along you know what I mean? Okay, so polyester… Feels very light, very airy. I can definitely tell that. Next up we have the 50/50. You ready? What are you gonna do to me this time? [clap] What the? This is backwards. Sorry about that. [clap] Ah, okay. There we go. So this is the 50/50. Honestly feels a lot like the cotton. It feels really good. I can’t tell if it’s lighter or not. It might be a little bit more breathable, it feels like. You like the cotton better? Yeah, honestly, this might be my favorite one so far. Okay, favorite one so far. There you have it. You ready for the next one? I mean do I–? [clap] Whoa! Wow, okay, this one feels great. Really soft. Kind of like the best of what everyone else has had to offer. It’s soft enough, it’s very light. So what do you think? Hm, okay, so In terms of comfortability, I’m think going to go with tri blend number one. 50/50, number two. Cotton, number three. And polyester last. But again, that’s just my opinion Some people like poly, some people like cotton more. Well, science is all about opinions, so… You’re right. That’s very true. So here’s our scores for the wear test It’s tri-blend Once again in first place with its ultra comfortable wearability. Followed by 50/50 in second place. 100% cotton in third and polyester last because Dan said so. Next up We’re gonna be stretching these shirts for the stretch test So we’re testing the stretchiness of the fabric. And more importantly how it holds up after being stretched it’s the way the fabric behaves when we stretch it Looks good stretchy. Let’s stretch it up Here’s your results for the stretch test Polyester getting the win on this one with its ability to snap back into shape, followed close by try blend in second then 50/50 and third and 100% cotton with a big loss here For the next test we’re getting wet It’s the wet test Actually, the shirts are getting wet We’re gonna time how long it takes for each of these shirts to dry off in the hot Pennsylvania sun Polyester tends to be moisture wicking. So we’re gonna see how that does. I have a feeling cotton is gonna lose this one, but we’ll see. Let’s do it Results of the wet test are in we have polyester in first place again with an easy win followed by tri-blend in second and a surprising third-place finish for cotton and 50/50 with the agony of a wet defeat. Okay, next up. We’re gonna see how wrinkle-resistant these shirts are It’s the wrinkle test We’re both gonna take two shirts, put them on our chair, and sit on them for the rest of the day What? So we’re gonna take each shirt and we’re gonna ball it up and shove it in a sandwich bag and leave it for 20 minutes And see how it comes out after that 20 minutes later All right, so we got the shirts out of the bag and and they’re pretty wrinkly except for this one. clear winner is poly. It was barely even wrinkled. The next one number two would be the Tri-blend here, not too bad at all, I bet these would come out as you wore it for a couple hours 50/50, Hmm Didn’t do too well. Pretty wrinkly. pretty wrinkly gonna need an iron for that sucker and then cotton, oh the most wrinkly So that’s a clear Clear 1 2 3 4 on this one. Looks like a topographical map. Here’s the scores for the fifth and final test of this video It’s polyester with another big win. This stuff just doesn’t wrinkle it’s kind of weird Coming in second once again is tri-blend with 50/50 coming in third and Cotton suffering a humiliating set of wrinkles. That brings us to the halfway point of this competition Let’s look at our scoreboard and check the results so far Tri-blend is in the win column with a total of 17 points followed closely by polyester in a surprise second place with 15 points Cotton and 50/50 are tied with nine points apiece, and we’ll have a lot of catching up to do in In our part 2 video of the T-shirt Test We will present the final five tests The screen-printing test the DTG test the mess test the wash test and the dangerous damage test, look for that coming soon Click on the items below to get more information about them or start designing on them right now Thanks for watching. Share this video. Give us a like and make sure to check us out on social media and all that stuff!

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  1. My favorite comment…'Science is all about opinions' Looking forward to the next edition. Too much ink on polyester or tri-blend is no bueno.

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