Crochet a Banner with London Kaye

Crochet a Banner with London Kaye

Today we’re gonna be making this super
cute happy birthday banner using the Watercolors Kit. Here is what you’ll need. So let’s get started. I’m gonna use Sea Glass To start out, like everything,
you’re just gonna do a slipknot and pull it through and we are using the
star hook, or the 9 mm hook, to start. And we are going to chain 5. 1, 2, 3,
4, 5. We’re gonna go back on our work and single crochet 4. And make it nice and
relaxed. No need to make it all tight and tensed up. Like keep it cool. 3 and 4 and
now you’re gonna turn your work. The ultimate goal here, because it’s
always good to know like where the end game is, is a square. So you’re going to
go through that first hole and single crochet 4 again. And go ahead and
turn your work and I like to kind of like pull on it just to keep
it straight because we want these edges to be a very straight line not all crooked
and jagged. If it is that’s fine too but the straighter the better. And now
we’re going to single crochet 4. I love this pattern because it’s really, really
easy and the project is super cute as well. We’re gonna turn it and go back
again. This is my fourth time doing this. And 4. And we’re gonna turn so you can
see where we’re getting close here. Gonna go all the way one more time.
2, 3, 4 and this time you’re not going to stop, just keep on going all the
way around the border of your square and just like with some of the other
projects, this technique really helps even out all the edges and make it
smooth. So you go all the way around and keep
kind of pulling it as you go to just keep it all straight and nice. Pull your hook out, and I like to finish
it off just by pulling that tail through but you can figure out a way that works
best for you. And then this one is just gonna go off the table. And next we’re
gonna do the same thing so let’s do it again. So now that you’ve crocheted all
thirteen squares, we’re gonna move on to actually writing “Happy Birthday” so I’m
gonna start with my first five and lay those out. And I’m not doing anything
with the ends yet because you can do that at the end. So let’s start with the
H. Crocheting letters may seem a little tedious at first, but it’s really easy.
All it is is chaining. So I’m gonna start with an H. And you’re gonna start out by
making a slip knot. I’m gonna chain 5. So after you chain 5, go ahead and cut
the end and what I like to do is pull these ends really nice and tight
and then trim close but not right on but really close to those two knots. We’re gonna do the same thing again. Nice.
And now we’re gonna chain 3. And place. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got
yourself an H. Next up is the A. To make the P you’re gonna do one long chain and
you’re gonna chain 14. You’re gonna chain 4 for the first
part of the Y. And for the second part of the Y, you’re gonna chain 7. Next
we’re gonna be writing “Birthday” and we’re going to start with the B. And
you’re gonna chain 20, it’s all one piece. The I, we are going to do that in three
pieces. You’re going to chain 5 for the first
part of the T and 4 for the second part. We’ve already made an H so we’re
just gonna do that again and that’s made in three different pieces. And for the D
first you’re gonna chain 5 to make this straight. For the second part of the
D you’re gonna chain 9. I’m going to attach the letters by
gluing them on and I’m also going to glue down the ends on the squares
themselves. After you’ve glued all of your letters,
just take one really long piece of yarn. And I would make it around five feet
long just to be safe. To weave your letters on, you’re actually gonna work
back to front. So you’re gonna start with the letter Y for “Birthday” and you’re
gonna go on the top right corner and just kind of work your way through one
of those holes. Your crochet stitch naturally creates a nice little hole for
it. And try to get it as close to the top right corner as possible. Then you’re
gonna take it from back to front and weave it through the top left hole.
You’re creating kind of a corner, and it may take a second to wiggle it open. You
can also kind of use your crochet hook to make that hole more obvious and then
pull the piece of yarn through from back to front. You’re gonna continue doing
this all the way through and you’re just gonna keep moving your letters down as
you go. Isn’t this project so cute? It’s so simple, fun, perfect for anyone. Thanks
so much for crocheting with me outside the lines.

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  1. This is amazing! I thought you were going to crochet all the letters … lol! But you were so practical! Thanks for sharing this colourful project!

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