Create a digital KANBAN BOARD with TRELLO | Productivity Tool

Create a digital KANBAN BOARD with TRELLO | Productivity Tool

Digital KANBAN BOARD with TRELLO | Hey friends this is part 3 of a
mini-series where I’m sharing all of my favorite productivity tools and hacks
that I personally use as a writer and entrepreneur in the last couple videos
I’ve talked about my bullet journal and my Google Calendar and if you missed
those I’ll link those down below but in this video I’m talking all about Trello
and how I’m using it to create a kind of digital combat board which is totally
helping me stay on track day-to-day and week-to-week and month-to-month even
more with my goals and the tasks that I’ve set aside for myself to accomplish
I’ve been learning a whole lot about Kanban boards lately from other tubers
like heart breathings which if you’re not following her and haven’t checked
out her content yet you definitely should but she is more of a physical
conven board that’s on her wall and I’ll sort of talk about that in a second but
I was super excited when one of my wonderful patrons Cam Meze told me
that you could make a digital Kanban board with Trello I freaked out and I’ve
been loving using it for the last few weeks so I wanted to dedicate this video
to cam you’re amazing and for the rest of you I hope you get a lot out of these
tips first for anyone who’s like me and has no idea what a Kanban board is
according to Wikipedia combat boards visually depict work at various stages
of the process and I would just insert in there they visually depict the work
of accomplishing a goal at the different stages and they use mainly two things
first cards to represent work items or tasks to accomplish that goal and
columns to represent each stage of the process and the process most simply is
usually one a to-do list – a doing list and three a done list and you can see
how that just progresses in what you usually do anyway you make a list of
things you need to do you do one thing at a time and then when you’re done with
that you check it off or in this case you move it to a dumb list again I am
just getting into this stuff so if anybody is a Kanban board expert and
wants to clarify anything or add anything to that definitely let us know
in the comments but I have recently gotten into this idea of Kanban boards
because of heart breathing’s that I mentioned before and her YouTube channel
which you can see here she has a whole playlist of Kanban board stuff which I
haven’t been binge-watching and if you’re interested in making more of a
physical on board I really like how hers is laid
out she has three columns and she puts them vertically to do doing and done and
then she visually depicts her four biggest goals or projects with different
colored stickies and then those stickies again represent the tasks to accomplish
each goal and for me I’m looking at this and I’m like this looks like a lot of
fun it’s very tangible and visual and can be put up on my wall and I was sort
of prepared at some point to like go out and like get aboard and get stickies
that I liked and take the time to like write everything out but then like I
said before my patron Kim was like I actually create my Kanban board in
Trello and I was like oh my gosh I need to try this because having it digitally
would be so great so if you don’t know what Trello is or never have seen it
before welcome to a basic Trello board which you can change the background here
to whatever you want but Trello is usually used for productivity anyway I’m
going to show you how it enables you to make a digital version of a Kanban board
basically Trello is made up of two things again lists and cards and the
lists you would create a to-do doing and done list and then add cards like this
to add your tasks and I’m going to show you a little bit later you can use
labels to color code each of these tasks so you know which task belongs to what
goal you’re trying to accomplish the basic process though is you put all of
your two dues in the to-do list like we’ve done and then choose a one thing
to put in the doing list as you do it this keeps you focused on one thing at a
time and then when you’re done you put it in the done list then rinse and
repeat with each remaining item you still need to do some reasons why I
really love this kind of approach to Kanban boards is one you can set up an
account for free and who doesn’t love free it’s digital so you’re saving trees
and time and money it’s easy to edit and rearrange tasks without losing stickies
there’s also a mobile version so I don’t have to be tied down to my computer all
the time number 5 you can create checklists within each task that are
checked off a bowl so you can see here that I’m creating the task and then
checking them off there’s even a progress bar here which is really great
and for a practical example like when I’m
a YouTube video I have a whole list of first I script and then I film and then
I create the thumbnail and then I edit and I can just create that and actually
copy over checklists for different cards so they make that really easy if I’m
editing my book I can create a whole task list for editing my book as a bonus
if you want to get really fancy you can also add photos as attachments or covers
you could use this for adding an aesthetic board or an Instagram post if
you’re planning your posts or a YouTube thumbnail or just a cover to make your
list look prettier like this and if you’re wondering I just created these
with a SoundCloud banner in canva you can use any banner template and they’re
really easy to create and then just upload it to your Trello board it’s easy
to delete and archive items that you don’t want to see anymore or you can
send them right back by just pressing send back to board and finally I really
wanted to show you how labels work and how you can use them to color code your
task and assign them to specific goals that you have so to create the labels
first you can set that up by going to show menu here at the top then going to
more and then going to labels and then they have a bunch of colors here that
you can use you can also add a few more colors here you can double up on colors
if you want but for me I have three main goals that I’ve shared before I have
goals for my writing and books and publishing I’ve pulls it for my income
inside hustles and I have goals for my platform and these are the same colors
that I use with my Google Calendar so again if you want to check out that
video you can see that everything’s going to line up for me so that whether
I’m looking at my bullet journal my Google Calendar or my Trello board
everything sort of jives together and it helps just organize everything a lot
easier then after you create your labels you can go in and click labels and then
assign them to the different tasks depending on what goal it relates to and
if you have something that relates to multiple goals at a time you just check
both of them and one more thing about labels that I really love is you can
actually search labels and just have those at labels for that specific goal
show up if you won’t just want to clean the ball
up and just focus on one thing so you just go to show menu and then go to
search cards and then you can just click and it’ll just show you the cards that
have to do with it that goal and then if I wanted to look at both book and
platform for some reason or both platform and income for some reason then
I could do that too now if you want to get a little more detailed like I have
you can add a few more lists to your board and I love that again if this was
a physical board I would have to either create but recreate the board or add an
additional element to it but because it’s digital it’s easy to add and so
I’ve added a monthly to-do list a weekly to-do list and today’s to-do list and
this is just is really happy for me because I can just at the beginning of
the month especially with the help of my bullet journal lists out everything that
I like to do in the month and then progressively each week I can move
things over to that week’s – dues and then each day I can look at the weekly –
dues and move over things – daily the other ones that I’ve created at the end
here are also big accomplishments and small accomplishments and I really liked
adding B’s because my done list would get really long and it would sort of be
hard to see what I actually got done that day as opposed to multiple days so
at the end of the day I’ll move all of these things into big accomplishments
and this is sort of like the months accomplishments and then as a record
I’ll move the month’s accomplishments into my bullet journal so I can keep
kind of an ongoing record of what I’ve actually been doing and I don’t know
about you but sometimes you just get to the end of the week or the end of the
month you’re just like what the heck did I get done and here you can see
everything that I got done I also keep a list of just smaller accomplishments or
different things that just came up that were in a part of my bigger plan but
that I ended up doing so I can keep track of those to another of Kam’s ideas
also that I might try is to have a physical quarterly Kanban board that is
sort of more simplified and like more just like the general tasks and then
when I get into my Trello board it’s more of like the more specific like
nitty-gritty and monthly weekly and daily to do’s but having a physical
quarterly Kanban board would be nice for like an overall view of the
order and then maybe of the year so I can see that at all times and then when
I want to get into the daily stuff then I can get into my Trello board you might
also be wondering am I still using my bullet journal on a daily basis as well
in short I am definitely still using my bullet journal but lately I’ve been
using it more at the beginning and end of each day again like I sort of hinted
at before to track my overall progress and keep a record or a crew of all the
work that I’ve been doing while I use my Trello board more throughout the day to
keep me focused but the downside of Trello is that it’s harder to keep those
long-term records I don’t necessarily want my big accomplishments board to
just keep going and going going every single month if I was going to keep
track of everything forever on this board it would just get too long and too
complicated so what I like doing is once I get to the end of the day and once I
get to the end of the month I like recording all of these things and
checking off things in the bullet journal and then I can go through and
delete and clean up the daily Trello board more the other thing that Trello
can’t really do is schedule out my time I can create lists and I can maybe put
in how much time I think it’s going to take but I still use my Google Calendar
to set aside time blocks for each item so in the beginning of the day I’ll set
up my daily to-do list but then I’ll go into my Google Calendar and I’ll make
each of those two dues a block of time so I can make sure I actually have time
to get everything done that I’d like to get done at the end though just a note I
am in no way saying that anybody else needs to use this exact process or use
all three of these I know that I’m a bit crazy using one of these tools will
probably definitely be enough for anybody else
but this is just what I’m doing right now and I might simplify it over time I
might realize that I don’t need one of these items but because it’s really
working well for me right now I just wanted to take the time to share
it with all of you so you can pick and choose what you think might be helpful
you can go ahead and experiment with these things you’ll probably find out
even more things that I didn’t even know about and at the end of the day you can
figure out what’s best for you I just like presenting all of the options
showing you all the things I found so that you can make a decision
for yourself if you’re excited to dig in and create your own Trello Kanban board
or have any other Trello tips I’m missing again let us know in the
comments below I always love that to be a space that we’re just sharing
information together and if you go ahead and create your own and you want to post
a picture of it on your Instagram or your Twitter account be sure to tag me
because I’d love to see how you’re using it your progress and I’d also love to
give you a shout out if you want to check out even more productivity tips be
sure to watch that full playlist on the screen here and stay tuned because next
week I’m going to be doing another Trello video but it’s gonna be actually
more focused even more for writers and how I outline my books with Trello and
how I’m also using it to make editing notes and a revision plan for my books
so stay tuned because that’s coming soon and we’ll see you in the next video

12 thoughts on “Create a digital KANBAN BOARD with TRELLO | Productivity Tool

  1. Isn't Trello so cool?? Who else has been using it? What other tips did I miss? If this was your first time learning about kanban boards and/or trello, let me know what you loved learning most! Will you create one? If you do, I'd love if you post a picture of it on social media and tag me! Want more help with your writerly goals? Check out my mentorship program!

  2. You’re the productivity queen! I also use a virtual Kanban board but it’s in google sheets. I love all of your trello tips and might have to try it out for myself! ☺️

  3. I have had a Trello account for YEARS. I started using it for a professional project and created a personal board for my writing projects, but my use of it didn't last, because I did not enjoy using it.

    I think the problem was that I had too many lists and did not know how to organize the board to work for ME. I used the way we did it for the professional project, but it doesn't fit with the writing process, so this video was very helpful in that it made me realize one of the reasons I stopped using my board, haha!

    Also, the way you use the Labels is really the thing I need to incorporate! As I said, I used my board like I did for a pro project and one of the main things is the use of the labels. They were time-bound. For example, green was a task that would take 15min or less, yellow 1h or less, etc. and it's not helpful for the writing process, honestly. I don't know exactly HOW I'd use my labels, but definitely not for time tracking, haha.

    Anyway, loads of thanks for this video explaning your use of Trello for your writing career! I'll definitely try it out in March and see how to use it alongside my Bujo. I think I'll track my big Goals in there, but we'll see!

  4. I may have to try this out… I have a physical Kanban Board which I enjoy setting up… this may make me more efficient… we'll see.

  5. Wow, what a great idea! I’ve used Trello before, but never thought of using it as a kanban board. So simple and easy!

  6. My writing friends and I use a team Trello board with the Kanban system so we can keep each other accountable on our tasks for the month.

    We meet in person monthly to encourage each other, bounce ideas off of one another, and to help each other break our dreams down into actionable steps. Then the tasks we plan to accomplish before the next meeting get put in our team board's to-do list. You can easily keep track of whose task is whose by adding yourself as a "member" to the card so your face shows up on the front of your cards.

    Doing it this way is a good kind of peer pressure because you know they can see if you're making progress or not, especially if you use a checklist or a habit tracker (the power-up called Streak). And we can all celebrate in the comments of the card if someone moves their task to "done"!

  7. I was using my bullet journal to keep track of my writerly to-dos but it has become a hassle to have to make spreads, write down everything I need to do and then I have to carry it with me. Now I am going to be trying Trello and see how that works out. I never even thought about using Trello for keeping track of my writing before. Game changer!

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