Easy scrap yarn scarf or blanket, crochet tutorial

If you are like me, always knitting and
crocheting, you end up having loads of little tiny balls of wool, leftover yarn
that doesn’t actually make any full projects anymore. So here I’m showing you what I’m doing with these at the moment. I have all sorts of different kinds of
yarns here. They are mainly wool but then there’s some cotton, bamboo and makes
mixed fibers and also various thicknesses so what I will need to do is
sometimes to put two yarns together if they are too fine but mainly I’m not
going to be too worried about the yarn weights, sort of just use them anyway and
I’m not joining them beforehand. I’ll be showing later how I put them together. I
know that some people like to use various joining methods and then make
big balls of wool but I prefer not to. We can use all this crap you’re not for a
scarf or shawl or even a blanket where you just use one little ball of yarn up
and then take another. Okay, let’s start. So first it just need a chain that is
long enough to make the width of your scarf. You’ll make a loop, put the hook into it and tighten it and then you start chaining. If you are familiar with the basics of
crochet you can just skip this. So you continue like this until it’s long
enough. Mine a sixty centimeters long so it’s just chain four sixty centimeters.
Now my chain is long enough and then I start the next row. We will be using just
trebles and chain stitches and that’s treble in the British sense Americans
call it double crochet, but anyway it doesn’t matter what you call it, I’m
going to show it. First you need a yarn over so one yarn over and then for this first turn you count the sixth stitch from the
hook, one, two, three, four, five, six and you insert the hook into that through like that and then you pull the yarn through there and now you have three stitches on
your hook. Again you take a yarn over and you pull it through two of these and
yarn over and through the rest two. That’s your first treble. Then you chain one and basically that’s all there is to it,
for the whole scarf you keep going like this. I’ll make one more. Yarn over, you need to skip one stitch so that it will be
even. Not this one but the next, hook through, pull the yarn through, yarn over,
through two of these, yarn and through the other two and chain one and
then you make another treble again, not the next chain stitch but the one after
it and this is how you continue until the end of the row. So here I am at the
end of the row and then I need to turn. I chain three and turn and I’m going to make the next
row of trebles into these loops, holes left from the previous row, so I make one
treble into this here first one and then I chain one and make a treble to the
next one. So basically this is all there is to
this, you go back and forth right in the beginning into the square left from the
previous row. Then next wi’ll look how you’re going to change the colors. By now
I have worked quite a bit on my scarf and I’m again at the spot where I need
to change two yarns, this one is finished. When you change them, there are of course many ways and I’m showing one that saves you time because you don’t need to be
passing the ends of yarns with needles later on. So you leave, well, I have a
quite a long one here now but you leave about at least 10 centimeters or a bit
more and then you take the other, take the next one you are going to use and you
crisscross them a bit away from your work and you pull that one there and
leave the other one double for a bit and you set this one double
as well so it looks like this here and then you just hold them together, these
two yarns here and you are going to continue crocheting using both. So I take
both of these and chain one and then I continue normally, making a treble and the new yarn comes
whenever it comes depending on how far you crisscross them and then you just
continue, again using the two because this is still double for a while. So I
chain one this of course makes it slightly thicker but you have to put the
end of the yarn somewhere anyway , so now I have made one treble using a double
thickness and maybe I’ll still make the chain stitch and then I leave the other
one just like that there and continue using my, oh it got stuck there, continue using my new color like that and afterwards you just cut these bits. And here we can
see the scarf so far I’m changing the colors as random as possible.

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