Crochet V-Stitch – Trendy Baby Blanket

Crochet V-Stitch – Trendy Baby Blanket

In today’s tutorial lets learn how to do a
Trendy Baby Afghan, very contemporary you can change the colors as often or
as little as you wish. And this is going to create a really new
effect. Let’s talk about that in just a moment. Welcome back to the Crochet Crowd as
well as, I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re going to work on the Trendy
Baby Afghan. Now this is kind of very trendy it’s like the grays and the
beiges. And this is pale gray and this is vintage white and this is part of the
Bernat blanket yarn and not the baby blanket yarn. So you can mix and match
those and we’ll talk about that in just a bit. So what we have here is that we are
changing colors very strategically so it looks like it’s a zigzag and it actually
reminds me piping of an ice cream, of a of a cake, that you would find a
decorated and actually looks really neat. So you’re going to need two colors to be
able to do it if you want to do this exact, if you want to change your colors
more that’s up to you. What you’re going to need it so if you’re going to follow
the pattern exactly you’re going to need two balls of vintage white and then two balls
of pale gray if you’d like to follow this particular
example and you’ll have a really neat look. So let’s without further ado,
let’s talk a little bit about the yarn and I’ll be right back. So here are two brands of yarn. One is
called Bernat blanket, the other one is called Bernat baby blanket. What is the difference between the two?
The only difference is marketing. So for example Bernat blanket here is
more geared to home décor. It’s more solid colors, more at adult in
nature. Where the Bernat Baby blanket here, has colors that you would see
typically in baby afghans, baby colors nursery rooms, even colors that are more
geared for kids. So you can actually mix and match. What
you will know, and what you should know, is that there’s no two colors the same.
So for example, the Bernat blanket there’s no colors that are in this line
that are also in this line. So you can look in between the two and actually
kind of mix and match. So if you’re looking for a vintage white you look for
this one. You’re looking for pure white you’re going to look for this one. So you
just mix and match and it’s a lot, a lot more easy. You can do anything that you
want to with these particular tutorials that I’m about to teach you today and it’s just a lot of fun. So let’s begin to work on this project together. So here’s
my one yarn. So when we need two colors, you got to start off with one. In mine, I
start off with the pale gray and we’re going to create a slip knot. Now the
pattern ask you to do chaining of 78. So the 78 is what keeps it in line, but
here’s the secret. If you chain in sets of two you always have a match. So if you
change the sizes, you will change the amount of yarn that you will need and the Afghan and all
that information is available on my pattern that’s available. There’s a link in the more information
on this video. So remember the first slip knot never count as one so if you chain
and sets a 2. So 1 and 2 or if you’re following the pattern chain 78, that’s up. So one-and-two, one-and-two
one-and-two, one-and-two one-and-two and one-and two. So once you get to the size that you want you can stop and then I’ll show you how to do the next part of this
tutorial. To do the next part of this tutorial there is no border for this
particular Afghan. But what we’re going to do is that you’re going to go back to
fourth chain from hook. So just count back. So you’ve got one, two, three and four. Turn it over and get the back hump only and double crochet twice into that same stitch. One and two. So across this chain what you’re going
to do is that you’re going to skip the next chain that’s available to you. So skip the next one and go to the
second over and double crochet two more times into that one, the second one over. Just like that. Skip the next one
and go to second one over and put in two double crochets and you’re going to do that all the way across. So no matter how big your chain is just skip the next one go to the second one over. Ok let’s skip the next one go to the
second. Sorry there’s only one stitch left, so that means that the you skip one and go to the final one, for 1 double crochet only. Ok so the very final stitch will be
one double crochet by itself. I want you to fasten off at this point
and what you have at this point is that you have all these groups of two. So you see how there’s two. We’re going to be playing into the gap spaces in between these so it’s not a stitch is
just a space. So you’ll have one double crochet on the outside. One double
crochet on this outside and then you have them all kinds of groups of two in between. Lets’ fasten off, let me show you how to do that. So we’re just going to just trim yarn. You don’t want to waste
this yarn it’s pretty thick. So just pull through the yarn and just hide it
by just grabbing the hook and just pulling it through a few of these
stitches and when you go to the next a row because you’re going to be playing within the stitch areas it’s going to lock it into position
because it’s going to wrap around the other section. Ok so i’m not going to show you how to fasten off anymore in this tutorial so this is how you would do it. So you can
safely just trim this yarn at this point and I’ll show you how to start the next
color. So here’s the project, let’s turn it and
get it ready. So we’re going to grab our next yarn and create a slip knot first on your hook and it will make it easier for you to hide in those loose ends. So you’re going to come into the top of
the first double crochet and you’re going to just fasten on. So just with a
slip stitch just fasten on and then chain 3, so 1, 2, 3. Use this line, or this strand, and just
lay it over the top and you want to come into between the next group of two so
every time you see these groups there in sets of two. So you’re going to go right in between the two sets, OK. So you see it, here’s one set, you’re
going to just separate it and go right into a space. So you’re going to put two double
crochets into that same space. And keep that straggler down on top, it will prevent you from having to weave
in your ends at the end cuz you can just safely trim it. And you can
only do it one time. If you carry it more you’re going to see
it on your afghan, so just only hide it one time and just let it fall in behind. So here’s your next group of two. You’re
going to put in two double crochets. So this causes the visual line to split. So you see that the blues kind of split
apart. Ok, here’s the next group of two just come into the gap space. Ok and then here’s the next group of two
and then here is your final. So you’re going to go all the way across
doing the same thing. So you’re going to just do 1 double crochet into the final
and then you’re going to fasten off. So you really can’t carry your
colors because what’s going to happen is that the blues going to start on this
side but it ended over here. So you can’t just carry your colors on the outside
and then just throw it around the border. The only way you could do that is if you
have three colors and then you could carry it up and then just do a border to
kind of hide everything in. So just fasten this off and I’ll be right back
and we’ll start the blue once again. So i’m just getting ready for
the next one and because I buried this in I can just safely trim if I want to. I
tend to wait to the very end of my afghan. I don’t tend to trim these and so
then it kind of looks like a mess at the end but it’s just easier to do it then
and then everything tends to stretch and then fall in place. Let’s grab our blue once again. And remember,
you can change the colors as often as you wish. It doesn’t have to be two colors, it can be more. So we’re
gonna just go to the top of the double crochet
that you ended with. Fasten on and chain 3. Ok, so here is your straggler, so leave
it down on top. So you’re going to come to your first
group of two and just slam in two double crochets into that chain, Oh, into that gapping space, so you just got to open it up. So now
that we just did that I’m going to let the straggler fall in
behind cuz it’s now trapped and I just continued to go along. So because the lighter colors stand out
more when you do this, the white is going to look like icing.
It’s actually kind of neat. So whatever lighter colors that you have
on your particular project, or accent colors, it’s going to stand a really cool. Ok, so I
just went all the way across. So all of these nesting kind of stitches
just kind of sit within each other so there’s nothing moving like back and
forth on a diagonal, it’s all pretty easy. Once you get to the
end just double crochet into the final. And then you’ll fasten off once again
and then you’ll start the next color up. So you
can really see that the zig zagging effect really happened, so this is kind
of a cool thing. You just have to use your two balls of
your one color, two balls in the next, continue until you run out of yarn, and
then you have the afghan that is mentioned within the pattern. So until
next time, I’m Mikey, on behalf of the Crochet Crowd, as well as We’ll see ya, bye bye.

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