DIY: CUSHION COVER | Block  Printing #usingdiystamp #foamsheet

DIY: CUSHION COVER | Block Printing #usingdiystamp #foamsheet

hello everyone welcome to innovation corner in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to DIY cushion cover for this you will need cushion cover blue pink and yellow fabric paint brush star stamp and water in the bowl first secure the base by placing newspaper inside the cushion cover instead of newspaper you can go for heart sheet sponge sheet cardboard waste paper or plastic sheet then make the surface even because even her face will be helpful in easy coloring now take the step brush and yellow fabric color apply color on the stamp with the help of brush and take an impression on the cushion cover as I have a light colored cushion cover i decided to for bright yellow bright pink and dark blue contrast color gives my room a happy happy look which I really love this is the stamp I made in my previous DIY stamps project you can see that the stamp is giving accurate impressions and I can use this stamp n number of times as I don’t have flat wooden pallet every time I have to have to apply with the brush but it will be more easy if you pour color on the color pallete just deep the stamp in the color and use it after completing yellow stars i switched to pink fabric paint i’m printing stars on random places you can go for overlapping pattern or overall starts you can make heart square or star shape in the center of the cushion with masking tape i take the star prints inside the shape then remove the masking tape and you will get a beautiful start printing in the shape instead of multicolored you can go for single color as well after completing pink color i switched to blue color and yay my cushion cover is ready if you like this video please click on the subscribe button below catch you soon with the new DIY project till that time stay tunned and take care! bbye!!

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