Crochet Baby Blanket: Beginner

Crochet Baby Blanket: Beginner

In today’s tutorial we’re gonna work on
the Sugar Pop Babies Afghan and this is a large granny square and unlike the
other one that we just did with the Sugar and Shine this one has a center burst to it. So a lot of people when we look at the
crochet is that this here is the traditional granny square. You can see
that it’s square right from the start where this one here has more of a
rounded start and I’m gonna show you how to be able to create the rounded
effect when doing this Sugar Pop Afghan. I’m using the Bernat Baby Coordinate yarn today. You can just change off colors to whatever
suits the sex of your baby and I find that the Baby Coordinates, like you can
see here and in the white and the red, that it white and the pink, that it has a
little bit of a shimmer to it so it provides a really nice elegant look to
it. And then I’ve even softened that even more with the Bernat Satin in
between. So let me show you how to do the Sugar Pop Afghan. If it were me and it was the Sugar Pop
Afghan and I knew the sex of the baby I would make the center pop to be the
actual sex of the baby so if you knew it was a boy or girl. Um, I would also make it a solid color to
be very effective. To appear like a circle versus doing a traditional where
it doesn’t really appear like a circle in the beginning. So that’s a your call, um, what you need to
do and now let’s get started. So let’s create a slip knot. I’m using a
4.5 mm or size ‘G’ crochet hook and I’ve already gone
through my yarn create a slipknot and let’s put that on. So let’s chain six so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6,
and now I want you to slip in your hook to the very starting stitch. Okay, starting chain there and grabbing the
new material and pulling it through and through to create a ring just like you
see. So this is a kind of an interesting
thing about this one is that it’s actually really cool, quite simple. So let’s chain up three, 1,
2, and 3. Okay, now we need to total of 16. That counts as one. So we need to put in 15 double crochet
into the center of this ring. So grabbing the material going into the center and we
wanna do that 15 times. So we just want to double crochet ourselves in there. So it’s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. So you’ll notice that not all the ring
has been absorbed up that’s just because of my tension on the purposely way that
it did it so now let’s count. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. I’m gonna count one more time this
should actually be 16 so I’m counting that center or that, that starting chain so, 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Now what there was only 15 and that
included the starting chain so I’ve got to put in one more. You really have to watch the count on
the very first revolution like you see here. And now I want to slip stitch it so
I’m just gonna come in to the top of the starting chain that we did and just
pull through and through and you will notice that I pulled everything together,
like so. To start we want to change four, 1, 2, 3 and 4. What we need
to do now is come into the very next one on the, the round for a double crochet. Ok, and chain one. So the reason why we chained up four
to begin with is that we needed to sit out just like you see here. I know that it won’t look like that when
you do it but that’s our point. And so we double crochet, we chain one and then we
go into the very next one for double crochet and chain one. Next one and chain one and we do that all the way around. So double crochet in, chain one.
Going to the next one and you will end up with the total if you’ve done it
right of 16. Ok, if you do not end up with 16
something is definitely wrong and we need that because this is what is
creating the burst look in the middle. Okay, so now let’s count together so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. So in order to bring these two together
you have to chain one first and then slip stitch to the top. Okay,
and what we need to do at this point is cast off or fast off I should say
I’m gonna get emails on that. They’re gonna say, “you’re not say it right.” so
I’m just gonna trim and just like we did with normal granny squares we’re
just gonna pull the material out and I’m just gonna wrap it around the
section and I’m just gonna wrap it around the next section and I’m just
gonna actually go right into a stitch, you see and grab the material and pulling it through and the next round is really gonna trap this straggler into position. So you
don’t have to really worry about it too much. So I’m gonna trim that just for visual
to make it easier for you to follow and now you’re gonna grab your next one
so I’m just gonna, for the sake of it, I’m just going to grab my Bernat, create a
slip knot. Okay, we just put in our slip knot there
and we just grab this up, okay, and we can just choose any one of the rounds. I don’t usually choose where I started and stopped so I
just choose somewhere else. Okay, so I just slip in my, my crochet hook right in
between the gap. Okay, grab the straggler and the yarn through it over and pull through so you end up with two on there. Grabbing both again pull it
through both loops. Okay and now let’s chain two, 1 and 2 and so what I want to do is two more double crochets in the same hole. Okay and now we’re gonna chain one and
we want to skip over two post that you see underneath, so we want to come over here so we’re gonna skip this gap, go into the second. Okay, we’re gonna put three double
crochets in that spot. We want to chain one and we want to skip
over two more posts so we’re gonna go not this gap but the next and what this
will be your first corner. Okay, so the corner configuration is three
double crochet, two chain, three double crochet, all into the same hole. Two chain
and three double crochet into the same spot. So essentially what you’re doing is
you’re turning around granny square into a square on this rotation. Okay. Chaining one, we’re gonna now skip
over the next gap, skip over two posts and three double crochets in and this is the
middle of the next side of your granny square. Chain one and so we want to skip
over two posts, going into the second so do you understand, if you didn’t
have 16 of these posts then you’re gonna be ending up with one out, one or two
extra or not enough. So it’s a corner, so it’s the 3-2-3 configuration, three
double crochet, two chain, three double crochet and chaining one and three double crochets right into the
middle chaining one and we’re now gonna skip over this gap underneath go to
the second one over and this will be the next corner. So your 3-2-3 configuration. I don’t know
if anybody else ever calls it that, that’s what I call it just it for easy references to say on camera but it’s
also easy to remember as well. Just got to do your 3-2-3 girls and boys. So chaining one, we’re now on the gap
again so you should end up looking like this so far. We’re gonna skip over
this one, gonna go to the next. There’s a tutorial online I think it’s
in my collection as well it’s called the. the Sunflower Afghan and this, this
centerpiece is actually part of the of the afghan of the actually of the
sunflower itself and it’s actually really quite amazing. So chaining one and then we come into
the last corner which is where we started. So we’re just finishing off this corner
so we started in that corner we’re just gonna finish it off with
three double crochet, chaining two, 1 and 2 and then coming into the top of the
chain where you started. Pull through and through and I’m not
gonna change my colors at this point but you can if you wish. Just do it the same way that you would
do it normally. But I’m gonna do one more round of the pink before I change
colors over to the white. So to start the next round we just chain
three, 1, 2, and 3 and we come back into the corner right underneath for two
double crochets. Okay, so that chaining up three counted as the one part of the corner and now we chain one and now there’s gonna be
two gaps in the runway so the space in between the corners and then the corner. Okay so every time we’re in the
runway we chain one and we just three double crochets into each one of the
gaps. Okay so three double crochets so we’re
done that one so we chain one come into the next gap. So you can
understand why this goes super fast is that you’re not really looking for
stitches you’re just looking for gaps and your hook can be a lot more lazier
and more free flowing by looking for a larger hole instead of a stitch. So we
chain one we’re now into the corner so we’re gonna do our 3-2-3 configuration, three double crochet, two chain, three double crochet. So I’m, I can see in the monitor how this
is looking but it, you know in person that these afghans are really colors
that you see here are so subtle and they’re not very pronounced, they’re very
baby oriented. It very gorgeous, um, but, uh, I’m not sure on the camera that they’re
actually be very vibrant looking which they’re really not there just so subtle
and just so sweet. Okay, so we’re in the gap in between, chain one. Now we’re in the next corner, so if you do your 3-2-3 Chain two, the final. So every time you we revolve around this
you can see that your afghan would get bigger and bigger. So one full revolution not only is
growing on just one direction it’s growing in all four. Which makes it a very fast
project when you think about it. Okay, we’re now on the next corner. So I’m taking you to the next, uh, to the
final corner so where we’re gonna change color. To review that again if you
don’t know how to do that, 1 and 2. Okay, we’re now in the runway in between so
not really talking my way through it maybe I’m gonna get in trouble for that too. One can never know. Chaining one and this is the final corner. Okay you can see that the other piece is
already there and we’re gonna just do three double crochet again in there and
we’re gonna chain two and slip stitch. So 1 and 2 and we’re gonna slip
stitch in pull through and through. And now let’s cast off this color trim it. We just pull out just like that and we
just slip in our hook grab the material pull it through twice. So just throw it back over pull it
through and it just helps it’s just secure extra when you’re going to put on your
next layer. So I’m just doing a weaved finished to it and trimming. And now I’m gonna grab
my final color which will be the white. Let’s create a slip knot just like that and we’ll put it onto the hook. You’ll
also notice here that like before is that I never like to start and stop
at the same spot because I do think it becomes obvious so this is where
I’ve stopped before so I’m gonna move to the corner that is before it. Okay, slip in the hook to the corner grab
both pieces of material throwing it over pulling it through so you have two loops okay, grab the two materials again pulling
it through and now just grab the material that is just working to the
yarn ball for chaining of two. Okay, and so now we’re gonna come back down
into the corner for two more double crochet because the chaining three acts as one of them. So you get a total of three when you say it
that way. So here’s the leftover piece I’m just going to trim that. Okay, and now the runway has more gaps than it did before because we have obviously gotten bigger. So we chain one in between each one of
the runway pieces so we just put in three double crochet again and so on
this one here I’m changing colors every two lines. You can do it more, you can do a less, you
can do a solid color one if you want I’ve done that before as well. The creativity is up to you. You can
change the colors as many times do you want to. Use as many different yarns to
make it almost like a scrap granny-ghan as well. Um, the measurements for a babies
afghan is about 38 to 40 inches. So you just have to stop whenever you feel like
you’re getting close to it. Remember if you’re doing this for
Crafting for a Cure, preemie size afghans are much smaller than that they can be
up to like 30 inches yeah if not a little bit less as well. So
we’re going on the corner again its the 3-2-3 configuration, 1 and 2. The corner so it’s like it is before and
I’m just gonna do two revolutions of this white and then change my color back
to blue and just keep on going. So this is how you do the Sugar Pop
Afghan. [music playing]

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