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Hi everyone welcome to animal blanket series in this video I am going to show you how to crochet this Fox. If You miss my previous video. Please click on my channel name craft and crochet, to get those videos. Also Don’t forget to join with my thousand of subscribers by clicking subscribe button and bell icon. If you new for my channel. Okay, let’s get start Okay To fox face I’m using white colour circle and grey colour square I’m using orange color to make a fox face First I’m going to show you how to crochet this face I’m using orange color yarn, and I’m going to show you these parts how to crochet this parts I’m using orange colour yarn and a four millimetre crochet hook. First I am gonna make magic ring Into magic ring, I’m start with the chain 3, 1 2, 3 And Double crochet. First three chain, I can count 1 double crochet 1 2 3 4 5 6. 6 double crocheted 1 2 3 4 5 6 and tight the yarn I’m going to make a second round start with the chain three turn other side Into the same space one more double crochet Into the next space two double crochet Three four Two three four. Next space two more double crochet five and six Into the next space seven and eight Nine Ten. ten double crochet. I have a 10 double crochet in second round Chain three turn other side to the third round Into the same space one more double crochet Next space two double crochet three and four together and five Six and seven together eight Double crochet nine & ten together Eleven double crochet 12 and 13 double crochet together 14 And 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 11 12 13 14 15 into the this last third chain Altogether 15 double crocheted This much enough for the third round and cut the yarn tied this Corner Just coming like this For this top Next I’m gonna add this one to this circle this corner to corner have nine double crocheted I am gonna Take three more down three more double crochet down One two three and one two three this side altogether 15 double crochet I’m gonna join with this side 3 double-crochet down And this side 3 double-crochet down too and go through this Chain and This double crocheted now I am gonna make a slip stitch with this orange colour parts with the white color circle together Like this Go through the both loops and pull the yarn and make a slip stitch It’s like this from now, please follow this video In my previous video I did explain how to do this Circle with the square. Please. Find out the link down below Now I’m finished slipstitch in the last one go through this third chain and Pull the yarn to like this loop up and Cut the yarn Pull the yarn to this side and again pull into the backside like this Now I am going to tie this both Yarn with knot like this It’s come like this now Next I’m gonna join this corner to here First round put the little bit and Going to join this place Then coming this shape like a V-shape Next I’m gonna make a ears I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook to make ears Skip two double crochet corner this two one two, I’m going to start with this loop Same color yarn orange color yarn Into the first loop start with the chain three Into the same space one more double crocheted Second space One double crochet two double crochet Into the third space One Another one one more double crochet altogether six double crochet one, two, three, four five six .six double crochet chain One two Turn other side Into the next space Double crochet in the last loop on the hook one more double crocheted and the last loop on the hook I have a three loops go through the third loops and make a one double crocheted and Next again one loop Two loops three loops on the hook and go through these Both loops and make one stitch chain, two turn other side into the next space Again, double crochet and last loop on the hook another one one two three one more For loops on the hook go through the both loops and make one stitch This size enough for the years Same for other side Skip 2 double crochet start this 1 2 3 these 3 Stitch to same number of chain. coming like this Next I’m gonna show you how to crochet this, this part I’m using same color yarn orange color yarn and a black color yarn Start with the black color yarn Same crochet hook 2.5 magic ring into magic ring start with the chain 3. 1 2 3 This Is the first double crochet One more double crochet two double crocheted now three Four double crochet One two three four and tied this yarn and cut the yarn and Tie this This the corner This corner Next I’m using orange color yarn into this third chain first double crochet top I join with this orange colour yarn chain, one two Into the next space 1 half double crochet. I have a two now In to the Same space one more half double crochet. 3 half-double crochet Four half double crochet 5 half-double crochet One two three, four five and six half double crochet This is second round chain 2 turn other side Into the next space 1 half double crochet I have a 2 now 3 half double crochet 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 chain 2 third round six half double crochet One half double crochet 2 3 1 2 3 4 and 4 and 5 half double crochet together 6 7 8 Eight half double crochet Chain one turn other side This each space to I am gonna make a single crochet one two three four Five six Seven eight First chain I can count as one altogether eighth single crocheted It’s coming like this I’m gonna join this parts First I’m using yarn needle to join this one Put a little bit down Next I am gonna join this side this side With the same yarn Leave this a side. We’re going to join it later Now I am going to add these parts for Here This first round first round going to this top like this and Use the yarn needle to add this one First I am going to join this top to first round I gonna stitch with this round without this black part like this round Now I am finish one side I’m going to put a little bit orange colour yarn to inside like this Put like this inside and Leave with this black color part and gonna join again Now I’m going to stitch this side and this corner to top Now I finish round the face stage come like this I’m going to finish with this yarn to the back side ears Next I’m gonna make eyes These two eyes I’m using white color yarn with the pulling both side is become like slim and 2.5 millimeter crochet hook Magic ring start with the chain 2 into this chain Sorry into this magic ring I am gonna fill with the half double crochet In these eyes I am going to make a 10 half double crocheted With the 2.5 millimeter crochet hook 10 half double crochet and pull the yarn join with the second chain We need two of this size eyes With the size and I’m using black color yarn And Pull this yarn both side to the back, like this one line on the top Like this And I’m going to tide the yarn in the back side Then come like this cut this yarn Come like this Make this little bit bigger use the two finger to make a bigger Two of these Now I have a two same size eyes Next I’m gonna add these two eyes to this Fox face To this face I am gonna add I’m using normal needle and thread to add these eyes Like this It’s come like this and Use the two-finger to make little bit bigger than a black line Next I’m gonna make this ear with this Corner little black like this I’m using black color yarn and Yarn needle I gonna put couple of stitch In this corner From now, please follow this video From now I am gonna use white colour yarn and yarn needle to make this ear middle I am gonna make a middle like this I’m gonna give a couple of stitch again From now, please follow this video Now I’m going to Give a little stitch for this ear’s round like this using small needle and Like this little stitch To around the ears He’s the my finished Fox I’m finish these two ears and This coming like this we need to take this yarn and Cut this two yarn to closer Now I’m finished this fox face In this video I’ll finish this fox and Now we have a one more animal face for our blanket. I hope you will love this face too if you liked this video, please thumbs up and share with your friends. See you again with another video.

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