Does it really help Fibromyalgia or Anxiety? /Magic Blanket

hey you! It’s Evie or Fibro mom
if you are new here all my videos here pretty much relate to invisible
illnesses so this is just our safe spot to talk just to connect with all you
guys and while we do that we spread awareness there’s a lot of awesome
people here and I know if you’re someone that’s dealing with a chronic illness
it’s really hard to find others that understand so if you’re looking for that
can join us here well I’m just going to jump in a video means is you know I
might have a little surprise to tell you at the end of the video I had asked for
this blanket from magic weighted blanket he gets sent me this one here there’s
all sorts of different kinds and I wanted to tell you the pros and cons of
what I think of it and I know a big one that I was really curious about was if
it helped with fibromyalgia chronic pain because it’s 16 pounds I mean when you
have pain don’t think you’d really want that kind of weight laying on you along
your clothes laying on you but we’re going to get into that I’ll try to give
you the condensed version here I know I look rough I’ve been really super sick
I started getting pneumonia I got fever blisters over my face I tried filming
last week it was a no-go like all through the whole thing so I’m gonna try
really hard on this one I’m sorry no video last week okay so the one I was
sent was a Chanel blanket and that’s the world of a sweater lace here I also
questioned if it really helped with anxiety because you know when you’re
feeling so anxious and anxiety is really high it’s like I said in the last video
you don’t want no one in your bubble kind of thing let alone a heavy weight
on you right it seems a little too pricey a lot of spoonie’s aren’t able to
work if they’re lucky they were able to get accepted for disability and you know
that doesn’t pay much so it’s like I’ll just try it you never know and the other
thing I was worried about is washing it it’s got poly beads inside so it’s hyper
allergenic like I said in the last video if you’re really interested in the
weighted blanket stay tuned next thing I was worried about was with chronic pain
you try to even avoid massaging massages because it hurts first con was the first
night but that was my fault I tried draping it over
like half with me and Nathan so like our waist down
that sucked I woke up my hips were hurting me really bad but it made sense
I didn’t have it over my body equally um what’s the word I didn’t have a spread
through my whole body so it wasn’t so much pressure on one spot if you know
what I mean after Nathan was telling me about that I tried it again and cover my
whole body and it really does it does feel like a hug at first it seemed can
over whelming but you just got to give it a minute because I get hot and sweaty
so fast I wanted to try more like nap time you know you need a little rest
even if it’s a 15-minute nap where you feel like poop you guys every time I put
it on I swear to God I was out and I mean I would like it was really nice so
I think this one is a lot like what do they caught sensory ah I wonder if
that’s why it’s recommended to those with like Asperger’s and autism because
a lot of those with have sensory issues and this is really soft and I’ve always
been a sucker for one of those I actually still have my baby blanket
maybe one day I’ll dig that out for you but you’ll probably forget so I don’t
have to but if later you guys ask I will show you am I very ugly baby blanket
it’s not technically a blanket but I show you the super soft like that I
really I really like that part of it so I like how it just like most your body
and it does not hurt don’t be like me at first and I’ll know that wouldn’t work
for chronic being so happy I tried it this this blanket right here is valued
at $250 and you know that’s what scared me so much if you look at their website
if you look at their web website they range from I think 100 they range from I
think aha and up I’m because it all depends on the size and what kind you
get there’s so many different kinds and you can wash in cold water and just let
it you’re dry super easy you guys in the Stace Stace nice and soft like this
you know I have my two dogs and it’s not all covered and covered in their hair
because they’re black with dark burn well usually everything seems to be
covered in their hair but this isn’t Ultron isn’t hair and was a height sick
but oh here’s one little piece I think it can really help anybody or the
anxiety and stress you can benefit from it and I talked to Keith because I told
I was going to give an honest review I told them if there is any way you’d be
interested in working with me to do a giveaway for you guys so we’re going to
be giving away a blanket so I’m super excited about that I’ll do another video
on that so stay tuned make sure that you have your notification bow on you’re
subscribed so that way you don’t miss any future uploads because it’ll tell
you as soon as I have a video up and then you can check that out by the way
he was also generous enough to share coupon code Spyro mom pretend percent
off trust and believe I would not be telling you guys I love it if I didn’t
love it because it’s been real it’s been real nice it even says when I go take a
nap I clunk out like this you see how I keep messing with it right there’s all
sorts of different kinds they have minke which is our super soft you often see
with baby twice a day at please they have all sorts of different kinds on the
website they got all bunch of cute designs I did not know they had even
leopard print and if you’ve been watching my videos for a while you know
how much I love my leopard print just to share a little bit with you it says here
deep pressure touch stimulation is a type of
be that almost anyone can benefit from similar to getting a massage pressure
exerted over the body is physical psychological advantages deep touch
pressure is a type of surface pressure that is exerted and most types of firm
touches like holding hugging they’re often used for occupational therapy like
a hug it helps release serotonin in your body
it helps release serotonin in your body and serotonin those with fibromyalgia
and many other chronic illnesses lack serotonin and we need that to feel calm
to not be so stressed out in the fall asleep stay asleep I found that really
interesting no I guess is Sanders here now no more
school so got to work with it so later blankets I guess have been
around for quite a while they have been used in pediatric hospitals trauma
psychiatric hospitals you’re someone I deals with depression anxiety Asperger’s
ADHD oh boy there’s so much stress which like everybody has stress I definitely
recommend to try it it’s really nice I’ve been breaking to my mom about it
too the company’s been making these blankets
for I believe over nineteen years and they’re made in the USA Oh another thing
that I really liked was you see the scene no don’t see the same it’s made
very well it’s seen as in the inside so I make it last longer I really like that
part of it too Icahn is trying to make the bed with him
don’t forget it’s not a regular blanket because that that does hurry I really do
like it you guys and I think you would really like it too super excited about
that giveaway thank you so much Keith’s from magic blanket you rock
I really love this thanks for giving me a chance to check it out and let me give
you a honest review on it and for giving our spoonie’s every blanket in a
discount code so I appreciate that very much
I hope to help answer some of your questions if I think of anything else I
will put it in the description box below along with his website so I’ll check
that out art disciplines for watch you guys I hope you’re doing alright I will
see you next video love yes

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