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hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques this week I’m showing how to make a very quick and easy blanket the
one I’m showing in this video is using a premade panel and you can find these at
most fabric stores I actually found mine at Walmart for under $4 it was on
clearance but these same techniques can be used for a front that you piece
yourself as well I actually do this for all of my t-shirt quilts I piece the
front of the blanket essentially and then I finish it off the same way that
I’m going to show you in this tutorial so to start off I have my pre-made panel
this one includes some appliques printed on designs as well as pieced borders and
you can find these at most fabric stores you can also find ones that are just
printed but they are printed in a way that they look like they’re pieced
together and both are totally fine they’re a very quick way to get that
pieced and quilted look but at a lot less time invested into the project for
the backing I picked up a fleece blanket for under $2 but you can definitely use
fabric yardage as well the panel I have has a line of basting stitches on each
side that the fabric cutter is supposed to cut along to perfectly separate each
panel from the bolt when you purchase it start by cutting along the line of
stitching or any other marking line that is there to straighten up the panel
edges if needed lay the backing fabric right sides up and the front fabric on
top so that the pretty sides are together smooth them out as flat as
possible so there aren’t any gathers or wrinkles in the blanket at this point
you need to attach the two layers together so that you can move them over
to your machine and actually sew them together normally I use craft clips to
hold my fabrics together before I sew them but in this case the craft clips
won’t work because the fabric edges aren’t cut to the same size you can also
use straight pins but I didn’t want to be poked several times while I was
maneuvering my fabric at the sewing machine so instead
I went with quilt basting pins these are the same ones I use for any quilt
project they look like regular safety pins except they have a curve in them
that make it easier to get them in and out of the fabric while you’re basting
your fabric together on a flat surface add pins every 8 or 10 inches a couple
of inches in from the cut edge then sew all the way around leaving a gap in one
side for turning through later I used a half inch seam allowance but feel free
to use one that is a little larger or smaller if that’s what you’re more
comfortable with trim away all the excess material and clip the corners at
an angle to reduce bulk reach in through the opening left in the side and turn
everything right sides out poke out the corners so they look nice and pointed all that’s left is to sew a top stitch
all the way around to close up the opening take your time and make sure to
sort of roll the edge so the seam lays nice and smooth you can sew another row
top stitching and inch or two in from the edge as well if you prefer that look so
there you have it the quickest and easiest way to sew a blanket and you can
find more of my easy-to-follow sewing tutorials linked right over here to the
side and of course if you enjoyed this video hit that like button down below to
let me know and until next time happy sewing

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