DIY: How to hand knit an extra chunky merino blanket

DIY: How to hand knit an extra chunky merino blanket

Hey… pst… pst…heeey… Listen, something’s been happening to me today… oh… I was going to get myself some candies. Then the cup goes – bam! Down on the table! And the ice spilled out of it! Brrrr…. Then I went to take a shower… I was standing there, all nice and warm, and then… The water became cold! I nearly fell off the sink! Then I wanted to heat myself a piece of pizza… I’m standing near the microwave oven, waiting, and then… I take the pizza out and it’s completely cold! Do you know what all of this means? A new Ice Age is coming! We’re all going to freeeeeze! Aaaaaaah! Heeeeelp! Aaaaah… Wh-what is this? We’ve got an Ice Age coming and people’re throwing their stuff around… Oh, Sammy, I’m sorry. I’ve recieved this package but I haven’t had time to open it yet. Let’s open it together? Will it… will it help to deal with the Ice Age somehow? Ice Age? Well… it might! Come on, come on, come on! Show your life-saving remedy against the Ice Age! Oh, Sam, what makes you think the Ice Age is coming? There were omens everywhere. You can’t confuse them with anything! Aah! Alright, alright. Please, calm down. Here’s a chocolate for you. And I’ll continue opening the package. No, the chocolate can wait, I want to see, too. Opening now… Oooh… Wow… I didn’t think it would be so… Susie, what is it? It’s yarn, Sammy! Oh…. I get it, we’ve shrunk and now we’re in the land of the giants! Where else can you find yarn so big? No, no, Sammy. It’s just chunky yarn, that’s all. Oh? How’re you going to put it on your knitting needles? I won’t be needing needles. Well, we can, of course, just spread the yarn around and keep ourselves warm like this. Soo warm… Hey! Where did my chocolates go?! Huh? Huh?! I don’t know, Sammy. I’ve been busy with the yarn. I’ll go look for it. But I’ll be back. And you’ll tell me everything! Tell you what? Oh… Well, fine… Hi guys! Have you ever seen chunky yarn like this? Give a thumbs up if you have! You can knit this yarn with your hands! I think it’ll be fun! That sure is fun! Taking chocolates from poor Sam… as if the cold wasn’t enough… Er…How did it get there? I’ll go tell Sue where I’ve found it. Whaaat? What’s this? Incredible! Yes, Sammy, I also think that it’s incredible! Why are you sitting here? Well, because the yarn is so big and there’s a lot of it, I can’t knit it at the table. Oh…. Can’t do it so far… ugh… How does it go…? Oh right… like this! Yes, yes, look, Sammy, I’ve made the first loops! The first loops of what, Sue? A giant super soft blanket! I approve! This should keep us safe from the Ice Age. Well… I don’t know about the Ice Age, but it’ll definitely save us from the cold in the house! Lalala… Ugh… I think I’ll have to accept Sam’s version – spread the yarn around and keep warm in it like this. How does it… oh! Oh, yes… Let me help! Oh no! Sam! Now I’ll have to start over! Well, you’ll have more practice. Ooh… fine, I’ll continue. Right… the first row is done. Now I need to turn it over. And.. uhhh. what’s next? Here, here, take it! And don’t tell me that I’m not helping! Fine, fine…. right.. aha, I think I’ve got it. Are you sure? Er… well, I think so. Heh… I feel like a professional knitter. I’ll quit the channel and start knitting chunky blankets all day long. Er… you… I hope you’re not serious? What will become of me without you, Susie, my dear? Oh, Sam, Sam… Right, something’s coming out! I think we ARE going to have a blanket after all! Oh yeah! Hmm… Sam’s was hanging around here and now he’s gone… I hope he’s not thinking about building a bunker? I can hear you, you know… no, he’s not. I want to catch the thief who’s stealing my nut chocolates! Oh… well, you can try… Hehe… I WILL try! Riiight… one will go here… Criminals always return to the crime scene! And the second one here. I need patience for this… Patience and endurance! Patience and precision, that’s what you need for knitting. It’s coming out so great! Almost half is done! It’ll be the warmest blanket ever. Oh! Aaaahhhhhh! What’s going on?! This squirrel has been stealing my chocolates! Really? You’re not stealing them from yourself? Er… noooo? Go wash yourself and then come back and help me knit the blanket. Oh… the most difficult part is moving from row to row. I keep forgetting which way to pull the thread through. What’s the video for? Oh I don’t want to watch it each time… Seriously? I just want to remember, that’s all! Fine, I’m taking the smartphone, then, I’ll watch our videos on it! Hey… nooo. I need to understand how to finish the blanket. Knit it on your arm again. It’ll always keep you warm. I’ll knit it on you, that’ll show you! Only the last row’s left! How does it… aha! Sue! Sue! Your blanket is working! Really? Yes! I went to wash myself and… and the water was hot! And the microwave heats food up… I’ve left you a piece of pizza, by the way. Oooh, thanks! So the Ice Age is cancelled, then? I think so. But I’ll be watching you! I can’t believe it! I think I’m done! Yes, yes, only the last little step is left… Ooooh, so pretty… Now I’ll never get cold! Yahoooo! Guys, give a big thumbs up if you liked this blanket and try knitting it yourselves! Bye! Share this video with your friends, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell button to be the first to see Sam’s new video!

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  1. Hey, do you know how to arm knit?💪 Because Sue does but it seemed like she had a hard time😆 Comment below!

  2. Its laurdiy i love her she is the diy queen i have done diy from her and i have subsckribed to her and te i have subckibed to you to

  3. No ☹ sam calm down there is no ice age coming and if it does here's some candy and cake 🍰🎂🎂🍰🍰🎂🍬🍫🍬🍭🍫🍫🍭🍬🍰🎂🍭🍦🍬

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