D.I.Y. Tassels necklace – Collana con nappine fatta a mano | Giugizu

D.I.Y. Tassels necklace – Collana con nappine fatta a mano | Giugizu

>>Hi and welcome or welcome back to my channel Let’s start by saying that as you can see I slightly changed the color of my hair because I like to change from time to time but honestly I don’t know how long I’m going to keep it like this, because I’m not sure I really like it. what do you think? Do you like it? Did you like it more before? let me know what you think in the comments as I’m always curious to hear your opinion That said, let’s get to today’s video if you read my blog you’ll know that each wednesday I share with you my new accessories of the week If you are new here you should check my blog right now, the link is in the downbar anyway today I thought I’d go a step further and I will in fact show you how you can create a bright and fun tassels necklace like this one If you like the idea I invite you to keep watching this tutorial and here’s what you’ll need for this project. some beads, some bead tips, some jump rings, some fishing line, 2 larger beads a clasp, some cotton thread in the color you prefer, a piece of cardstock, some bijoux pliers, scissors,
and some iron wire. First of all we need to create the base for the necklace and do it we need to cut the fishing line to the right size measuring it around our neck to make sure we don’t maske mistakes Then we need to gather all of our patience and start threading the beads until we covered all the central part of the necklace, just like so. Now let’s add a larger bead on one side and let’s move on by adding the jump rings in order to cover all the beads, then let’s finish up by adding a larger bead on the other side too. Ok, now that the mid section is done we just need to thread all the other beads. Once we reached the end let’s secure everything with a double knot. Now let’s add the bead tips on the knots using the pliers, like so. Let’s cut out the exceeding fishing line and let’s repeat on the other side. Brilliant, now let’s add a jump ring on one side and a jump ring with a clasp on the other side. Et voilà, the base is done, we can now start working on the tassels Let’s start by cutting some cardstock in the size we want our tassels to be Then let’s wrap the cotton thread around it The more we’ll wrap it around the thicker the tassel will be Once we are satisfied with the thickness let’s grab some iron wire and let’s thread it throught the top loop, like so. Then let’s wrap it around to secure it using the pliers. Let’s cut out the exceeding iron wire and let’s fold it over in order to secure it even more Then let’s remove the cotton thread from the cardstock To finish up the tassel we need to wrap around some thread, just like so. Let’s secure it with a double knot by cutting out the excess As last step let’s cut the bottom let’s trim it et voilà, our tassel is ready. Let’s repeat the same process in order to get 5 tassels in different shades we can do add the tassels on the necklace by hooking a jump ring on the tassels and connecting it with the necklace, like so. Et voilà, the necklace is ready! using the same technique we can also create some earrings we just need to add some hooks on top of each tassel, just like so. Here is the necklace done ready to add a colorfull, summery touch to your outfits As you saw using the same technique I created some tassel earrings too which are even easier to make, but honestly, I wouldn’t wear them with the necklace because it’s a bit too much If you want you can change the color and choose the ones you prefer set your fantasy free and have fun I hope that you liked this project, if so please give the video a thumbs up so that I will know it if you want you can also share and favourite it and if you are not subscribed to my channel yet, do it now in order not to miss any new video or project. That’s it for today, have a nice day, I send you a big kiss and I’ll see you in my next one, ciao!

6 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Tassels necklace – Collana con nappine fatta a mano | Giugizu

  1. cara ormai aspetto i tuoi video con piacere…mi mettono allegria e non solo….sempre nuovi spunti….nuove idee….Ps…i capelli ti stanno bene ma biondissima secondo me ti danno più luce al viso…

  2. Ciao, sono sempre piacevolmente stupita dalle tue creazioni e dalla tua bravura. Il nuovo colore ti sta bene ma anche io quoto il biondo di prima. Ma se ti ha dato una reazione allergica .. è meglio che aspetti. Bacioni

  3. Sei fantastica, bionda!! bel video anche questa volta. grazie mille delle idee che ci proponi, sono sempre parecchio coinvolgenti

  4. Ciaooo, questo colore di capelli non ti sta male, ma c'è qualcosa che non mi convince fino in fondo.
    Per quanto riguarda questo video mi viene utilissimo per creare le nappine! Ho comprato delle scarpe con nappine colorate ma non trovo in giro nessun accessorio che ne abbia.
    Con questo tutorial posso crearne dello stesso colore finalmente!
    È sempre un piacere fare colazione guardando i tuoi video ♥️ un abbraccio 🤗

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