DIY Makeup Remover Wipes – replaces cotton rounds – quick sewing project

Hello everybody welcome to break and remake
Today we are going to make these cute little face pads to clean off your makeup at night. I’m using these to replace those cotton pads
that you get at the store. You get a huge pack for a couple bucks. It just galls me every time I have to throw
one away. So I’m gonna use this instead. I’m using an old towel so you can use what
ever you want. I’ve seen people use flannel. I want something a little more abrasive so
I get a little bit of an exfoliant going on. So I did grab an old towel that was no longer
good for guests. It’s gonna get a new life being my little
face wipes now. What’s great about these is I know this is
100% machine washable. That towel has been through the was so many
times. And I’m gonna throw them in a lingerie bag
and wash them with my regular wash. And they’re gonna last forever. So to finish the edges, so they don’t fray
forever, let’s do a zigzag stitch around the edge of these. This is the zigzag guide. Zero zigzag, I want it all the way ziggy. The ziggiest. Again, using our stitch guide, I want to make
my stitches closer together for this. So stitch length at a 1, so they are going
to be big, and close together. And now I stitch. You get yourself in a situation, you can always
Turn and Pivot. So I’m gonna lift the presser foot and turn
my work a little. So I’ve been using these for a couple days
now, and I find that they are just a little too rough around my eyes. They are nice for exfoliating, they get the
exfoliation for the rest of my face done. But the rough is just to rough on my eye. I have this flannel that my friend gave me
while she was de-stashing, thank you Andee. And I decided to cut out and have a flannel
side and a towel side. So I have the exfoliating for the rest of
my face and then a soft side to take off my eye makeup. Alright, let’s sew one together and see how they
look. Now we have dual sided face wipies! This is so cool! Alright I can’t wait to try them! Let me know if you make these. I’m gonna make a whole bunch of these so I
don’t have to do laundry every… 4 days. Let me know in the comments below if there’s
any part of your beauty routine that you would like me to make more sustainable. Thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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