Crochet Animal blanket/Crochet Cow/Crochet Lion/Part:4

Crochet Animal blanket/Crochet Cow/Crochet Lion/Part:4

Hi everyone today I am bringing another video for Animal blanket series. In this video I’m going to show you how to crochet Cow & lion face. if you miss my other videos Please click on my channel name CRAFT & CROCHET. You can get the main bar like home, Videos, playlist icons you have to click on video icon. You can get my all the videos there. Meanwhile don’t forget to join with my thousands of subscribers by clicking subscribe button and the like, okay Let’s get started Okay, first I gonna make a cow face. This is the one I making now In my previous video I show you how to crochet This circle with the squares. I am using today white color circle to grey colour background. if you missed that I will give a link down below to The Cow face I am using black colour yarn and white color and brown color this three colour I am using for the cow face The black and brown and white this part to I need these three Colours First I’m using Four millimeter crochet hook Basically before we add the ears and corn We need to make slip stitch for this round to circle. I I hold the yarn in back side and I’m using four millimeter crochet hook for the making slip stitch And we make the slip stick in a front side I think you can see how it’s going on This each whole need to make slip stitch When you do each whole to slip stitch you can get it end of the circle 36 slip stitch Now I finished my slip stitch and I cut and tied this yarn This is how it is Looks like when you finish the slip stitch Now we are gonna make two years for this to corner. I’m using black color yarn to make ears I’m using 3.5 millimeter crochet hook for making Cow ears Now I’m going to add this yarn for this circle I am going to make ears for this corner. We count this corner to one two three .we start three Third chain two corner one Two Three chain Into the next loop, I’m gonna make one double crochet And two double crochet Into the next loop third loop one more double crochet Fourth loop and make two more double crochet into the fourth one Now I have a six double crochet one, two, three four five six In Next line, I’m gonna make 2 chain turn another side Into the next space One double crochet but we are not finish this double crochet We have two for the loop in a hook I Have another one to three loops and put it together and one more double crochet Again same into the next space double crochet but not finish this have to hold the loop and into the next one same now I go to three loops and all together three loops this line. I have a three holes Chain to turn other side now. I have a three holes Three stitches. Sorry One double crochet same like before Have one more or gonna make another one Now I have a four loops in a hook and All together It’s like this Cut the yarn and tight it . I Hope you can understand Coming like this I’m gonna make another one for other ears this time. We have to count corner to three loops for down one loop for other side You start with the corner to front first loop It’s here One double crochet into the next space next loops two double crochet Same like before we need to make a six double crochet for the four loops It’s not finished this ear yet it is the basic for ears Now we’re going to add the white for this ear middle I’m using white colour yarn for the ear midle to this two line I’m using four millimeter crochet hook and hold the yarn in the back side And go through this both ears, and background and put like loop like this And slip stitch You can make a slip stitch like this we need to go one line up Now I’m going down again Make sure you have to hold this yarn in the back side going down again two line I am gonna fill this middle again going up It’s been one more time it’s going down then it going to fill this midle He’s I finished now one ear I think you can see how it is look like Now you have to tide this yarn Now I finished one ear you have to do the another ear same like this I am showing hair like this And now I finish the board I am gonna add two horn for this cow. I’m using 3.5 millimeter crochet hook and brown colour yarn I’m going to add this yarn for the loops I start with this ears to this Inside two loops I am using first loop now Start with the two chain into the next loop. I’m going to make two more double crochet altogether three double crochet first to chain I can count 1 double crochet Into the same space one more double crochet altogether 3 double crochet. chain two turn the other side Into the this two space I am going to make a Double crochet but I have not finished this one I hole this loops. I am now go through the three loops and make Together I cut yarn bit longer and I’m using needle to make this one to make shape I’m using yarn needle to make this one make like a horn hold this both together and stitch in the backside make like a corn Pass the needle to corner This one I am join the second line use the two finger make title bit shape I’m gonna add this one to the second line Make sure you have to tie this yarn perfectly. Otherwise, it’s coming out Yeah, that’s it Like to the other side as well then need two corn for Cow. Ok now we are gonna make a cow nose, I’m using black colour yarn for this First we need to make 6 chain1 2 3 4 5 6 I’m gonna add two more chain 1 two Into the sixth chain I am going to make a single crochet Into the next chain one more single crochet one two threes in the crochet Four single crochet five single crochet Three four five Plus one six single crochet In the last chain I am gonna make one More single crochet two three Into the last one I am going to make four single crochet And I am going to again to the front start space One single crochet 2 single crochet 3 single crochet 4 single crochet Into the last one, it’s like a same like a previous corner Make 4 single crochet. We have already 1 single crochet I’m going to add two more single crochet 2 4 join with this Second chain. with both corners need 4 single crochet and Middle single crochet I think you can’t see this one properly because it is black colour I show you I will given number of stitch for this I start with a 6 chain 1 2 3 4 5 6this is the 6 chain I add 2 add Chain Into the 6 Chain I make one single crochet each chain I make single crochet And this corner, I’ll make this chain to four single crochet one two three four and again, each chain need to single crochet and this End of this loop I’ll make three more single crochet Then add the second chain then coming like this I’ll finish this part for the Cow I’m using for 3.5 millimeter crochet hook to make Cow nose rest of yarn we need to tide properly Before we add this nose we have to add Nose hole. I’m using white colour yarn to make this two hole I’m using yarn needle This space could pass the yarn And make a little stitch Same like the other side make one more stitch And thats it. We have to tide in the back side this yarn So like this Now ready to add this part for the face I’m using a small Needle and black colour yarn. Sorry black colour thread to add this nose It’s coming like this Now I’m going to make Cow eyes I’m using yarn needle and Black colour yarn and two stitches for eyes It’s like a nose Like this, that’s it it’s like other side too Sorry.Due to update error I have to put Lion on next video.

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  1. sorry due to some updating error I have to delete lion 🦁 part .I will update soon as possible

  2. Buenas tardes. Ya busqué y sólo ha subido 4 vídeos verdad? Faltan muchos animalitos😓. Si va a subir los vídeos para poder hacerlos? O están en algún Link. Mil gracias por responder

  3. Очень классное одеяло,с большим удовольствием посмотрела ваше видео!!! Творческих успехов!!!

  4. I have a cross-eyes frog and now I can't put horns on my cow the ears are too close together for horns. I'm having so much fun. Thank you!!

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