Crochet Easy Baby Blanket

Hey do you want to learn a really quick
project? This is a really fun idea. Our assistant Colleen loves to make
these afghans. Every time she hears a baby’s popping out she pulls out her
Pipsqueak hear it comes. So today’s tutorial I’m gonna show
you how to make a very quick and easy Bernat Pipsqueak Granny Square Blanket. [music playing] So let’s get started today. We’re going
to be using the Bernat Pipsqueak. This is a 250 gram ball. This is a larger
size ball. You’ll need two and a half of these
balls in order to complete the afghan. The afghan is 42 inches square and it
consists of twenty-five rounds going all the way around and you will need a 6.5 mm
or a size ‘K’ crochet hook today and you will see that this yarn is
really easy to work with if you’re using it into the gaps like
you would with a granny square. So let’s begin to get started and grab
your crochet hook let’s go. So let’s create our slip knot. To begin
again, a 6.5, size ‘K’ crochet hook today. Create the slip knot and
just slide your hook in and I am using a bamboo hook today. It’s just a preference today. I don’t
have any grip handles that actually have 6.5 mm, size ‘K’. That’s
why I’m using the bamboo today. So let’s start off and we’re going to chain four.
Remember the one on the hook already doesn’t count as one. So 1, 2, 3 and 4 and
simply just going into the beginning chain, it’s really hard to tell where it
is but just feel around with your fingers and you can stick it into the
first chain and pull the yarn through to create a slipknot and if you just ram
your finger through the middle of it you can find the center ring and then that
begins the project. Let’s begin. We’re going to start up and
just simply chain three, 1, 2 and 3 and then coming back into the
center of this ring we are going to double crochet two more
times. Remember that in the rules of crochet that chaining at three days
started with is technically usually always a double crochet. So therefore
there’s actually three here. We’re going to turn our first corner and how we turn
the corners in this entire project is that we chain two and then we come back
into the center of the ring again for three more double crochets to complete
another side. Now as I said before our Colleen, our assistant does these a lot. She loves working with this yarn. I don’t
mind it either to be honest with you. So we’re gonna turn another corner, we’re
gonna chain two, 1 and 2 and then coming back into the center of the ring
for three more double crochet. Okay and here we go, you got your three in so you can almost see here if you look carefully you got one side here, another side here, another side. We still
have one more side to go. Let’s turn our corner by chaining two first and then
coming back into the center of the ring for the final side for three double
crochet. So this would be around one of twenty-five that we were doing and so we’re not quite done. We still have to do the final corner because you can see the corner is
missing. So we chain two and then we come into the center just like so or sorry,
come in the top of the chain three that you started with as a slip stitch. So just pull through and through. And so let’s begin another round. So this
will be round number two of twenty-five. So we just simply just chain up three
and coming back into the same gapping space do three more or sorry two more
double crochets because that chaining of three counts as one of them. And then
simply what we have to do is that there’s no gapping spaces between this
corner and this corner so we immediately we just chain one okay and then come into the other corner
over here and we’re going to do three double crochets over there. So we have
one double crochet in and now we have to do two more into that same space and
then we have to turn the corner so we chain two. So every corner we always
have to chain two and then we just double crochet three
times back into the same gap for the other side or the other half of the
corner. Okay and now we chain one because we’re in-between the corners so we always chain one in-between and then we start
the next corner over here because there’s no gapping spaces. You will see the gaps appear when you
start getting a little bit bigger. So the corners are always going to be three
double crochet, chain two and three double crochet. Again really easy and
Colleen watches a lot of TV when she does these so it’s really a no-brainer
it’s a to relaxer for the end of the night for her. She works a stressful full time job. So we’re gonna chain one and then
coming back into the next corner is that we’re going to, what is the corner, so
it’s three double crochet. Okay, chain two and thee double crochet for this corner. So this is, this yarn is really easy to
work with because you’re just working in gapping spaces and not an actual
stitches. Even if you’re working in the stitches
it’s not that bad but it’s easier this way. So we’re coming to the last corner here
you can see that the first part of the corner was already developed. So this
time I did chain one and I’m just gonna finish this corner off by just
putting three double crochets because the first half of the corner was already
completed when we started and then we chain two, 1 and 2 and then slip
stitch it to the top of the beginning chain three that we started with. I’m making sure I’m gonna get it right into that a chain like so. So you can kind of see
it here you can see almost see some of the gapping spaces that are going on. Let’s begin round number three of twenty-five. So we’re just gonna immediately
chain three, coming into the same gap space do two more double crochet. So the corner’s starting off exactly the way we did before. We then chain one and now
we’re looking for the gapping spaces so you can see that there is a gap in the
middle here and then the corners next. So in the in the middle gaps in between
the corners there will always be three double crochets in each and then chain
one. So every time you are in the middle
you’re always gonna chain one in between the spaces and then here’s the next
corner. So what are the corners? That’s right,
three double crochet. Okay and then we have what is the next
one is chain two. So we just chain two and then coming back in the same corner. I noticed that when I teach in live
shows that if they give the answer right away it doesn’t allow people to think. So
I’m trying to do the same practice here on camera. So we’re in the middle, so we chain one
and we’re in the middle so that’s gonna be three double crochets and look how
big I’m already getting. Chain one and then coming into the next corner and chain two, coming back into the
same corner because I’m turning a corner. This yarn is exceptionally soft. I think
that’s, that’s definitely one of the reasons why Colleen. loves this yarn and
so much. We’re going to chain one and then coming
into the gap space in the middle between the corners it’s three double crochet. Okay and then chain one and then the
next one is the corner. So the corners are three double crochet
chain two, three double crochet. So this is chain two and then back in.
So do you see the rhythm? So if you not to do granny squares you’ll know how to make these. Again just really easy. I can’t emphasize how easy this is. So
chain one, coming back into this, to the next gapping space. So this is a corner, this is the final
corner. So we have the gapping space so just don’t confuse thinking that it’s
not the corner. So you just gotta look a little bit more carefully because it is
really fluffy and soft sometimes it’s not always easy, easy
to tell but I can clearly tell that I, like if you look at it from a distance
that it’s gonna finish off of this particular one. So we’re just gonna
come into the final corner. So you’ll do this every time you hit the
final corner and it’s three double crochet. I’m gonna restart that corner. I’m
trying to rush myself here and I shouldn’t be. So we’re just 1 double
crochet 2 and 3 and then I’m simply just going to chain two and then
slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain three that I started with. So that’s how you would do this. You
would do a total of twenty-five rounds. I’m gonna slip stitch for more time. So
you’ll do a total of twenty-five rounds going all the way around. You use two and a half balls and this is exceptionally soft and it goes really quickly. Look how big it is
already. And at the end you just have to weave in
your ends. But either side is amazing. Until next time I’m Mike on be half of The
Crochet Crowd as well as Stay tuned for more
free patterns and ideas coming up soon. We’ll see ya. 👋

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