Diagonal Basketweave Blanket

Diagonal Basketweave Blanket

okay, so I’m going to show you just kind of the work in the beginning in and in a couple stitches in between on the diagonal basket-weave, so starting here on the knit side and The directions say and I’m almost to the end So we’re just going to do the end part of the knit side, and then we’ll start beginning of the purl side But the end in the beginning are the same regardless of the side? so We are going to the [directive] say go to the second stitch So we’re going to go [that] suck-ass stitch in the back of the second this and you’re going to Knit it, but you’re not going to take it off the Left-hand Needle and you’re going to bring your right hand needle to the front and you’re going to knit that one that you skipped over and Then you’re going to pull both off all right, so let’s do that again. We’re going to skip this first stitch We’re going to go to the back of the loop on the second stitch. We’re going to knit it So we’re gonna bring your right hand needle up front and we’re going to knit that first one again And then we’ll take closed stitches off So once again, we’re going to the back Leaving [it] on the needle bringing the right hand needle to the front and knit it again, and then pull both off Actually, per the written pattern, continue in the diagonal basketweave until the last 4 stitches. Seed stitch those 4 stitches and then turn [alright] and the directions say to do this till you reach the last two stitches So we’re going to do these [two] back bring it to the front Okay, [I] want to get to the nap. You know a lot stitches We’re going to be working that seed stitch, so I’m just going to reverse. I have a nick here, so I’m going to purl that and Then I’m going to knit that next one alright, then I’m going to turn it over and I’m working on All right there we go So one so here we are at the beginning of the row we’re going to our first [three] stitches in speed seed stitch so we’re going to knit that first one And a purl [this] second one I’m going to need and then There’s that one okay, then we’re now we’re doing the diagonal basket [leaf] on the purl side, okay So for the purl side you skip over the first one you purl that second one Once again, you leave it on [the] stitch But you keep your needle up front and you just pull that first one again, and then pull them both off So once again you’re going to get the first one go to the second one purl it Move yourself back, and we can that’s it. John whose back was stitch purl it Pull them both off Okay, purl

13 thoughts on “Diagonal Basketweave Blanket

  1. hello i'm making your clover leaf blanket and it's coming out beautiful. will send you pics. when it's done and thank you for the pattern. do you have any other patterns to share? kindly appreciate…) thank you Tina

  2. My yarn feels so tight on my needles, it’s really hard to knit this stitch… Am I doing something wrong?

  3. quisiera saber, si hay que poner cantidad de puntos par o impar, y como no entiendo inglés, si al principio y al final se hace un borde. Gracias!

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