Crochet V-Stitch – Beginners’ Blanket

In today’s tutorial let’s learn how to
do a crochet baby blanket and this is the Gap Space Baby Blanket. Let’s begin
right after this. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as
well as I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna to show you how to do a
Gap Space Baby Blanket. Reason why I called it a gap space is that you can
actually see that you’re going into gap spacing in between double crochets just
like you see here. This is a very easy project to be able to work up. You’re
going to need four balls of the Bernat Blanket yarn to do the main color and
then you’re just going to need a partial of another color in order to do the
border if you wish to do the border. You can get away without doing the border
that’s completely up to you. You’re going to need a 10 millimeter
size ‘N’ crochet hook today and let me tell you a little bit more about the
yarn there were about to use. So here are two
brands of yarn one is called Bernat Blanket the other one is called Bernat
Baby Blanket. What is the difference between the two?
The only difference is marketing. So for example Bernat Blanket here is
more geared to home décor it’s more solid colors more adult in
nature where the Bernat Baby Blanket here has colors that you would see
typically in baby afghans, baby colors, nursery rooms even colors that are more
geared for kids. So you can actually mix and match. What
you will know and what you should know is that there’s no two colors the same.
So for example to Bernat Blanket there’s no colors that are in this line
that are also in this line. So you can look in between the two and actually
kind of mix and match. So if you’re looking for a vintage white you look for
this one you looking for pure white you’re gonna look for this one. So you
just mix and match and it’s a lot a lot more easy. You can do anything that you
want to with these that particular tutorials that I’m about to teach you
today and it’s just a lot of fun. So let’s begin, we’re going to create a
slipknot and there are slower tutorials available here if you wish to do this
and we are going to just put it on our ‘N’ size uh, 10 mm crochet hook
today. So when we’re doing this pattern we
can keep them in sets of two, so you just go one-two, one-two, one-two in order to get
to the size that you want. But if you’d like to match the exact pattern that
we’ve done it is chaining of seventy-eight. So I’m just going to do just a smaller example
so I’m gonna keep mine and sets of one-two. So 1 and 2, so chain one and two, 1 and 2, 1 and 2, Okay and you keep doing that until you get to the size that you want. Now if you change your size of your
chain is going to change your yarn quantity. What those quantities are well that’s
completely up to you to be able to figure that out because it’s basically
unlimitless um, if one little change like that can make it a world of
difference when it comes to how much yarn you’re going to need. So just make
sure you plan ahead so keep them in sets of 1-2. So we’re going to start off with in all
of the stitches kind of nest into each other but we need to create that nest
before the other one can do it. So we want to count back from the fourth uh,
the fourth chain so 1, so just look at it so 1, 2, 3 and 4, turn it over and get the
back loop only the back hump and just double crochet two times into the same chain. So 1 and 2 and you’ll notice in the
pattern I refer to as groups of two this is one group of two. Okay, so you’re
gonna come back down to the chain and skip the next one and go to the second
one over and do two more double crochets into the next one. You’re gonna do
that all the way down the chain. Okay, so you skip the next one on the chain
second one over and double crochet two more times. So what’s unique about this particular
stitch is that we don’t put any chains in between the double crochets at all. We go to play it, when we go to play this
and what it does, what that does is it makes it tighter. So continuing along just skip the next
one on the chain, second one over, double crochet two more times. Okay and skip the next one and go to the second one over for two more double crochets and then you’re going to you’re at the end of the chain so when you get there just go one double
crochet of the last chain. So that when we did that double crochet fourth chain from
the hook you created a double crochet by doing that and so you have one standing
alone and then you have all the ones groups of two nesting in between. Let’s move up the row and I’ll show you
what to do next. So let’s turn our work. The hard work is actually now done, it’s
actually completely all done. So this is just a matter of just
following what is already established so getting an established was the hard part and it wasn’t really hard to begin with.
We’re gonna chain four to start. So we’re gonna, sorry gonna chain three to start, 1, 2, 3 so chaining three and then you’re going to just look at
the next group of two and go right in between the space. Okay, it’s not a stitch is just a space
between them and you’re going to double crochet twice into that same space. Okay, so it makes it sink down a little bit
more and it makes the stitch um, nestle closer together by doing so. So now once you have that done you come to the next group two and go right in between for a double crochet. Use your
fingers to kind of split those apart and when you get that one done again just
moved down next group of two slam in two more double crochets. Okay and then come to the next one, two more. Okay, so we still have these two here and
we still have an outside one so we’re putting two into that last
group of two and we got to remember to put in one double crochet into the top
of the next turning chain that you have. And I’m gonna turn one more time and
show you this once again so we’re going to turn our work. So you’ll notice that all the stitches
when your nesting like this will all line up to each other so they’re not
bouncing back and forth. So every row is exactly what you just learned for that
the entire project and you were gonna blast through eight balls of the main
color in order to do it and then you’re going to put on your border. So to get,
begin again chaining of three and you’re going to just split the next group of
two apart and put into double crochet. Okay, next group of two, slam it right in-between. Next group of two, see how fast that goes, I’ve done this kind of concept I believe on a cowl I could have done it on mitts. I’ve done
it before and I really liked it before but with the Bernat Blanket yarn here
it actually makes it nice and tight especially if you have babies and stuff
you want kind of, you don’t want anything too lacey with this kind of yarn. So once you get all the way to the end
you’re just gonna put in a one single uh, double crochet right at the end. So I’m gonna show you how to do the border and that’s coming up next. So I’m gonna show you how to do the
border I’m just gonna pull up a loop. I should be fastening this off but I
don’t wanna waste my yarn because I want to do more tutorials with this yarn and I don’t have a lot of it in stock. So I’m going to just with my new color okay, I’m gonna choose blue or white
in this case. I’m going to create a slipknot and I’m going to put it onto my hook and I’m gonna go right into the corner and into the corner piece I’m
going to put in, just fasten it on and the border goes really quick the stick
yarn. Chain one and then three single crochets into the exact same spot and
this allows you to turn a corner perfectly on this afghan. So I’m gonna
work down the side edge first, so when I’m doing the top edge here and
I’m doing the bottom edge here I can just follow what’s already there but on
the sides we have two equally space it. So what I figured out is that you just
have to equally spaced it down so I’m gonna go into a gap space first for
one single crochet and then I’m going to go into an actual stitching area. So top of chain three. The next one is a gapping space and then the next one is in the top of the chain three. Okay, gapping space, so you just equally spaced it out and then you’re right on the corner. So when you get to the corners you just have to put in three single
crochets. This allows you to turn the corner. So once you’ve turned the corner you’re gonna come along the bottom edge like so and you’re gonna go into a gap space first because there is a gap space and then you’re gonna come into the, the
bottom of the stitch. Okay, see how they’re coming together
you’re just gonna go right into there, then you’re going to come into a gap
space and then you’re gonna go to the bottom in the next. You keep doing that all the way across. Now you see me a little bit struggling with my yarn on camera and the only
reason for is that I’ve already filmed something earlier and I never wound it
back into a ball so it’s kind of getting a little tangled on me so it’s not the
yarn it’s me. It’s the operator. So come back all the way
across and again I just equally kind of space it. You see all the stitches are
lining, so here is, I’m gonna go into gap
space first because it is a chain four to begin with and then the next one I’m
gonna put three single crochets. Just remember if you make any
alterations just continue to keep the alterations always the same so then it looks the same. So you’re
gonna come up the next edge, so I’m going in the gap space first. Here’s a
turning chain, gap space, turning chain, okay, gap space and then I’m gonna come to the top of this turning chain so it’s gonna be three, so 1, 2 and 3. So now I’m gonna come along the top
here. So I’m just gonna match everything that’s already there, so you
just go one into every stitch. Okay, so we have two rounds of border for
this particular afghan and we’re just gonna go all the way and then we’re
just gonna join it with the slip stitch when we get there and I’m gonna show you how to start the next round. And again this is really quite easy. Making sure getting into every stitch
now that I’m on the corner I wanna join it to the beginning
single crochet. I wanna chain one first, one single crochet into the first one
and every time you are on the group of three the middle one of the three needs to get three more single crochets two equally turn the corner. So every time you get to the corner the
third, the middle one of the three gets three more and then you’re just gonna
work down the edge. So one single crochet into each going
all the way down and I’ll show you one more time. Okay, so here is the group of three so
here’s the middle one which is next and I’m gonna put in three single crochets there and then continue to move along. And then when I get all the way around all I’m just gonna do is just slip
stitch it to the beginning one, fasten off and then enjoy my new afghan. So that’s how you do this a very simple gap space baby blanket. It’s really easy to do. A lot of fun too, I like changing
the colors and I just to kind of make it really nice the borders really do make
this thing pop. So until next time I’m Mikey on behalf of Yarnspirations as
well as The Crochet See you, bye, bye.

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